Sunday, August 1, 2010

ignition problems on 1974 plymouth duster?

Question 1
ignition problems on 1974 plymouth duster?...  When I turn the key there is nothing. I can cross the cylinoid and get the engine to turn over but not fire.

1)   change your ballast resistor,its either 2 or 4 wire, its white, its mounted on the firewall.its whit in color, and is around 3/4inchx3 3/8inch.itll start then. - idontgivafork

2)   If you leave the key on when you jump the solenoid will it fire? If the key is off it should not fire because you need power to the ignition coil. IF it works with the key on you need to be looking at solenoid, clutch or transmission switch, or the key switch itself. - doornobk

3)   Could be a fusible link near the solenoid also. - ilovgalparts


Question 2
does 2006 chrysler 300 trunk have key access?...  Can i open trunk wth a key (key entry)

1)   My sister has a 2008 chrysler and she can it has a trunk button with a x2 on it so you have to hit it twice but it won't raise completly you still have to lift it. I am pretty sure you can cause everyone we looked at had one of those buttons - ashyjay

2)   There is no key cylinder on the trunk. It is offered as an option and available in European versions. - C-Tech


Question 3
How much does it cost to get a new key for a 2005 chrysler town and country van?...  i have the remote with the key attached, can i get a key made at any key place with just the key?

1)   If the key is attached to a ring on a key fob and the fob is a simple push to lock, push to unlock, has a panic button, etc. type remote, any hardware store, or store that can cut an automotive key can take care of you.

If the key has a security chip, a dealer can take care of you, this type key is more expensive - Don't know everything !

2)   Your can get a security key only, made by some locksmiths who carry the equipment to program security keys for about $100-150. For a copy of the factory key with the built-in key fob buttons it costs from $200 to 250 depending on the dealer. - C-Tech


Question 4
chrysler minivan surges at cruising speeds and wont go over about 50mph but revs fine?...  

1)   does it shift fine? If it is struggling to maintain speed it could be a plugged catalytic converter. Some more information on what its doing would be helpful - Mike J

2)   I concur with Mike...sounds like a catalytic converter...this happens on vehicles with excessive miles. Your local muffler shop can quickly check by measuring the input and output heat ranges and advise accordingly. - Joseph P


Question 5
air conditioner repair 1990 crysler new yorker?...  need help with repair of air conditioner for 1990 crysler new yorker
does this car year ect . have its own a/c heat computer in the control modual if so how to reprogram !

1)   Nothing to program, it is operated thru a series of vacuum pods
and electrical blowers that change the mode and direction of flow. - Pat

2)   nothing to program. everything
Freon controlled, Electrical or Vacuum controlled. - badbill1941


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