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thinking about buying a chrysler crossfire?

Question 1
thinking about buying a chrysler crossfire?...  can anyone tell me about them ie. are they expensive to repair , run , etc i really need to know as i have to make my mind up tonight xxx

1)   They're OK ! Middle of the road ! Rex ( mechanic ) ! - Sweetdaddy Rex

2)   apparently you pay A LOT for what you get.
they are not particularly good for how much money you drop and what you can get in comparison.
Go to youtube and look for "top gear chrystler crossfire" their review is pretty blunt about it. - G6er

3)   IMO, nooo don't do it! - Derek

4)   It looks like a cool looking decent car but to interior space is to small for my liking. Have no clue about the repair costs. I would guess it's around the same as other cars. It's to bad they didn't make a supercharged manuel 6-speed.

Check this site out.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chrysler_Crossfire - Mudbogger19


Question 2
where is the best place to find interior trim on a 1974 plymouth duster?...  my interior trim is all falling apart. i am looking for a place that i can purchase all of the interior trim.

1)   try partsgeek.com they may be able to help you - johnny_combs2003

2)   try www.jonesboystoys.com they are located in hopkinton iowa Bob and Davey Jones have specialized in dodge and plymouth vintage cars and trucks for over 40 years. by far the best in the biz. - skdl31

3)   Look at Year One or The Paddock. Both usually get supplied by Legendary Auto Interiors so you might also try them directly. - Jim

4)   try dodge and chrysler club websites,if they dont have what you need in the classifieds,guys on there may be able to turn you onto what you need - Danie


Question 3
1998 plymonth voyager?...  my abs light stays on some times & all of my gauges wont work sometimes it will work perfect sometimes not so what could be the problem ?please help me please?

1)   The cluster gauge assembly is probably faulty they tend to end up with bad grounds or bad soldering circuits on their circuit boards so try a used cluster from a U pull auto wreckers and see if that fixes your problem.

Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way the ABS light problem could be the cluster but more then likely you've a bad abs sensor so I suggest to get it scanned once you replace the cluster. - helpful bob

2)   First go to a qualified mechanic and have them pull the codes from your ABS computer to see whats wrong, and if the cluster module code comes up you have to have your cluster rebuilt, if not it maybe in your brake system or body controller.
If the cluster has to be rebuilt, try www.prospeedo.com - rick b

3)   it could be and probably is the gauge cluster,there is a company called united radio that fixes them,im unsure of the address,but you ship it to them and they send it back fixed.usually far cheaper than new,or rolling the dice on a used one. - Danie


Question 4
1997 plymouth voyager replaced bad starter and not starting?...  ok.. 1997 voyager would not start so we removed starter and had it tested to be a bad starter...bought a new one and replaced it. Still not starting....when you turn the key it makes a ckick noise and then you can hear a spinning noise like the bendix is not engaging the fly wheel. it is a 1997 plymouth oyager 3 liter V6.
k thank you, but the battery is in good shape and we cleaned the terminals too. we had the battery on jump start and still did th same thing
ok...they checkd the starter when i bought it and we also checked it with the battery carger...the bendix comes out and spinns

1)   The clicking sound indicates a weak battery ... try it with a boost or charged battery - lanhill

2)   it is very possible that the "new" starter is junk too,ive been amechanic 20 yrs and had a lot of new junk.just a thought. - Danie

3)   If the battery is good and the engine is not seized the new starter is garbage. - jim m


Question 5
2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser Won't Crank Won't Run?...  I checked the Power and Ground to the Starter Relay and have good power to the relay at Pin 30 and Pin 85 with car in Start Position but no ground at Pin 86 I jumper Pin 30 to 87 and the starter works well. So no Ground to The Control side of relay. When I jumpered pin 30 and 87with the key on it still wouldn't run. I checked the ASD Relay and have Power and ground but weirdly enough I got a short to ground until I disconnected the connector at the alternator. Still won't run. I am leaning towards a PCM. Any Suggestions?
Well I forgot to say that I tried Jumpering the pin 30 and 87 on the relay and still didn't kick off. I have power to all other accessories and all fuses are good

1)   Double check to see that the gear shifter is firmly properly in the park position then double check pin 85.Pin 85 is the neutral safety switch ground signal and that is located I as I recall inside of those transmissions.Since the voltage regulator on that is more then likely inside the PCM it could have a problem but check the wiring.Really pin 87 should be a negative and if the starter relay circuit was working properly it turn into a positive once the key is in the start position.

What I've done just as a test is fed pin 85 a ground from the negative battery post and then see if the engine starts up.One way I do that is to pop the relay out and wrap bare wire that is at least 20 gauge to pin 85 on the relay then pop the relay back in and connect the wire to the negative or ground.If the engine starts up then I know it's a problem in the neutral safety switch circuit.The last Dodge vehicle that had a no start issue due to starter not engaging I ended up giving pin 85 a negative signal and the engine started right up. Then it ran rough so I checked the plug in connectors that connect up the transmission harness to the front wiring harness , it ended up that vehicle had a loose plug in connector due to a faulty or broken locking clip.

Basically that neutral safety switch gets a ground and via the gear shifter and the power control module=PCM the switch switches on and off or closed and open and if the gear shifter is out of alignment that will throw off the neutral safety switch.If I were you I'd be trying that pin 85 with the emg brake on and car in neutral and in park to see if in fact its the alignment or switch.Be sure to check and see if the back up lights are working properly bec that be a clue too.

Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way the PCM is linked to the starter relay pin 85 and to that plug in harness I've mentioned so check that wiring and some parts stores like parts zone offer free print outs of diagrams or schematics of such circuits. - helpful bob

2)   could be a faulty ignition switch. - Danie



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