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I have an 06 pt curiser that came from the factory without AC can the AC be added to the pcm program?

Question 1
I have an 06 pt curiser that came from the factory without AC can the AC be added to the pcm program?...  I have had a chrysler Ac system installed, but the pcm will not send power to the Ac on/off button took it to chrysler and they did not know how to do this or if it could be done. I know that the pcm needs to be reset to show that the AC option is open but Who can do this if not Chrysler?
Help I live in Ms and it is so hot. Also you can not charge the compressor to full capacity

1)   have the people that added the a/c do it, - badbill1941

2)   Who installed ur AC,they r responsible 4 setting it up 4 ur vehicles system,contact chrysler customer support & let them handle an ignorant service dept. of theirs.U should have gotten a Mark IV AC put in I installed a few hundred of them & they were great in smaller cars. - Travis41

3)   I'm not sure the AC is hooked to the PCM (powertrain control module), I thought it was wired into the BCM (body control module). - Don't know everything !


Question 2
Cars have so many problems but is this...?...  A transmission problem? Could it be electrical or mechanical? It's an automatic. '94 Eagle Vision Esi 4 dr sedan.

Okay. So when I start my car, sometimes the car will go in reverse when it's in drive, and I'll have to floor the gas for it to move forward. When I go at speeds of 30+ the RPMs get up to like 3-4 (and this is high for just 40MPH), and you'll hear the engine working extra hard. Also, when I make right turns I'll have to floor the gas or keep my foot on the gas near the end of the turn cause' it'll do the same thing as when I first start the car, except it'll only shoot forward (not go in reverse thank god, lol).

Now after I shut off the car, and then start the car (a few times) after it's been running for about 10 minutes or so, the car will be fine. (Except around right turns. It always jams up then. ALWAYS.)

Could this be electrical, like a sensor or mechanical? I really don't know, and sadly I don't have enough money as of right now to do an inspection, and god forbid my car breaks down and needs to be towed I honestly don't know what I'd do. Obviously I don't have the money to repair the trans, so what do you all think?

P.S. If I come back to car after leaving it for about 4 hours after I've driven it withall the restars and everything, it will STILL BE FINE. So...what?

1)   I think you should just buy a honda - Francine

2)   the other guys answer was crap, but when you talk about moving the car and it revving high. it sound to me like a worn out clutch, so the clutch plate linings could be worn . It also sounds to me that your engine has a timing issue, either a crank sensor or a throttle sensor. it Could be the ECU which is knackered. I know this isn't helpful. but from what you have written this is all i can come up with. If you want to work out the problem i would advise searching what i have witten to see if it comes up with familiar problems and faults to what you are experiencing. - Joseph

3)   It sounds like a transmission problem to me. I used to own a 94 Concorde which is basically the same thing, and had a trans problem at around 100k miles. Fortunately, I had a warranty which covered the repair. However, if I were you, the first thing I would check would be the transmission fluid level. It may be low which could explain why it always acts up while making right turns. To check it, the engine needs to be running and warmed up, then check the fluid level on the transmission dipstick. If the level is ok and the fluid is in good condition, then I am afraid that you may be looking at a large bill for a transmission repair.

I hope this helps.
Good luck - Jim


Question 3
question about a silver pt cruiser?...  is a pt cruiser good for my first car at age 18? it has 102 miles and its 2004.
opps mean 102k

1)   well check when the timing belt was changed at 100k it needs to be changed and it has big blind spots but its a great car low to the ground and easy to drive yeah its a great car - HHMM

2)   The 2004 PT Cruiser is a good car. The timing belt and water pump should be changed at that mileage. Check the suspension, the front control arm bushings and ball joints could be worn out. Always go for test drive and ask about maintenance records. You can check for any recalls by taking the VIN number to a local Chrysler-Dodge dealer. Good luck. - C-Tech


Question 4
does 2006 chrysler 300 trunk have key access?...  Can i open trunk wth a key (key entry)

1)   My sister has a 2008 chrysler and she can it has a trunk button with a x2 on it so you have to hit it twice but it won't raise completly you still have to lift it. I am pretty sure you can cause everyone we looked at had one of those buttons - ashyjay

2)   There is no key cylinder on the trunk. It is offered as an option and available in European versions. - C-Tech


Question 5
How do I know if a blower motor or resistor switch is bad on a 2004 town and country?...  I have a 2004 Town and country and the air doesn't blow out the front vents, only the rear ones. How can I exclude the motor, resistor or switch before I start buying parts.
I found the connection under the glove box, can I check it with a voltage tester?
There is no power to the front blower. I checked the fuse and relay and they are good. Does this mean the restrictor needs to be replaced or am I overlooking something else?
sorry, does the resistor need to be replaced?

1)   Find the connector that plugs into your motor and see if it has power. If it does, you know that the fuse, relay and/or resistor is good. - shit_man

2)   I assume you have two fans and two switches, front and rear. Sounds like the front blower switch is bad.

If the resistor is bad on the blower motor, it will only run on high speed. - Don't know everything !


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