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thewhy do my brakes squeak when stopping?

Question 1
thewhy do my brakes squeak when stopping?...  the brake's were checked out and i was told everything was good why do they squeak

1)   It depends how old your car is. I just worked at a car dealership, and the reasons why we concluded this is

1. weather conditions, if it rained, or it was really humid, or snow.

2. it is a newer car and needs to be broken in

3. time for some new brake pads - Michelle Duddridge

2)   Usually happens when your brake pads are worn out/thin. - I Like Lime Candies

3)   If the brakes make noise when stepping on the brake pedal, it means you have a set of metallic brake pads, or their glazed from heat. Nothing actually wrong with them. Let them be until they're worn out, you'll get a lot of life from metallic pads.
Master certified technician, 12 years experience - straight-shooter

4)   Ask your shop that installed the new brake pads to coat the back of the pads and bracket contact points with Mopar brake grease or Permatex disc brake quiet spray. - C-Tech

5)   Here is the skinny on brake squeal, Edward. Brake pads get dirt and grit on them from driving. This causes them to squeal when they are applied. There are two ways to stop this, but only temporarily. One way is to remove the pads and buff of the surface or you can drive the vehicle and make panic stops with out sliding the tires from around 50 miles an hour to a dead stop about 3 times to burn the dust and grit off the pads. This will last about a month until they start accumulating enough dust and grit to began squealing again. I prefer the second choice. It takes less time and achieves the same results and lasts just as long. - Jackolantern

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Question 2
where spark plugs go on 88 chrysler?...  I know on the cap driver side 1 3 5 7 passenger 2 4 6 8 So where do the lines go on the block ? The are no numbers on the block, so I don't know where to put the lines.

1)   inside the car, in the engine. - Kris

2)   same as the Chevy v8, 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2

Here is a diagram.. - MUSTANG_MIKE

3)   If you have the book that came with the car you can look in there. - paris69

4)   I think you mean spark plug wires. The firing order is on the intake manifold. near the distributor. The rotations on the distributor is clock wise.#1 is on the front of the cap toward the rad This will get complicated now. Look from the side of the car at the front of the engine. The closest cyl toward the rad is # 1spark plug on the left side. the next one is #3 then 5 then 7. The right side is 2,4,6,8 If it back fires up the carb you have them on wrong. - Donny

5)   Wire no.1 goes on the front driver's side. No. 2 goes on the front passenger's side. No.3 goes on the drivers side behind the no.1 No. 4 goes on the passengers side behind no. 2. Etc, etc. - Jackolantern

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Question 3
Do you a 1985 chrysler fifth avenue is a good car?...  im thinking bout buying this car from a old person he cannot no longer drive it it has 181,000 miles and there's nothing wrong with it except needs a ac repair

1)   This car was nothing but a headache when new. I doubt if it's gotten any better with age. And the AC will always need repair! - Jackolantern

2)   You should also consider that such a car may be expensive to insure. Check your insurance rates before buying one, for example here - - Antony

3)   yes, my grandfather had one. they're great cars. - william r

4)   mine was a good cad, although it didn't have that kind of mileage on it. - badbill1941

5)   My 87 got 24 or so hwy mpg, and only had minor issues. The factory stereo was a real turd too.. - done wrenching

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Question 4
Does Chrysler take a lot of gas?...  I am looking for a car and there's a good deal for Chrysler cruiser 2001. I don't know much about cars. Does Chrysler take a lot of gas? Thanks.

1)   Cruiser's especially. u only get lieka round 20 mph. I would go for a toyota or honda if u wanted gas efficent. - Ayush Parikh

2)   It's a 9 year old Chrysler so it's already living on borrowed time, I'd say gas mileage is a non-issue. - Atomic Duck

3)   They only take as much as the tank holds. My truck takes more, bigger tank! - straight-shooter

4)   I have a chrysler and it was sucking up a lot of gas, I had the gas filter changed now I don't have any problems at all. - Eddrinner

5)   No it doesn't but it depends on who gas you put in it. Cheap gas have more ethanol in it - paris69

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Question 5
how long will chrysler minivan last? How many miles can be put on one?...  

1)   A long time and a lot. It really depends on how it's driven, how it's maintained, how it's treated/washed/climates it's driven in. Too many factors to list. No definite answers for you. - straight-shooter

2)   If it is taken care of, then expect 150,000-200,000 on the trans before rebuildind and 300,000 on the motor before rebuilding. - C-Tech

3)   The first one I owned was 1990 Caravan and I drove it 220,000 miles and when I sold it it was still going strong. The second one was a 2000 and I drove it well over 100,000 miles when I traded it in on a 2005 and am still enjoying it at 70,000 miles. - Jackolantern

4)   We have a 2004 with the 3.8 engine that is going strong that has had no significant mechanical failures and uses no oil at 160,000 miles. I used to have a 1996 Concorde (not a van, but with the same drivetrain) that I sold at 213,000 miles because the timing belt broke and I didn't have time to fix it. The guy I sold it to replaced the belt and it's still going with no problems. - Barry White

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