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PT Cruiser repair issues?

Question 1
PT Cruiser repair issues?...  I'm considering getting a used PT Cruiser, but a friend of mine expressed some concern about future repairs. I know some car manufacturers make it difficult to take your vehicle to the nearest shop and it some cases you have to go to a dealership. Is a PT Cruiser one of these vehicles or can I take it to anyone if it needed repairs?

1)   you can take it anywhere - pickmefirstplz

2)   All modern vehicles are like that.

You can take it anywhere, but independent shops won't have the proprietary diagnositic software, the unique hardware*, the experience, and the parts on hand.

I would DIY rather than go to an indy. You kno wat u can and cant do. The indy will try to do almost any job you give them, and guess their way along if they have to.

* Mercury, i.e., has a $1,000. tool just for fixing the air-pressure light on the dash. Mite take an indy hours to fix it, if he could, and he mite mess up the electronics, and then you're in deep trouble.

Read Consumer Reports b4 u buy ANYthing. It's at libraries, bookstores and full access on line for $20/yr.

**Edit: Not to say there isn't incompetence & dishonesty @ dealers. I've experienced that, too. - Minister of Truth

3)   I do not know. I have had one for 2 years with no problems !

But I wish I done my homework beforehand instead of rushing to buy a car ASAP.

People either love them or hate them. I really regret buying it. The steering is not user friendly at all (yes I tested it before purchase) and makes it difficult to turn at sharp corners. It makes parking difficult ! I had a chevrolet before.

It also consumes an awful lot of gas for a small car like that.

I really regret buying this car and wished I had googled it beforehand. - Natasha

4)   Basically, you can take the Cruiser anywhere for repairs (and you will,,,,often.) - DER ALTE FIRZ

5)   The chassis is the same as the Mopar Neon, & any garage can work on it. - rick29148

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Question 2
what is the proper alternator size for a 1983 chrysler imperial?...  stores keep giving me the wrong alternators and my battery keeps dying after driving... Need some help from someone who knows the car

1)   80 amps - mjmik1

2)   If you got lots of electrical equipment power this and power that. Most likely a 60 amp Alternate will do the trick - Donny

3)   The problem might be a bad battery, corroded cable terminals, frayed cables, poorly grounded battery to engine, poorly grounded engine to body, excessive current draw while running or current draw while vehicle unoccupied and not running.

I find it difficult to believe you continually receive the incorrect alternator. A 60 amp alternator should carry your electrical load with no problems unless you are using multiple amps to power your sound system. - Don't know everything !

4)   Its a Mitsubishi 60 amp alt. for the front wheel drive and a bosh or delco 60 amp alt for the rear wheel drive. Are you having the replacement alternator checked after the battery goes dead to make sure it is the alternator. It is almost impossible to get the wrong alternator. And are you having the electrical checked after you do install the alternator, you do know that your engine or body controller also controls the charging function of your alternator? - rick b

5)   It's not the alternator. Any size alternator will keep the battery charged. The size alternator for that particular car is depicted by what extras your car has such as rear window defroster,etc. Check to see if the voltage regulator is working. It is located on the bulkhead. Put a volt meter across the battery terminals and with the engine idling, it should read 13 to14 volts. - Jackolantern

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Question 3
Red 2002 Chrysler Sebring girl or guys car?...  Okay so im convincing my dad to get me a car in almost 16 and he offered me and 02 Chrysler Sebring my sister drives i think its a girls car and down want it, what do you think? pix is here-

PS he drives a new 2010 Dodge Challenger real fair huh? lol

1)   Girls car. - John

2)   Cars are not "girls or guys" cars. They're just cars. - D

3)   have you ever heard the phrase...dont look a gift horse in the mouth? im sure he works hard to drive the challenger, be thankfull to have a car at almost 16 FREE you need to say thanks dad and strive to own the car you would rather have. but to answer your question the sebring is a nice car, enjoy it. - Lamar

4)   It's a convertible. You can double date in it. You can use the back seat like a city-boy truck. Decent trunk.

I am a guy and love mine. Had it since 2002. I hope it never dies.

If it's not pink and it drives, be grateful. - Greg C

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Question 4
2010 pt cruiser only gets 17 mpg...?...  We do a mix between city and highway driving. Is it normal for a pt cruiser to get this low of gas millage? What are some things I can do to increase the gas millage?
It says on the chrysler site that pt cruisers are suppose to get 19 city/24 hwy

1)   that's normal for real world driving it is shaped like a brick and takes a lot of gas just to push it through the air, there is nothing you can do to increase mileage due to federal mandates if the makers could do anything they would, if you don't mind a loss of acceleration you can put bigger wheels/tires on which will make a big difference on freeways but you would need to get the speedometer recalibrated - Harley Drive

2)   I own a 2007 PT. It gets about 18 in the city and 32 on the highway. - Dennis

3)   Maybe you're driving it with a lead foot, or only taking it on really short trips. - D

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Question 5
After replacing the rack and pinion in my 1999 Chrysler 300M, the RPM was high, so my husband disconnected the?...  battery, now my car will not start, all the electrical inside works.
By the way he got it to work again....and as for your lousy ass comment you obviously don't have the skills either because you couldn't even submit a valid suggestion...fucken idiot!!
Thanks so much you guyss helped alot:)

1)   First reconnect the battery.

Then take it to a mechanic, it sounds like neither you or your husband have the skills to fix it regardless of our suggestions. - Ira

2)   It will probably work when he hooks back up whatever he knocked off when he "fixed" it. - D

3)   Check the vacuum hoses which run to the manifold. One is probably off or broken. Good luck. - C-Tech

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