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I have a chrysler 300 and i have a cd stuck in the cd player. How did i get it out?

Question 1
I have a chrysler 300 and i have a cd stuck in the cd player. How did i get it out?...  

1)   I would suggest taking the cd player out and then taking it apart and buy a new cd player to go back in a car. - Jacob

2)   Use some eyebrow plucker's, or a tooth pick if you want to drag it out. - adam

3)   The only two I've ever removed successfully required me to remove the CD player, a factory AM/FM cassette/CD player in my wife's '97 Dakota and a JVC unit, had to take both units apart to remove CDs. - Don't know everything !

4)   Most cd players have a tiny hole in the front that you can use a needle etc and place it in there to release the cd, or find the cd players fuse and disconnect it for a few mins this should reset the unit and then the cd should come out by itself.

Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way there should be two fuses one for the switchable ignition feed and another for the constant ignition feed for the stereo you want to remove the constant or both fuses. - helpful bob

5)   I don't know, how DID you get it out?

Normally, you either have to grab an edge of it and pull it out, or take it apart to get it out. Taking the radio apart could cause damage internally and render the unit completely inoperable, grabbing the disc by an edge could damage the disc. - Mark B


Question 2
I just bought a 2006 Chrysler 300C and need to get a spare key made. Does anybody know how much that will cost?...  

1)   If you have the original key, It should only cost two to five dollars. Usually the cheapest is to try to find a small, oldschool, hometown locksmith. - richard

2)   If it's a standard key, no chip, any hardware store, Walmart, or locksmith can make you one, hardware or Walmart being the cheaper, as stated two to five dollars. - Don't know everything !

3)   That model came standard with security key FOB's/ Your key has buttons to lock and unlock the car as well as a chip inside that is programmed to the vehicle for the anti-theft system.
You have 3 options.
1. You can purchase another FOB key from your dealer cut and programmed for about $75.00 dollars.
2. You can buy a non FOB chipped key from your dealer cut and programmed for about $25.00 dollars. This key will not have the buttons but you will be able to unlock the car manually with the key and start and drive the car.
3. You can buy the kind of key others were talking about for about 5 to 10 dollars. This key will unlock the car and turn the ignition but when you try to start it the car will start and immediately die because there is no chip to program for the security system. We call these "door keys" at the dealership because all they are good for is unlocking the car if you have locked your other key inside.
If you go with either one of the chipped keys that will allow you to drive the car you will need to take the car to the dealer to have the key cut and programmed using the Star-Scan or WiTech. There are currently no aftermarket tools that can program that model.
Best of Luck! - Dave

4)   Try calling a locksmith that specializes in the new "hi-tech" keys. It will be less expensive than a dealer. From the dealer, expect to pay about $200 for a spare key, with programming. - C-Tech


Question 3
Why does my 1995 Plymouth Voyager stall when I slow down?...  I have changed out the ignition coil and have had the van in numerous times to be checked out, but the vehicle does not stall while hooked up to the dyno equipment. I would like to know if anyone has had similar problems and what was done to fix it?

1)   I would say the egr valve is sticking open intermittently, you can block it off with a piece of tin/aluminum can to confirm. - buddy_236

2)   It could possibly be the EGR (exhaust gas recirculator), quite commonly though the fuel filter gets over looked. I had to replace the EGR on my 97 Town & Country, but there was no slow down, It would start and stall right out after a few seconds. If you haven't changed the fuel filter in the last couple of years, I would look into that and clean the injectors. A lot of carbon build up can occur in your injectors from an old fuel filter. May fix the problem and restore a lot of gas mileage in the process. Fuel filters are a 2 year or 30,000 mile recommendation (per industry standard). - richard

3)   Bud and Rich have a point, but all these other things should be checked
Throttle body bore for carbon
AIS motor for dirt and carbon
the TPS for correct output signal
see if the idle set screw has been messed with on the throttle body
fuel pressure
map sensor signal
any vacuum leaks
and if you have a 4speed auto trans if the converter is still locked up when below 20 mph - rick b

4)   I do agree that all the above mentioned parts can cause such issues and changing fuel filters as well as treating the fuel system with something like Lucas or STP at least once a year is vital, plus the engine or exhaust could have carbon etc built up and the engine needs a good long hwy drive as well as the fuel treated.Also I believe as I recall on those there is a black plastic device that connects via vac hoses etc to the EGR valve , some call these devices Transducers and they can cause the engine to joke or shake etc as you come to a stop and they can also cause stalling out problems when trying to brake , especially if you brake hard suddenly.

Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way the dealerships usually sell that part with the EGR valve and they run about 500 bucks or a parts store might sell the kit for about 200 but a U pick auto wreckers should have lots of them for quite cheap like 5 to 20 bucks or so and I get two of them. - helpful bob


Question 4
How much does it cost to replace a door on a 2004 chrysler town and country. Passenger side and scraped up.?...  Has paint gone

1)   go to junk yards----or a auto part store[call first and ask ok - meanddave

2)   probably around 500 - dmartin2214

3)   You might be able to get the dents knocked out, or have a door skin put on. Check with a body shop, - badbill1941

4)   Is this the front passenger door or the sliding door. The front passenger door maybe 300-500 depending on new or used. The sliding door is a bit more. A body shop may be able to save it for less. good luck. - C-Tech


Question 5
1996 Chrysler cirrus lxi.....new driver?...  Dealer is selling it for $2395 has 100000 miles fully loaded. Are these cars small on the inside? Don't want to be squished when driving.

1)   dear new driver..go get in,,,yes they are small..and not very dependable either. offer 2K but be ready to put 100 to 200 a month repairs.... - pedro7of9

2)   In addition to being small inside they are also made entirely out of compressed donkey poop. A terrible car at any price. Stay away. - aircooledjaf

3)   I've had a loaded '00 Dodge Stratus ES 2.5 v6 for 9 years now. It has 151,000 miles on it and has been a trouble free car. It has been in the shop twice in 9 years. The Stratus and Cirrus are sister cars....same platform different name. I love mine but will be getting another car soon since she has soooo many miles. My wife is now commuting 90 miles a day. Wish I could find another one with low miles would buy it in a heart beat. Roomy smooth and peppy!!!!! - Dodgeboy

4)   I had a 1999 Cirrus LXI and I was good in it, Im 6'5 350lbs. But yes it needs repairs like mad, Id stay away from the Cirrus if I was you - 3Black


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