Monday, August 9, 2010

My windshild wipers stay on all the time on my pt cruiser. Help?

Question 1
My windshild wipers stay on all the time on my pt cruiser. Help?...  I took the switch off and unplugged the wires and they still stay on.
What should i do

1)   take out the fuse or relay until you can get it repaired. - badbill1941

2)   Unlike the days of older, more reliable cars, nothing can work today without having a trouble-prone computer involved. The Body Computer keeps the wiper motor running until it receives the "park" signal from the switch in the wiper motor. Start by unplugging any wiper-related relays under the hood and switching them with ones for other circuits just to be sure the contacts haven't become stuck together. When that doesn't help, suspect the Body Computer but there is one test to perform first. That is to check for the voltage on the park switch terminal being grounded out as the wipers cycle. If you want to do that yourself, I'll need to know the model year of your car so I can refer to one of my service manuals or the Chrysler web site.

Signing onto this site is a real lesson in frustration. I've had to create a new account every time I try to answer a question. It is certain I won't be able to get back here again so I'm including my e-mail address if you have more questions. The first one has been changed to the second one because Verizon couldn't figure out how to do e-mail properly. Try the second one first. When neither of those work, I can always count on the third address working.

You can also repost this question on too but send me an e-mail so I'm sure to look for it. You can post it for free but there's just way too many questions to read through unless I know what to look for and when.

Randy B. - Randy Baeseman

3)   You probably need a new wiper motor if it does not park. The PT Cruiser does not have a body computer. - C-Tech


Question 2
My 2006 chrysler 300 radio display doesnt light up?...  radio works, the steering controls do not work other than the volume. Cannot change from FM to CD or NAV

1)   you may have a bad steering column switch. get an estimate.could be a lot cheaper than replacing a lot of parts. - badbill1941

2)   You may have a bad radio. - C-Tech

3)   Hi Casey, just a long shot and it worked for me a few times. Unplug the radio for a few seconds and plug back in. Some times it needs to reset itself. Its worth a try and if you do it yourself it won't cost nothing. - Donny


Question 3
"Engine" light on 2001 PT Cruiser?...  I got the codes that showed when turning the key on then off 3 times but cant seem to figure out what they mean. or what to do to fix it.

the codes are: P0601, P1388, P0645, P0118, P1490, P1489, P0551, P1495

I cant afford to take the car to a shop so i am going to do the work here with my husband.
Any help would be great.

1)   You have a lot of problems with that car. p1388 is auto shut down relay, p0118 is coolant temp sensor high, p1490 is low speed fan relay. p1489 is high speed fan relay. p0551 is power steering switch failure, and p1995 is leak detection pump solenoid circuit. looks like your car has not see a shop for a long time. the other codes are not right there is no code in my book for p0601 and p0645. - jim m

2)   sounds like a true Chrysler to me. many of the Chrysler vehicles have a distinct sound to them. it is the sound of something rattling or scraping against something else or even smoke out of the tailpipe.
i am sorry to hear about your problems with it.
hopefully you will avoid the Chrysler product in the future. you should read some car issues from consumer reports. they have almost nothing positive to say about any of Chrysler's brands.
their quality and reliability are consistently well below average.
best of luck though- and i hope it doesn't break your bank to have it fixed. - the violator

3)   OBD II codes - doane_nut


Question 4
where is the thermostat in a 2006 chrysler sebring?...  

1)   If it is the same as the 98 model i used to have, it is in the radiater hose. hidden very well ! - marty l

2)   If you have the V-6 engine, it between the cylinder banks, towards the passenger side, below the upper hose housing. If you have the 4 cyl engine, it is below the upper hose housing, where the radiator cap attaches. - C-Tech


Question 5
what is a powertrain warranty?...  WHAT IS IT????


2)   The power train warranty is a guarantee from the dealer to fix or replace any part in the drive train. Such as the motor the transmission and the differential. If you read the warranty booklet it should also cover the drive axles and wheel bearings. - Donny


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