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ignition problems on 1974 plymouth duster?

Question 1
ignition problems on 1974 plymouth duster?...  When I turn the key there is nothing. I can cross the cylinoid and get the engine to turn over but not fire.

1)   change your ballast resistor,its either 2 or 4 wire, its white, its mounted on the firewall.its whit in color, and is around 3/4inchx3 3/8inch.itll start then. - idontgivafork

2)   If you leave the key on when you jump the solenoid will it fire? If the key is off it should not fire because you need power to the ignition coil. IF it works with the key on you need to be looking at solenoid, clutch or transmission switch, or the key switch itself. - doornobk

3)   Could be a fusible link near the solenoid also. - ilovgalparts

4)   The first thing to do is check all the connections to make sure that they are tight. I would then look at the possibility that you might have a bad connection from the starter relay to the automatic transmission switch or clutch switch. This would be the line that tells the starter relay that the transmission is in park or neutral or that the clutch is being depressed. Basically, it is just being grounded. I had a similar problem in that I got nothing from turning the key because the switch on my clutch is bad. I simply ran a wire from the terminal on the relay to a good ground and it cranked with the key.

Good luck - Jim


Question 2
What size car cover do I need to purchase for a 2000 Chrysler Sebring Convertible?...  

1)   Try one for a medium size car. You might consider getting one that fits a Sebring Convertible from Autozone or J.C. Whitney. - C-Tech

2)   You should also consider that such a car may be expensive to insure. Check your insurance rates before buying one, for example here - carinsurance.deep-ice.com - Sam

3)   I don't think a medium car cover will fit properly. I checked and below are the vehicle lengths by size.

Medium fits Passenger Vehicles up to 14' 2" in overall length
Large fits Passenger Vehicles 14'3" up to 16'8" in overall length
X-Large fits Passenger Vehicles 16'9' to 19' in overall length

The chart on CarCovers4Less listed Chrysler Sebring as a LARGE.

There are also custom fit car covers available. These don't give sizes, but they do cost a bit more. - PeterM


Question 3
1999 Chrysler Sebring Convertible? Boy/Girl Car?...  Okay so my dad found a deal for a 1999 Chrysler Sebring Convertible with only has 47k miles on it. And it was only $4300. I no it is supposedly a horrible car but I like how it drives and everything and it is easy to control and it has some zip to it! It is a Dark red with a tan/gray hood. So would you consider this to be a girl car or a guy car. Someone said its a chick car and since I'm a guy I was thinking uh-oh... So any ideas? Is it more just unisex or is it more guy car or chick car?

1)   Wull, i have a 2006 Chrysler Sebring Convertible GTC in jade green and i love it. My mom got a great deal on it a year and a half ago for my junior year of high school since it was not what everyone was into or whatever these days, but they obvious have never driven one before. Its style is slightly more feminine than most cars no doubt but it delivers much more than many people may assume. Aside from looks, its practical for a convertible and gets really decent gas mileage for its size. Sure its no real sports car, but while most of my high school friends only got generic corollas and whatnot, only two cars in the entire school of over 4500 students were chrysler sebring convertibles which made them quite unique and attractive to the other kids.

Yeah, i hear people telling me that my car is "beautiful" more so than hot or sick (and i too consider it to be more of a her) but dude she's a looker top up or down. - Brennen

2)   As long as it gets the attention of girls does it matter? After that, you have to make it happen. - C-Tech

3)   A car is a car is a car. Don't worry about what people think, if they are that shallow they're not worth knowing anyway.

If you like the car buy it and enjoy it. Have confidence in who you are and what you know, be more mature than the ones that judge you by the car you drive.

I am on a first name basis (known him for over 40 years) with a man that became a multimillionaire using $25,000 settlement money from an accident. He drives a "shoulda been junked years ago" pickup and wears worn out T-shirts and faded blue jeans, clean clothes but he looks like he doesn't have two nickels to rub together. He knows who he is as do others that have known him for years, strangers won't look twice at him. - Don't know everything !


Question 4
Replacing a Chrysler 300C Key Fob?...  Best way to replace a Chrysler 300C key fob with remote unlock, trunk, and panic features? I lost 1 of the 2. Do I have to go to a dealership?

1)   yes you can only get that through a dealer. They have to program the fob to the vehicle. - Mike J

2)   what year is vehicle ? You lost the fob and not the key with buttons correct? You still have 2 keys ? - Paul Ramirez

3)   Amazingkeys.com has the integrated keys fob with the buttons as well as a valet key without the buttons which is much cheaper.

Both will work in your vehicle. - Bob R


Question 5
where do I locate and how do I change the IAC ( idle air control valve) on my 2003 Chrysler Town & Country?...  I have a 2003 Chrysler Town & country minivan and I need to know where to locate and how to change the IAC ( idle air control valve) on it. thanx
if u can help please email me @ ambermueller@ymail.com thank you

1)   for most of the newer cars in 2000+ you may have to go to the dealership, they don't want the regular joe to be able to work on his own car. you can ask at a parts store or local garage. they may refer you to the dealership. - kathy

2)   Amber, I have a Haynes repair manual for 03-05 Chrysler minivans. I will try to scan and email the page with the directions to you. If it doesn't work, go buy one and look on page 6-16. - Jim

3)   Generally they are mounted on or near the throttle body. - doane_nut


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