Friday, August 6, 2010

how much to repair 1991 plymouth alternator?

Question 1
how much to repair 1991 plymouth alternator?...  

1)   $20384239842309482035263908 - The F

2)   you'e gonna have to give some more info for an accurate answer to this Q.

Which car- (model of Plymouth ?). Engine size etc.etc.

If it's got an engine made in america, probably not much more than a couple of hundred dollars - done by an honest professional mechanic. - Alfonzo

3)   That would depend on what's wrong with it. bearings, brushes, diodes, windings... but actually hardly anybody actually fixes them. You just trade your old one in for a completely rebuilt one for about $100. - Howard L

4)   Howard is pretty much correct, about $100 for a rebuilt one from Advance Auto.

If you want to go new rather than rebuilt plan on spending at least double that amount.

If you have any further questions please give us the model and engine size, it makes the answers more accurate, counting vans and cars there were probably six or more models of Plymouths in 1991. - Don't know everything !


Question 2
Can I use 225/60/16 tires to replace 205/55/16 on a 2002 Pt Cruiser Sports van?...  

1)   yes. your speedometer will be a little off. - badbill1941

2)   no youd have to get a different rim size - Adam P

3)   The will be fatter and taller. I doubt you would like the handling and the speedometer will read slow. - doane_nut


Question 3
Are 2007 Chrysler PT Cruisers a bad choice in car?...  Answer this putting aside your view on the LOOK of the PT and I want you to focus on the actual mechanics. Please provide examples of problems with the car, etc. etc.

1)   Consumer Reports rates this car as below average as far as overall reliability goes - pickmefirstplz

2)   im not sure on the 07 i have an 01 and the tcm has went out on it there has been other issues with the car so i wouldnt recommend the pt cruiser - wesley's mommy

3)   As a tech here are the most frequent problems seen on the 2005-2010 Pt Cruisers. Electric fan failure - revised in 2007. Cam sensor failure -revised in 2007. Other than that, most of the later (06 and up) run fine. Some things are driver error (rear handles and release switches torn off) and lack of maintenance. Get a carfax report and check the history of and used car you are considering. Go for a test drive before you buy. - C-Tech


Question 4
how much is my 1941 plymouth special deluxe worth?...  it needs a lot of work but i need to know how much to sell it for or if its worth restoring.
all i know is that it has suicide doors and that it was made in detroit michigan.
so ANY infromation or advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

1)   to the right person, it could be worth a lot of money. you could make a lot of money by checking with a car buff before advertising, - badbill1941

2)   it really depends on the shape of the body

if it has any rotten out places, the price goes down. if the car does not have any rot, then its worth something

second is the paint does it have base coat-clear coat, or does it have acryllic enamel?
is it faded out or shiny?

also it depends where you are at
western and southern cars will sell better than a northeastern car will because in the northeast,they salt the roads in the winter. - travis

3)   when you put it on the market, dont lower the price in a few weeks just because u never got any calls, wait a while because the right person might give you the price u asked because they really like it - Jack209


Question 5
Does my 2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser have rear spindles?...  I am confused because I am being told by different shops that I DO or that I DON'T have "REAR SPINDLES"... I need to get new tires put on the car and I am afraid that if I DO have a bent spindle that it will harm the new tires. I took my car for an alignment at a Tire Shop and while there they (admitted) broke/damaged the left front wheel bearing, which they replaced. Two months later my car is pulling and loose steering, so I take it back to the same shop, and now they are telling me that it has a bent left rear spindle and they cannot get alignment set. QUESTIONS: 1) Does this car actually have rear spindles? 2) How does a spindle get bent? 3) Could the tire shop caused the bent spindle? Help I need to buy tires soon.

1)   rear spindle? a rose by any other name... there is something the wheel is bolted it a spindle or not,,..spindle[or whatever name you give it.. gets bent by pothole...curb... tmaybe warping a rotor with inpact gun

but if bent...its bent and needs work.. - pedro7of9

2)   yes it does here is a link for your question i have 2003 and its made the same way as the 2004 hope this helps and god bless - kingtiger_6

3)   yes it has rear spindles, however they are hard to bend. It could (not likely) be bent by hitting a curb or pothole VERY hard. The tire shop probably did not bend the spindle, they may have done a poor measurement on the alignment. Try another shop for the alignment. - C-Tech


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