Wednesday, August 18, 2010

thinking about buying a chrysler crossfire?

Question 1
thinking about buying a chrysler crossfire?...  can anyone tell me about them ie. are they expensive to repair , run , etc i really need to know as i have to make my mind up tonight xxx

1)   They're OK ! Middle of the road ! Rex ( mechanic ) ! - Sweetdaddy Rex

2)   apparently you pay A LOT for what you get.
they are not particularly good for how much money you drop and what you can get in comparison.
Go to youtube and look for "top gear chrystler crossfire" their review is pretty blunt about it. - G6er

3)   IMO, nooo don't do it! - Derek

4)   It looks like a cool looking decent car but to interior space is to small for my liking. Have no clue about the repair costs. I would guess it's around the same as other cars. It's to bad they didn't make a supercharged manuel 6-speed.

Check this site out. - Mudbogger19


Question 2
1994 Chrysler New Yorker Help!? IMPORTANT!!?...  I have a 1994 Chrysler New Yorker and i was on the interstate and it quit running for some reason,but the engine still turns over will not start. I was wondering if anybody knew why it had done this,and what i need to do to fix it?

1)   Make sure that it's getting fuel when you're trying to start it and that the fuel pressure is correct , you also need to check for spark too.Really the engine should of come on and there should be a code present or recorded by the comp system so have it scanned if possible or use the ignition to find out the code.Basically if you put the key in the ACC position then turn it as far as the run position do this 3 times and leave it in the run position.The service engine light should start to flash codes and it might flash once then pause then flash twice in a row that be code 12 = sometime within the last 50 starts the battery was disconnected.The last code is code 55 that just states that no more codes are stored or end of cycle.

Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way try those things and get back with the code or results and I'll try to help you more and maybe give you some more precise trouble shooting info too. - helpful bob

2)   There are a myriad of things that could prevent a car from starting -- don't you ever buy the 'fuel - air - spark' bs that people are quick to tell you.

Now, based on what you described, I'd single out three things.

1) Went out of fuel - or fuel pump or filter became defective
2) Ignition coil become defective
3) Timing belt slipped or broke.

Good luck. - Stephon

3)   You don't mention what engine is in it, but if it is the 3.5L V6, you may have a broken timing belt. If it is the 3.3L V6 it may be the crank sensor. A code scanner can help retrieve codes. - C-Tech


Question 3
Where can I buy a really cheap Grand Voyager Chrysler for under 3 000 ? I'm broke !?...  My Kids never stop growing ! They keep on complaining that the car is too small so I was thinking of trading my Subaru Outback for a used Chrysler Minivan. SOS !

1)   No don't do it you will only be more broke after you get one.
The old voyager is probably the worst most least reliable car ever made. - Andrew Mignoli

2)   I don't know if this is of any help but you might want to check out and see if they have the car you want. - bookworm

3)   when i was car shopping about 2 months ago i saw more than 10 of them in auto trader for around 3. also is a really good place for car shopping. dodge caravan and chrysler town and country are the same thing as the grand voyager. the plymouth voyager came first then when Mopar dropped plymouth the voager become part of mopar's Chrysler division. same exact van just a different name. a year later they named it the town&country but still exact same vehicle. the dodge caravan is the same van too just with a diffrent nose. - MrGizmo757


Question 4
Will 17" rims fit on a 1987 Plymouth reliant?...  I need to know ASAP.

1)   If the Lug Pattern is correct. - michael

2)   Nooooooooooo - Donny

3)   Nope, tires too big, - badbill1941


Question 5
1997 plymouth voyager replaced bad starter and not starting?...  ok.. 1997 voyager would not start so we removed starter and had it tested to be a bad starter...bought a new one and replaced it. Still not starting....when you turn the key it makes a ckick noise and then you can hear a spinning noise like the bendix is not engaging the fly wheel. it is a 1997 plymouth oyager 3 liter V6.
k thank you, but the battery is in good shape and we cleaned the terminals too. we had the battery on jump start and still did th same thing
ok...they checkd the starter when i bought it and we also checked it with the battery carger...the bendix comes out and spinns

1)   The clicking sound indicates a weak battery ... try it with a boost or charged battery - lanhill

2)   it is very possible that the "new" starter is junk too,ive been amechanic 20 yrs and had a lot of new junk.just a thought. - Danie

3)   If the battery is good and the engine is not seized the new starter is garbage. - jim m


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