Wednesday, August 11, 2010

is chrysler a gm product?

Question 1
is chrysler a gm product?...  is chrysler a gm product

1)   No. Chrysler is a Chrysler Group LLC product. They were part of Mercedes Benz for a while, but the two products didn't integrate very well, so MB sold them to an independent group. - Russ in NOVA

2)   not yet but give obama time and he will make it another goverenment motors co/ gm - ken k

3)   No. - C-Tech

4)   Walter P Chrysler created his car company in 1924 form the ashes of the Maxwell Motor Car Company.
It has been an independent manufacturer until it was merged with Daimler (Mercedes) in 1998. That marriage ended in divorce about four years ago, and then Chrysler was owned by Cerberus, a financial holdings company. After the 2008 economy crash and bankruptcy of the company, Fiat of Italy has taken a major stake of ownership of the company.

Chrysler's offerings are (or have been):

DeSoto - Delamothe


Question 2
does anything suck more than barracuda web filter?!?...  

1)   I would guess that's the same as an iPrism web filter. There is very little that sucks more. - NationwideKia

2)   probably windows, internet explorer, and the president - masteroftech

3)   obama - roadrunner426440


Question 3
What's a car similar to the chrysler 300m ?...  

1)   Rolls Royce - Esbee!

2)   Dodge Charger is based on the same platform - Alan DeCambra

3)   The 300M shares a platform with the Concorde, LHS, and Intrepid. The Intrepid ES is the close cousin. - C-Tech


Question 4
1998 Plymonth Voyager (BRAKES Shoes )!!?...  I have like dried up film of brake fluid & like thin layer of wax like u can peel it off is that the brake thing upon top is leaking & if so how do i go about replacing it & is it easy??

1)   If you have to ask, take it to a shop. Brakes are too important to guess about. - C-Tech

2)   You would have to replace or rebuild the wheel cylinder and then bleed the system, this is something that you should have someone with experience help you with for the first time doing it. -

3)   It is called a wheel cylinder (for the rear drum brakes). Not hard to change. You must bleed the brakes afterwards. - doane_nut


Question 5
what product must i use to repair a 2001 pt cruiser dashboard?...  

1)   a new dashboard or a new piece of trim. you need to be more specific with your question, there are different parts of your dash. - Va-jay-jay

2)   A new dashboard - C-Tech

3)   The proper one for the damage we are completely mystified as to what it is. - doane_nut


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