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Would a 2001 Plymouth Neon be a good first car choice?

Question 1
Would a 2001 Plymouth Neon be a good first car choice?...  I'm about to purchase a 2001 Plymouth Neon as my first car. It has about 99,000 miles on it. I will probably be purchasing it for $3,900. I'm hoping that I will be able to use it for at least 5 years (when I graduate from grad school). I ran into someone at the grocery store who had a '98 and they absolutely loved the car.

Any opinion? Anything I should look out for? Is this acceptable? Do you think I'll get at least 5 years out of it? Tell me what you think.
I'm sorry I worded the question wrong. First car choice as in my first car ever.

1)   That's what kind of car i got. It's great on gas i cheap whats not to like!!!! And i had mine since they can out and my one thing messed up since. enjoy - Alex

2)   It would definitely not be my first choice (again) Ours was a piece of junk and unsafe. Buy it and you will LITERALLY run into someone at the grocery store. - Non-Sequitur

3)   I wouldn't buy a used 2001 Neon as my first car; I've heard too many complaints about them. How about a used Toyota or Honda instead? You get more features and better reliability. - Ken

4)   Not bad, but at that price I think the car should be in pretty/very good condition, seems on the more expensive end of whats out there for 2001 with around 99K miles.

At any rate I would absolutely have a mechanic look at the car and point any issues which could surface in the next couple months/years (engine, suspension etc.). You don't want to worry about repairs while you're in school. Everything checks out and you take care of it, it will last you. - CAS

5)   too old, too many miles for the price (this is a 10 year old car now!)
The KBB has this at about $3100 (private party, excellent condition)
I would offer $2K and then walk away - roadrunner426440

6)   Yes, just keep up on the maintenance. The 2001 is the second generation which is improved over the 1st generation. Make sure you get the timing belt changed on schedule as the Neon has an interference engine. - doane_nut

7)   You should also consider that such a car may be expensive to insure. Check your insurance rates before buying one, for example here - - Antony

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Question 2
Does Chrysler take a lot of gas?...  I am looking for a car and there's a good deal for Chrysler cruiser 2001. I don't know much about cars. Does Chrysler take a lot of gas? Thanks.

1)   Cruiser's especially. u only get lieka round 20 mph. I would go for a toyota or honda if u wanted gas efficent. - Ayush Parikh

2)   It's a 9 year old Chrysler so it's already living on borrowed time, I'd say gas mileage is a non-issue. - Atomic Duck

3)   They only take as much as the tank holds. My truck takes more, bigger tank! - straight-shooter

4)   I have a chrysler and it was sucking up a lot of gas, I had the gas filter changed now I don't have any problems at all. - Eddrinner

5)   No it doesn't but it depends on who gas you put in it. Cheap gas have more ethanol in it - paris69

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Question 3
I have a 2003 Chrysler Concord with the 2.7 engine.?...  The oil light keeps coming on when idling, but then goes off when the rpms reach 1000. Checked oil level but its good. Any suggestions on what else to check? It did come on when driving today a bit, but flickered as if it were shorting..could it be a bad wire to the sensor?

1)   Most likely a failing sensor or a loose connection at the sensor. You can have a shop remove the sensor and test actual oil pressure with a shop gauge to verify proper oil pump operation.

Best of Luck! - Fukkin Suspended

2)   The problem is most likely the oil pressure sending unit and connector. It is located on the side of the engine facing the firewall, with a green connector. There is a repair kit for the connector which should be installed with a new oil sending unit. Good luck. - C-Tech

3)   Besides the oil sensor or wiring or repair kit , remove the oil pan clean the screen inside there they can really clog up and cause severe headaches.

Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way I'd flush and change the oil too. - helpful bob

4)   theres wireing a harness you add to the harness thats allready there on the oil sending unit. i put it on my sebring and and it took care of the same problem you got. they told me at crysler dealer parts it was'nt made for my car but i bought it anyway and it worked. what happens your exhaust manifould is close to sending unit the heat confuses it. i replaced the sending unit first and still came on. - tickettaker

5)   It's a 2.7L engine that is seven years old. While others have suggested it may be an electrical problem, I suspect you need a new engine.

Google "Chrysler 2.7L engine." They are pitifully unreliable and you're lucky it lasted this long.

Do you see blue smoke from the tailpipe at idle? - Mike

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Question 4
Would buying a 2000 Chrysler 300 M with rebuilt tital, 108000 miles be too risky?...  thinking about buying a rebuilt Chrysler 300 M. The asking price is 2,900. IT has a rebuilt tital.The car
has 108,000 miles on it. Do you think this is too risky? I did test drive it, and it appears to run ok.
Thanks ----

1)   That is too much money for an 11 year old Chrysler with a salvage title. And for those of you that say it's only ten years, 2011's are hitting the streets now, so it can easily be 11.

If you are considering it have a mechanic check it over first, and then offer 2K tops (if it checks out) - PMack

2)   I would drive them down to 1000 dollar because if it was a salvage wreck it will eat up tires and it will not drive straight doors may not close all the way it may have been altered too much to be able to be repaired without a big bill. i wouldn't risk it unless you plan to part it out.

besides you can get a better car for that price.

keep in mind that the 300m was state of the art it has all the newest gadgets on it and fancy drivetrains buy one that hasen't been salvaged.

the only cars i would buy as a savage would be no more than 400 dollars - J.R.

3)   Have in check at a good repair shop. - Dan

4)   You should also consider that such a car may be expensive to insure. Check your insurance rates before buying one, for example here - - William

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Question 5
where spark plugs go on 88 chrysler?...  I know on the cap driver side 1 3 5 7 passenger 2 4 6 8 So where do the lines go on the block ? The are no numbers on the block, so I don't know where to put the lines.

1)   inside the car, in the engine. - Kris

2)   same as the Chevy v8, 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2

Here is a diagram.. - MUSTANG_MIKE

3)   If you have the book that came with the car you can look in there. - paris69

4)   I think you mean spark plug wires. The firing order is on the intake manifold. near the distributor. The rotations on the distributor is clock wise.#1 is on the front of the cap toward the rad This will get complicated now. Look from the side of the car at the front of the engine. The closest cyl toward the rad is # 1spark plug on the left side. the next one is #3 then 5 then 7. The right side is 2,4,6,8 If it back fires up the carb you have them on wrong. - Donny

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