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thinking about buying a chrysler crossfire?

Question 1
thinking about buying a chrysler crossfire?...  can anyone tell me about them ie. are they expensive to repair , run , etc i really need to know as i have to make my mind up tonight xxx

1)   They're OK ! Middle of the road ! Rex ( mechanic ) ! - Sweetdaddy Rex

2)   apparently you pay A LOT for what you get.
they are not particularly good for how much money you drop and what you can get in comparison.
Go to youtube and look for "top gear chrystler crossfire" their review is pretty blunt about it. - G6er

3)   IMO, nooo don't do it! - Derek

4)   It looks like a cool looking decent car but to interior space is to small for my liking. Have no clue about the repair costs. I would guess it's around the same as other cars. It's to bad they didn't make a supercharged manuel 6-speed.

Check this site out. - Mudbogger19

5)   that was the only good thing that came out of chrysler teaming up with benz. I have no first hand experience. My little sister her best friend has one. She has had it for i think 6 years now and she loves the thing. She said that she has not had any problems with it. - Matt S

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Question 2
I have a Chrysler PT Cruiser that is giving me fits.?...  It is a 2003 and it runs good first thing for about 10 min. and then it will bog down making it hard to even get to about 20 mph. I have repalaced a boat load of sensors and parts but nothing seems to be working. When you rev the engine and you get to about 3500 rpm the engine will pulse up and down about 500 rpm untill you let up. Help please....
Had the catalitic converter and the oxygen sensors checked and they were fine. Was told by the folks who checked them that it was the computer. Changed the computer and no difference. We have changed the coil, the crankshaft sensor the comshaft sensor the battery temp sensor the alternator the battery. what else can I do?
pulled the codes from the computer and there were none, and my mechanic is working for free.

1)   Have a helper bring the RPM up to about 2000 RPM. Go to the exhaust and see if you have a good flow comming out of the tailpipe. I wonder if you have a clogged catalytic converter. That is a good possibility. You said the engine wont rev over 3500? Is that in neutral or Park? There is a rev limit that protects the engine that will not let you go over a set RPM in park. That sounds like a normal condition but I can be wrong. - Mike J

2)   You didn't run leaded gas in it did you? From everything your saying my first guess is that the Catalytic Converter is clogged. Try dropping the manifold, fire up the engine & see if it will run past 3K. I know thats gonna set off all kinds of trouble codes but that exhaust is a welded system & you can't break it with out cutting a pipe. If the engine revs past 3k put it back together & cut the cat out. - Kracker

3)   save yourself a lot of work and go to an exhaust/muffler shop and they can test your converter(s) - tronary

4)   You can get the freaking codes from the computer and figure out what the problem is... Or you can keep throwing money at it and pray to the almighty chrysler car God (some Canadian dude).

Ever get the feeling that the mechanic is ripping you off and laughing at you? Guess what!?! He's either doing that or he's completely incompetent. - Theneelster

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Question 3
1994 Chrysler New Yorker Help!? IMPORTANT!!?...  I have a 1994 Chrysler New Yorker and i was on the interstate and it quit running for some reason,but the engine still turns over will not start. I was wondering if anybody knew why it had done this,and what i need to do to fix it?

1)   Make sure that it's getting fuel when you're trying to start it and that the fuel pressure is correct , you also need to check for spark too.Really the engine should of come on and there should be a code present or recorded by the comp system so have it scanned if possible or use the ignition to find out the code.Basically if you put the key in the ACC position then turn it as far as the run position do this 3 times and leave it in the run position.The service engine light should start to flash codes and it might flash once then pause then flash twice in a row that be code 12 = sometime within the last 50 starts the battery was disconnected.The last code is code 55 that just states that no more codes are stored or end of cycle.

Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way try those things and get back with the code or results and I'll try to help you more and maybe give you some more precise trouble shooting info too. - helpful bob

2)   There are a myriad of things that could prevent a car from starting -- don't you ever buy the 'fuel - air - spark' bs that people are quick to tell you.

Now, based on what you described, I'd single out three things.

1) Went out of fuel - or fuel pump or filter became defective
2) Ignition coil become defective
3) Timing belt slipped or broke.

Good luck. - Stephon

3)   You don't mention what engine is in it, but if it is the 3.5L V6, you may have a broken timing belt. If it is the 3.3L V6 it may be the crank sensor. A code scanner can help retrieve codes. - C-Tech

4)   IMPORTANT, you need more info, codes, engine info and there are so many things that could have gone wrong that there is no one thing wrong with it and can just be solved with yahoo answers. Cheap is, what cheap gets, take it to a qualified mechanic - rick b

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Question 4
2002 Chrysler overheating?...  my Sebring 2.7 has been overheating I have replaced the thermostat and the cooling system sensor but it is still overheating and air is getting into the cooling system when I drive it. The mechanic that I had looked at it noticed that the radiator was hotter towards the top then the bottom was, he thinks the radiator is clogged. Can anyone shed some light on this situation?

1)   Unfortunately, 2.7 is not a great quality engine, but with that cooling problem, your mechanic is giving you the right diagnosis, with proper old style, common sense methods. There's a slight chance of getting a lucky break, if it is just your radiator cap that is faulty. - Van Bo

2)   There maybe some kind of debree in between your radiator and AC condenser. I would take out the radiator and clean it. - Kevin

3)   The symptom's sound like the water pump may be leaking. That wound cause the air to get into the system. if your car is under 70,000 miles it nay still be covered under warranty. Good luck. - C-Tech

4)   If air is getting into the system then there's a leak somewhere...that means the system is not pressurized.

Does your "mechanic" need an invitation? Pull the friggin radiator hoses and run water through it and see what happens. - Theneelster

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Question 5
after a week of vacation my 2009 Chrysler sejourney is rusting, please explain.?...  I already change all four brak

1)   thats normal nothing to be afraid off its metal on metal contact - QuaiGonjin

2)   It is normal for the brakes to rust in hot humid, wet weather, even overnight. - doane_nut

3)   If the rusting is happening on the brake rotors, this is totally normal. Anytime there is moisture contact with the rotors ( metal surface with water on it ) rust is going to happen. This can happen after rain, washing the car, or humid weather as mentioned in the answer before mine. No repair is needed, just drive and hit the brakes a few times and the rust goes away. - Brian and Nellanna

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