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Plymouth Voyager (1994) is using alot of oil ...?

Question 1
Plymouth Voyager (1994) is using alot of oil ...?...  and there's no trace of where it goes. It's not smoking or any oil fumes. I'm asking here because my renter who lends me the van is hardly ever around to ask him and there's no owner's manual. Could it be the oil pump is not working?

1)   The oil pump pumps oil throughout the engine for lubrication, if it was inoperative the engine would seize.

There's a possibility the front crank seal is leaking and it will drip oil when sitting and leak heavily when the engine is running.

I suggest you check the dipstick before you drive the van again. - Don't know everything !

2)   Oil should not disappear.
It goes in the car, and is reused again and again until it becomes old and you change it out for the same amount.
IE, its not like gasoline, that you use up, and put more in.
Its leaking somewhere for sure.
As the guy above me said, if the oil pump wasnt working the engine would soon seize. And that still
wouldn't explain where its going.
No smoking means its not being combusted. If its not fuming, then its not hitting anything hot enough to burn it.
The only logical solution is that the oil is leaking from somewhere.
Raise the van up on jack stands or on a lift and examine the underside of the vehicle for spots that
are heavily coated in black oil like liquid. If its near a seal or gasket, then that's probably the leak.
Just make sure to look above it also, so you dont think its one thing, and it turns out its a seal
above that one leaking down.
Park the car for a while and see if any oil puddles form underneath. - Alfredo G

3)   It's probably a 3.0 mitsu v-6, that are known to use oil after 100k miles or so. - done wrenching

4)   The Mitsubishi engines that they use have valve guides that go bad a pump oil into the cylinders, alot of oil is in the valve cover during operation, just about 2/3 of all the engine oil stays in the valve cover(s) during operation.
It is probably smoking but not noticeable while you are driving meaning you don't have to see a cloud for it to burn oil.

Rebuilding the head on a 4 cylinder will take care of it, the 4 cylinder blocks handle ring wear good and are pretty stout.

The V-6 will be harder on ring wear so rebuilding the heads will probably take care of the problem, but you would really have to take into consideration the ring wear.

Also the heads have on high pressure feed port right on the edge of the gasket, on the 4 cylinder it is to the left of or right near the oil filter, if you see a leak there where the block and head meet, that port is leaking, it will only leave a small drip area when parked but when it is driven or running the oil loss will pick up, you can loose alot from that area. Just a replacement of the head gasket can take care of the loss. -


Question 2
how much to repair 1991 plymouth alternator?...  

1)   $20384239842309482035263908 - The F

2)   you'e gonna have to give some more info for an accurate answer to this Q.

Which car- (model of Plymouth ?). Engine size etc.etc.

If it's got an engine made in america, probably not much more than a couple of hundred dollars - done by an honest professional mechanic. - Alfonzo

3)   That would depend on what's wrong with it. bearings, brushes, diodes, windings... but actually hardly anybody actually fixes them. You just trade your old one in for a completely rebuilt one for about $100. - Howard L

4)   Howard is pretty much correct, about $100 for a rebuilt one from Advance Auto.

If you want to go new rather than rebuilt plan on spending at least double that amount.

If you have any further questions please give us the model and engine size, it makes the answers more accurate, counting vans and cars there were probably six or more models of Plymouths in 1991. - Don't know everything !


Question 3
how much is my 1941 plymouth special deluxe worth?...  it needs a lot of work but i need to know how much to sell it for or if its worth restoring.
all i know is that it has suicide doors and that it was made in detroit michigan.
so ANY infromation or advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

1)   to the right person, it could be worth a lot of money. you could make a lot of money by checking with a car buff before advertising, - badbill1941

2)   it really depends on the shape of the body

if it has any rotten out places, the price goes down. if the car does not have any rot, then its worth something

second is the paint does it have base coat-clear coat, or does it have acryllic enamel?
is it faded out or shiny?

also it depends where you are at
western and southern cars will sell better than a northeastern car will because in the northeast,they salt the roads in the winter. - travis

3)   when you put it on the market, dont lower the price in a few weeks just because u never got any calls, wait a while because the right person might give you the price u asked because they really like it - Jack209


Question 4
where do I locate and how do I change the IAC ( idle air control valve) on my 2003 Chrysler Town & Country?...  I have a 2003 Chrysler Town & country minivan and I need to know where to locate and how to change the IAC ( idle air control valve) on it. thanx
if u can help please email me @ thank you

1)   for most of the newer cars in 2000+ you may have to go to the dealership, they don't want the regular joe to be able to work on his own car. you can ask at a parts store or local garage. they may refer you to the dealership. - kathy

2)   Amber, I have a Haynes repair manual for 03-05 Chrysler minivans. I will try to scan and email the page with the directions to you. If it doesn't work, go buy one and look on page 6-16. - Jim

3)   Generally they are mounted on or near the throttle body. - doane_nut


Question 5
Can I use 225/60/16 tires to replace 205/55/16 on a 2002 Pt Cruiser Sports van?...  

1)   yes. your speedometer will be a little off. - badbill1941

2)   no youd have to get a different rim size - Adam P

3)   The will be fatter and taller. I doubt you would like the handling and the speedometer will read slow. - doane_nut


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