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I have a 1997 Town and Country Chrysler. Gas leak please read below.?

Question 1
I have a 1997 Town and Country Chrysler. Gas leak please read below.?...  I have a 1997 Town and Country Chrysler. Today when I put gas in the van the pump did not click when it was full and it caused gas to leak from underneath the van. I am going on vacation tomorrow and although the leak has stopped is this going to be a problem on our drive?

1)   most likly as you drive it will heat up the car which will probably increase the gas leak - Jeremy L

2)   Take it to the self service car wash and power wash the under side of the van.
Ours overfills too. I had to have her park in the yard recently until the smell went away, I won't let her park in the garage. - Whoa_Phat

3)   I would not worry about it at all. The important thing is you do not have a current, active "leak", it was just over-filled. The level in the tank is going to drop relatively quickly (if it hasn't already) after a short period of driving. Once you burn through the "over-filled" gas in the filler neck and get the level to "normal" in the tank, then it is just like having a full tank. Does not take long. Always keep an eye on the pump, they post notices at most places, and don't even sit in the car let alone walk away. I was unfortunate enough to have that happen to me also, for the first time, and came out of the station and there was a good gallon of gas under my truck. Anyway, the place gave me a hard time too getting a free car wash out of the deal blaming me, actually they were right, it was my fault walking away. :) - Teddy

4)   Dave, the only thing that comes to mind is that it is possible that the check engine light may come on due to the fact that the system can't check for leaks in the evaporator system with the tank that full. ( it has to have air space to be pressurized to check for leaks) If the light does come on, it will turn off after it has self evaluated the problem over the next 2 stop and restart ups and then turn the engine light off itself. It is not a good idea to fill the tank all the way to the top because it will flood the charcoal canisters and evaporator system and give false info to the engine controller and cause problems driving for a while. If it were me I would just go on about the trip and not worry. If you have a driving problem, it's due to over enrichment from the canisters that should straighten it's self out when the extra vapors are burned off in a few miles. - Jackolantern


Question 2
how to replace or fixs a battery cable for a 2002 chryler 300?...  
i took car to pep boy the positive cable is broken the head is disconnected /broken from battery cable wire.

1)   you can do either, to repair, either replace or clean the connector. To replace cable, disconnect from battery, and remove other end of cable. - badbill1941

2)   You can replace the battery end of the positive cable without replacing the whole cable . Most jobbers (parts suppliers) have these in stock. Just ask them at the counter they will tell you how it goes on. - Donny


Question 3
is the fuel pump and water pump part of the powertrain warranty?...  my fuel pump just went and i think i still have the powertrain warranty.

1)   ty - sonicslash33

2)   The water pump yes, its part of the powertrain warranty usually. The fuel pump is not. - C-Tech


Question 4
my 2001 PT Cruiser is overheating?...  I have a 2001 PT Cruiser with 70k miles. The radiator looks new, I just had the thermostat and radiator cap changed, when it was changed they let the car idle for almost 2 hours, the fan came on regularly and it didnt overheat, they also did a pressure test on the system. Yet still when im in any kind of stop and go traffic the needle starts to go up and I have to crank the heat and try to get some airflow.... ideas?

1)   I had a similar situation with my 2002. I ended up replacing the water pump, and there's quite a bit of stuff that had to be replaced. Very soon, the motor went out. I spent over $800, plus tow bills, and wish I'd never bought the PT. It had 98,000 miles on it. The motor very quickly went out just after that. - sizesmith

2)   if you overheat that engine even once you most likely have a blown head gasket and warped head. It will cause the symptoms you describe.

The PT cruiser is notorious for it!!!! - BalloonRich


Question 5
2006 PT Cruiser No wipers, No blinkers, Headlights stay on while car is on.?...  I have a 2006 PT Cruiser. No blinkers, no wipers, and the headlights stay on as long as the car is on. Can't turn them off unless you turn the car off. I've been researching all morning. Seems like Chrysler made things way more complicated in the '06 and '07 models. I've seen two possible explanations: the multifunction switch or the TIPM (totally integrated power module). All problems I've seen with the TIPM are somewhat isolated problems for example: wipers don't work, one blinker doesn't work, brake lights stop, etc. So that makes me think it would be the switch since it controls everything in the steering column and all of those are the things affected. Bad thing is starting 2006, this part is only dealership and you can't return it. From what i've heard, the TIPM is really expensive anyways. Guess my question is, would all blinkers and wipers stop working and the lights always stay on be more likely the switch or TIPM? Thanks.

1)   Personally I can't see the multifunction switch giving that many problems at once. Where as the TIPM could. Especially if it looses a circuit (fuse) of a ground. - Jackolantern

2)   The TIPM would have more then one circuit inside of it and therefore it would have more then likely more then 1 positive 12 volt feed and more then one ground.You're right that the multifunction switch has several circuits and that their related to those you mention but it's not what controls the headlight on and off system.

What I'd want to know and do is see if you can't get a diagram or schematic of the circuits and trace the problem but first I'd recommend checking all the fuses, circuit breaks etc both under the hood and inside the vehicle.One thing you could do is if you've automotive repair knowledge and experience is to take a look at the TIPM circuit and plug in wire connectors and also look at the multifunction switch and its wiring.Also there are a few companies out there that actually rebuild or recondition or sell etc a variety of different types and models of control modules.

Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way parts stores do offer free diagrams on the spot print outs or via their online sites but usually not for so new vehicles.Also don't give up on possibly finding that part bec some tow yards or tow services etc with their own impound yards etc may have a vehicle like yours that their parting out or want to sell cheap. It might be one of the best investments you make if you're looking to drive and keep that vehicle up to par and want to save cash etc , you might want to purchase a factory dealership service manual. - helpful bob


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