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water leaking under dash on passenger side of my 96 chrysler T&C?

Question 1
water leaking under dash on passenger side of my 96 chrysler T&C?...  It just started leaking right below the glove compartment where the heat comes out? Not a huge leak just drips. Any help is greatly appreciated.

1)   pop the hood and check the coolant hose connections to your heater core located behind the glove compartment. corrosion causes them to swell and get brittle around the clamps and cause leaks. - sack-o-tools

2)   It is most likely the heater core itself that is leaking. Before dropping a bunch of cash on the repair, check under the hood as previously stated in another answer. Depending on where you live you may be able to do a bypass to be able to use the van until it gets repaired. Just remember, a bypassed heater core means no heat in the vehicle. I have bypassed the heater core in my 81 El Camino, but I don't drive it in the winter so no heat is no big deal for me.

Changing the heater core can be a time consuming job that is best left to someone that has the skills and tools to do it without damaging the dash as the heater core is located behind the dash on the passenger side of the firewall. - JimW

3)   put a white towel down where the leak is and if its green fluid you have a heater core problem, if its clear you have a heater core / ac drain problem and was your windshield replaced not to long ago? if so you may have a seal problem - rick b

4)   If it is clear water the a/c drain is plugged. Under the hood, on the firewall left side looking toward the back, there is a little rubber tube and it could be stopped up. If it is greenish it is antifreeze and the heater core is bad. - Mitchell T


Question 2
1965 plymouth valiant slant v6?...  this car was sitting for long time and the engine its stuck. the water pump doesn't turn and the pistons are all stuck. i want to know how much would it be for a shop to get it working or is there any way i can get it working. i live in canada vancouver b.c.

1)   prolly like 300 to get it fixed.. but once its fixed keep that car slant six's are the best and strongest engine ever! - lexicarssupra

2)   It's not a V6, it's a straight 6 that's not vertical, hence the term "slant 6"

You will need a complete rebuild if the engine is seized. Unless this Valiant is a convertible, it's probably not worth it.

. - PMack

3)   A 65 Valiant is getting to be a rare car. Especially if it's a 2 door hard top. 4 doors are plentiful. So are the slant 6es. You can buy a running good slant 6 for about 50 to 100 bucks. There everywhere. The reason for it is because they don't break. There one of the toughest engines ever made. I'm sure you can find one in a junk yard there. As many as there are that still run perfect and don't burn oil you should be able to find them everywhere. Two things to look for when buying a slant 6. oil leaks. Slant 6es are prone to leak oil at the oil filter adapter and at the spark plug cups. The seals get old and leak. There made from paper. They will also leak at the crank. I personally have seen slant 6es with over 3 hundred thousand miles need nothing but a reseal.

There is one thing you can try if you want to. You can pour about 2 to five gallons of brake fluid or trans fluid down the carb. It will dissolve any rust that has formed in the cylinders and unstick the rings. You can try it. Let it soak until you see brake fluid/trans fluid coming out of the oil pan plug hole. I've seen it work. As long as the rust is very thin on the cylinder walls. - Lex Luthor

4)   If it has been sitting for a "long time" (especially outside) you will face a number of problems in addition to the engine being stuck - including electrical and fuel

for instance the fuel tank will need to be removed and cleaned out and the fuel pump may need to be replaced - for a shop just to do that would be $300 (assuming the fuel tank is not all rusted out)

I would say, if the engine can get broken loose without a rebuild - $1500 for a shop to do - roadrunner426440


Question 3
1999 Chrysler Sebring Convertible serious oil leak left side of engine below the timing belt cover. Help?...  Can anyone point me in the right direction? Cannot keep oil in the car. Help.

1)   WOW your chrysler made it 10 years, WOW, my engine blew in my 04 with 57K on it, there is only one thing i would do with that car, junk it and get another one, - Czech Me Out

2)   Check the gasket on the oil pan which is just below the timing belt. - dude I

3)   Yo! What's hip-pappinin my friend. More than likely you have a bad crank or bad cam seal. It's spewing out one of the two! Get them bad boys buttoned back up and be rollin oil spew free for a good amount of time! Keep it real bro, keep on keepin on! - spooled20g

4)   Either crank or cam seal(most likely the crank), it's best to get them replaced at the same time along with belts. Should be less than $1,000. Like was said already, it's amazing it lasted that long. How many miles again? - Mark


Question 4
would a 2002 Chrysler 300M have good gas mileage?...  

1)   i didn't realize they made those that long ago..

and... no... it wouldn't.. unless it was a v6. and even then, not great.

02 was before the gas prices started skyrocketing. remember? and al gore hadn't done his "we're all going to die" movie.

there were also NO hybrid cars out there, etc etc.. for that matter, 95% of the world was still on dial up internet in 2002... and computers were 1/8 as powerful as they are today.

funny how things change in just a few years.... - Mitch

2)   Both trims of the 2002 Chrysler 300M (Base and Special) have a 16/24 MPG rating. That means it gets 16 city, and 24 highway. So in other words no, that is not good mileage at all. However, it has 250hp and 255 ft-lbs of torque. The 300M isn't going to be a rocket because it weighs over 3600lbs.

If you're looking to get better performance and mileage than that, go with a higher trim Japanese import sedan. It will be better all around and much more reliable. You may have to sacrifice some space, but if you've ever sat in the back of a 300M/Intrepid you would know that headroom is a more important issue then leg room - booyahbd

3)   It should get from 19 to 29 mpg - done wrenching


Question 5
is there some who will buy my pt cruiser its in good condition?...  

1)   no - dezzie

2)   You couldnt pay me enough to take one of those off your hands.

Piece of crap!

Best of luck anyway..... - Dave

3)   it's ok i just sold it for $8,000, so hahahahah, my friend helped me sell it to an idiot - scottyyyyy


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