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Question 1
I LOST THE KEY TO MY CHRSYLER CROSSFIRE?...  bought in the uk,but am now in the US,can i get the key from a dealer in the state or do i have to go to the dealers in Uk,any idea is really appreciated.

1)   take the title to the nearest dealer. the can cut a key from the vin number - Randy F

2)   You should be able to get one from a Chrysler dealership.

You will need your vehicle registration and a picture ID.

The dealer should be able to look up the VIN and cut a new key.

Before heading out to the dealer call ahead first. Ask for the parts department. Ask them this same question. This way you will know for sure before you leave the house. - Mad Jack

3)   dont go fpr UK man jst tke the REGISTRATION of car in ur POKET a PIC of car in ur MOBILE and get ur self to the nearest dealer he will help u out and if not so jst find the number of ur old dealer and contect him he will help u!!ok !! - Ali

4)   You'll need proof of ownership of the car (registration or title) that matches your i.d. (driver's license). because it is a Mercedes key, it will take 2-3 days to get. It is about $200. - C-Tech

5)   c-techs right. the dealer has to order it. it gets cut at wherever they send them out at (it's a special key). the dealers in the US can order it. - mr huh


Question 2
does the chrsyler Pt cursier hold 4 pints or 5 pints of oil?...  how much oil does a Pt Cursier hold?

1)   6L? - Mitch L

2)   Lets try 5 quarts -

3)   if its 2.4 engine try 5 quarts to fill it,good luck. - dodge man

4)   gee don't read the owners manual it might give you false information - mork

5)   5 quarts (10 pints) including the filter change. - Edwin A


Question 3
oil change on a maserati?...  

1)   Yes Maseratis need their oil changed too. - glhs736

2)   Look in your owners manual for recommended intervals. - badbill1941

3)   What I recommend if you want to drive and keep the awhile change the oil twice as often as the factory recommendations suggest.Also if the vehicle hasn't had regular oil changes or it has 50,000 or over miles on it flush the engine asap too.I'd also perform a full tune up on it , check all belts , fluids ,hoses, rad,etc and change the transmission fluid and engine's coolant on it too if it's not been done or has such mileage as I mentioned on it etc.

Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way if I were you I'd use the best possible quality of oil within the factory recommended specs you can buy for that engine. - helpful bob

4)   yupyup u need that. most important part of maintaining a vehicle is changing the oil - Brian


Question 4
I have a 2008 chrysler 300 with a rattle in the front drivers side wheel well.?...  Seems to be on and off and increases when I hit the brakes and while turning right anyone have any ideas?

1)   Wheelbearing. - JR

2)   Probably your outer tie rod. I have seen many, many very loose/worn outer tie rods. Wheel bearing, rarely. You have a 2008, so if you have less than 36,000 miles, it's warrantied. No matter what, get it inspected by someone knowledgeable . - anon9

3)   All of these are possible but I think based on the year of your 300, you probably have a loose underbody panel. I'd have it checked out soon. - C-Tech

4)   common problem. if it's a flap sound, then loose underbody shield (plastic). most likely the outer tie rod. 2nd most likely is what they call the lateral link. possible bearing. - mr huh


Question 5
My car has bad gas mileage and wont shift smoothly?...  Ok i drive a 2006 chrysler sebring sedan, and its very well taken care of. It has about 85,000 miles on it, and lately i noticed the gas mileage has been so terrible, and it also has a big jerk when shifting gears, especially from 1st to second gear. I did just flush out transmission fluid and get a new air filter, but it didnt seem to help. What could be the problem? thanks

1)   maybe a bad torque converter?

or not enough transmission fluid...make sure it's up to the fill line - chickenjoe

2)   Well besides Dodge using a special chemical in their transmission fluids that can cause such jerking or bucking or gear shifting hesitations etc the transmission has a control module or transmission control system that could cause such issues or even the transmission module=TCM could have lost it's memory or have a bad ground or wire connection or the factory may have a program or flash update that is designed to fix this problem or the TCM needs to be reprogrammed or replaced via factory or dealership.

Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way I'd be checking to see if any codes exist just in case and be sure you check all the belts , fluid levels and add some gas treatment like STP or Lucas just in case dirt or moister etc in the fuel system is causing this problem or contributing to the problem. - helpful bob

3)   Hard to say really, it could be a number of things, but cause and effect comes to mind first. You flushed transmission fluid and now have a shifting problem. Are they related? Unknown, did you do it or have it done? Was the torque converter flushed also?

The thing to do is to go and talk to your mechanic. I'd start with a good scan to see what, if any, error codes are stored. Do you have a check engine light on?

But let your mechanic look and see what he finds, then go from there. Good luck on getting the problems resolved. - oklatom

4)   I would go to the dealer and have it checked, Also I completely disagree with Bob, mopar atf 1 2 and 3 are formulated specifically to make the transmission shift smoothly, and using any other off the shelf ATF can cause problems with the trans, and did you flush out the cooler? Now this is not to say that all this is the direct problem to your mileage, you still may have other problems with your mileage - rick b


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