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Is a crysler crossfire ok?

Question 1
Is a crysler crossfire ok?...  My son is very into cars and just got his license. Hes been looking for a car has found one he really 05 Crysler Crossfire. I had too think about this as this car is a sports car and hes only 16. I know the insurance would probly be a bit higher....but he is very mature and takes good care of things. What do u think...crossfire or not?

1)   for a Crysler sure one of the last cars most would want to own you know that they been trying to go bankrupt for 40 yrs now has not made a great car in the 40 yrs ive been driving but better than a yugo - kelly_f_1999

2)   Great car, shares its frame,drivetrain, and some interior bits with Mercedes SL. - djaca70

3)   Why not if he's as good a kid as you say, and you can afford the insurance. But the car never sold well. But that does not mean it is a bad car. It's now out of production. People for whatever reason just never paid attention to it.Look online of information.

I can tell you a full set of tires are $1,500.00 per set! If not more by now, that price was over a year ago.

Definitely NOT a good winter car. No traction on snow or ice. The tires are way to wide for that. - escort500xlr

4)   i have one. v6 3.2. come on, be serious, not for a 16 year old., you must have more money than sense. the car is far to powerful for someone with no driving experience. start him off in a 106 or 206 or whatever but not a crossfire. - movana

5)   Here's the thing about a Crossfire. The Crossfire was the first attempt of Chrysler and Mercedes engineers to work together. Mercedes gave Chrysler their old technology to apply Chrysler's new design. It wasn't too successful because the competition already caught up to Mercedes old tech and Chrysler had to cripple its design to fit what they were given. Now with that said, the Crossfire was a fairly reliable, if cramped coupe. It is expensive to repair if something does break (same as Mercedes, BMW, or Audi). The performance is on par with a Mazda Miata or Honda S2000. Tires are expensive (if you do buy it, check the tires - rear tires wear out first). Make sure your get 2 keys (expensive keys). Good luck. - C-Tech


Question 2
Are PT Cruisers reliable and good cars to drive?...  I'm looking for my first car. I'm a college student and I love the looks of a PT Cruiser. I am test driving three tomorrow. I just wanted to hear some opinions about this car. Does anyone own one or like them? I am looking to buy a used car and looking at a lot of 2001 models. Any advice on this car would be great! Thanks=)

1)   l own a 2004 pt cruiser .
it is a nice car ,smooth ride buttttttttttttt.
if you are the type of person like my wife who likes to go over the parking concrete stops like the ones on the parking spaces in time you will loose your bumper she did and if you want a low rider there it is why they made the front end so low l will never know.
other problems automatic shifter cable had to replace it twice .
am having over heating problems right know.
you need to be extra carefull when you are changing lanes to your right you cant see to well because of the obstruction of the body.
other then that its been a good car good gas mileage would l buy another one no way - joe

2)   A PT cruiser is just a dodge neon mini van....Sure they are good cars... - Johnny Rotten

3)   It's a good cars when properly maintained. For a used one, see if the owner has maintenence records. The timing belt and water pump needs to be changed every 70,000 miles or so. If it has fog lights, sometimes the switch malfunctions and they stay on draining the battery. Make sure all the switches work. Test drive it before you buy it. There are some good ones and bad ones out there like any used car. Good luck. - C-Tech

4)   It should be 4-door, 4-cyls, not sporty. I would prefer Honda or Toyota... First time drivers usually have much more expensive car insurance, and it depends from car. You should compare insurance rates while choosing the car - for example here - - Antony


Question 3
why would the gauges on a 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager go off while driving vehicle?...  while driving down the street, the speedometer, gas, temp. etc. gauges went off, but the engine continued running perfectly.

1)   most likely a bad fuse or relay,check owner's manual for location,you can replace the fuse by inspecting it ,if bad replace,if that fails to solve ,replace the relay,can't inspect it ,just replace. - ramcharger

2)   Good luck. I have a 98 concorde that i have had that very issue with for the last 3 years. I have replaced BCM, cluster, relays.. So if you geta good answer, please letme know.. - lil_pengwen

3)   Try slightly moving the ignition switch key a little and see if that cures it while in operation,(be very careful of traffic). if everything comes back on the ignition switch under the dash is bad. fairly easy to replace. - Mitchell T

4)   There is a fuse in that system but I highly doubt its a fuse problem the dash cluster could have a bad circuit connection or a faulty ground both are quite common or the body control module=BCM could have a bad wire or bad ground going to it or to the cluster assembly.

Sometimes switches or circuits that supply power either to the cluster or the comps can cause such issues like a bad ignition or power junction even.Again keep in mind that these clusters or BCM's etc can be bought cheap if you go to a do it yourself auto wreckers.

Hope that helps and best of luck. - helpful bob


Question 4
Is a 79 plymouth volare worth much?...  I have a 79 plymouth volare in mint condition.
would it be worth much if i sold it.
and what should i sell it for.
like i said it is in new condition all original except it has
mag rims on it.

1)   I'll give you $50 for it.

--- edit ---
Actually, I take back my offer. I was looking online, and found a site that says it's worth $15. - pureblueagave

2)   yea for sure - Ophiuchus

3)   WOW that takes me back,that's what i drove all through High school! google "blue book value" and enter car details. - MAN in a BOX

4)   I would not buy it at any price. Looks for a copy of Hemmings Motor News to see if any such vehicles are listed for sale. - regerugged


Question 5
can you damage the valves on a 2001 pt cruiser if your timing belt breaks?...  

1)   Sure ! -The Valves, & a whole lot of OTHER Things- if you don't hurry up & get that Belt replaced !!! :o - Joseph the Second

2)   well you should just get rid of it anyways cause sorry but those cars are total pieces of Sh*it but no since you just need to replace it although if you think they are do a compression test to see if the psi is low and the valves may need to be fixed because they arent fitting into place anymore - None

3)   The 2.4L is a semi interference engine, you do not have to worry about the pistons hitting and bending valves. However, the engine has valve interference, meaning if one cam shaft is stationary and the other is still spinning, there will be valves that touch.

I own a 2001 PT Cruiser and the timing belt jumped on me on the way back home after buying it (I bought it knowing the belt needed to be done, and was going to be doing that even before it was registered), and lucky for me, the valves were not damaged at all, but on a clients 2002 PT Cruiser, the belt jumped and the valves touched and did a bunch of damage. If you're thinking you need a belt, chances are you do (by age alone you will need it done, unless its already been done once, if it has, then you're going off mileage). Its really a 50/50 chance you'll do damage if the belt breaks or jumps. - gregthomasparke

4)   The 2001 PT Cruiser has what is called an "interference engine", which means that the parts within the engine are so closely fitted, that should your timing belt break, there is a good chance you will damage internal parts. That includes your valves.

Changing the timing belt may cost you about $600.00. If it breaks on you and causes internal damage, you are looking at more than twice that figure. - Joe


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