Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Should I trade in my 2000 Honda Prelude, for an 2001 Chrysler Sebring Coupe?

Question 1
Should I trade in my 2000 Honda Prelude, for an 2001 Chrysler Sebring Coupe?...  My Honda Is Giving me so many problems,
like the wiring (even the inside gauges and radio),
and suspension (tie rods)

Should i just fix those problems,
or get the Sebring
which has 10,000 less than my Prelude (84,000 miles)

-oh and i still need to buy an alarm for my Honda Prelude

1)   yes cristler will run on forever man - John

2)   No keep the Honda, just get it repaired or get a book and learn to fix some things, Hondas will run for 200,000 miles, The Chrysler will prob cost you more in the long run. - Roadrunnermike

3)   I wouldn't trade for a Sebring. It was #2 on the 10 worst cars list. So if I were you, I would try to find something better. - Jason K

4)   After retiring from Chrysler with 23 years, I can tell you that the Honda is a better car with all the things wrong with it at this time. I would definitely fix the Honda and drive it as opposed to the Sebring which wasn't that good a car from the start. Sebring coup is a Mitsubishi built car under the Chrysler/Mitsubishi partnership. The Sebring sedan is a Chrysler corporation built car and not much better. - Jackolantern

5)   I would not trade a horse for the Sebring Coupe (Mitsubishi mostly, sold under Chrysler). If you were talking about a Sebring sedan, I 'd consider. Keep looking. - C-Tech


Question 2
will there ever be a car without tires?Tired of flats.?...  I know it was a theory in the sixties that man would become so advanced that future humans would have large heads and have cars like the jetsons so far it seems bleak.

1)   They do make high end no flat tires you know. But they are like $800-1K each. - jason

2)   I have been wondering where the heck my flying car is. Where's my jetpack? We were promised these years ago. - Mad Jack

3)   do a search on the TWEEL....and see what u come up with.....its already been invented but the high cost and replacement cost have kept it out of production......
but they are trying to make it fees able for future cars....

http://www.myhonestmechanic.com/artman/uploads/tweel1.jpg - Karle

4)   They already had tires that can't go flat.

Back in the 1910's and 20's, the tires were solid rubber. - Vipassana

5)   technology is now focused on energy saving. they wana make hybrid and electric. no time to make fancy tires. - tj


Question 3
24s on a chrysler 300?...  i am thinking about putting 24s on my chrysler 300 it is a 2007 will the car mess up in any way with 24s will the tranmisiion mess up any help !!!

1)   http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20070810010315AAxXlbN - Nicole

2)   i dunno but i will tell you right now that any size rim over 20 inches on a car or truck looks really retarded, and nothing is worse for your car than low profile tires, one small bump can bend or dent your expensive rims - Reed O

3)   It won't mess up the trans but you will need to modify the suspension. You may be better off with a 20" or 22" rim or a professional installation with the right suspension mods. - C-Tech

4)   no. just no. dont do it. dont put 24s or 22s or 20s or anything above 18 on a car. they look terrible. way to ghetto. im not gonna say no offense to gangsters that have cars like that because iw ant to offend them. - Lilguy F

5)   one of the few cars that can pull off having bigger rims and still look great.

we're talking about a 300c not a 300m right?

if its a 300m, dont ruin your car, if its a 300c have at it

and to lil guy f, chrysler 300 srt 8's come with stock 20 inch rims. so dont say anything above 18 is retarded, srt8s are goregous with those big rims - David A


Question 4
My 1973 Plymouth Scamp will not start.?...  I just bought a 1973 Plymouth Scamp basically fully restored, but for some reason now it won't start. It will try to turn over, but it just wont completely start. I replaced the ignition coil and the ignition module. It has an MSD ignition system so I'm not going to buy a box unless I absolutely have to. When we checked for a spark it didn't have one. I don't know what to do anymore. I need help.

1)   the car is 36 years old for crying out loud...what do ya expect??? - CuRiouS oNe

2)   Check the ballast resister.....should have 12 volts on one end @ around 9 volts on the other.. - cigar man

3)   Contact MSD and they will tell you how to check for no spark or power in their system. Or it may be on their website - rick b

4)   my bet would also be the ballast resistor - always keep an extra in your glove box
These are the weakest links in the otherwise bullet proof systems - roadrunner426440


Question 5
2000 Plymouth Neon stuck in park?...  I moved my neon back without turning the car all the way on and when I tried to start it i noticed the steering wheel was not locked and the key would not turn. I tried rocking the car and turning the wheel at the samee time and moving the shifter and still nothing. what should i try?
It is automatic and I did the bump and roll and jerk and jiggle and still nothing.

1)   automatic? roll and bump into park - JimT

2)   make sure the foot brake is all the way in. Move the steering wheel while moving the key in the ignition.(jiggle it) some times the steering column gets stuck. - david3f

3)   Take it to the dealer, body control module thinks someone tried to steal it. - Mark

4)   If I understand you correctly, the key will not turn in the ignition, is that correct? If so then a tumbler in the lock may be sticking. If put the key in the lock, tap the head of the key toward the lock (NOT too hard, light to medium taps), and try to turn the key (pliers or vise grips holding the key helps), you'll shake the stuck tumbler loose. Good luck. - C-Tech


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