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Chrysler is expected to announce the death of the following models next week. Do you care?

Question 1
Chrysler is expected to announce the death of the following models next week. Do you care?...  Chrysler PT Cruiser
Chrysler Sebring
Dodge Avenger
Dodge Caliber
Dodge Grand Caravan
Dodge Nitro
Jeep Commander
Jeep Compass
Jeep Patriot

1)   nope,
not really,
god no,
north by nope west,
no, (hand over heart) - AsYLum dRiVeR

2)   Only one I may miss is the Caravan.
The rest are junk.
Daimler saw to that.
Durango should be on that list too. - FleetTech

3)   The first answer is hilarious! I needed that laugh. I care to the extent that people may lose their livelihood as a result. If the company becomes healthy, they can always bring these vehicles back. Chevy stopped making the Camaro for a few, now its back on the block. It is just a sign of the times.

Best. -

4)   You do realize that you just listed all the reasons why they couldn't make it without going into Bankruptcy. If only they could have been left an American company. - Amy m

5)   How would Chrysler announce it if Fiat is in control?
But thining the herd would hurt, but the mini van I dont think. and all the others maybe a new model or like I said thinning wouldnt hurt - rick b

6)   The Dodge Grand Caravan and the Dodge Caliber will be missed. But the Caravan was overpriced and the Caliber never reached it's potential. The PT Cruiser should have had a remake long ago; then it would perhaps be missed. - Charles

7)   you forgot the crossfire - movana


Question 2
will there ever be a car without tires?Tired of flats.?...  I know it was a theory in the sixties that man would become so advanced that future humans would have large heads and have cars like the jetsons so far it seems bleak.

1)   They do make high end no flat tires you know. But they are like $800-1K each. - jason

2)   I have been wondering where the heck my flying car is. Where's my jetpack? We were promised these years ago. - Mad Jack

3)   do a search on the TWEEL....and see what u come up with.....its already been invented but the high cost and replacement cost have kept it out of production......
but they are trying to make it fees able for future cars.... - Karle

4)   They already had tires that can't go flat.

Back in the 1910's and 20's, the tires were solid rubber. - Vipassana

5)   technology is now focused on energy saving. they wana make hybrid and electric. no time to make fancy tires. - tj

6)   Watch what you buy they say right on the side tread wear, plies ect.
You have a softer riding tire softer compound lower tread wear ect. Your gonna be more prone to getting punctures then with a tire with a higher tread wear. They might ride rougher but that's the trade off.

I had a 96 ranger had goodyear RTS tires from the factory I was constantly getting punctures in them. When I switched to BFG ATs I never had but one puncture in them on 2 sets. Was driving the same places.
When you really notice the difference in tires is when you start fixing your own flats. You can buy plugs and plug them right on the car. get a little dish soap and water old windex bottle and watch for bubbles. pull your nail out then plug it. I was suprised at how easy the goodyear tires were to plug they were like paper. if it's that easy to get a plug in imagine how easy it would be for a screw or nail to puncture it.

Im not saying your still not gonna get a nail in a harder tire but you will not get no where near as many. - matt p


Question 3
I Want to know How bad is the Chrysler Pt Cruiser?...  I think that chrysler is a really bad brand but i wanna know what you think

1)   No sub-frame, poor suspension, poor handling, and rough ride. Low on power and don't cornor good, and the list goes on, also hard to work on. - wampaskitty2001

2)   it depends on how much you paid for it , 500 $ killer 15,000$ not so good ! - alex

3)   I rented one once for a cross country trip and only got 24 mpg, not so good for a small 4 cylinder vehicle... - SVOMAN

4)   im offended that you think chrysler is a bad brand. i know somebody who owns a chrysler pt cruiser. i have driven it and i like it.

it woudlnt be my first choice for a car but its not bad. it seems to go fairly easy even if it lacks power, cornering isnt so bad (it actually corners better then my 2003 nissan altima), but for a 4 cylinder the fuel economy sucks (only 24 mpg highway, thats pathetic)

a pt cruiser is basically a modern chrysler k car, its just basic transportation. and to be honest, id rather have a 1988 chrysler k car then a 2007 pt cruiser - David A

5)   Cons:
No sub-frame, poor suspension, poor reliability, rough ride, low on power and doesn't handle well, hard to work on.

I'm thinking, I'm's kind of cute in an ugly sort of way? - DN


Question 4
Recently My 2001 chrysler concorde has benn running warmer. Any suggestions?...  It usually resides at the midway mark on the temp gadge. It has been creeping up a bit, but then I crank the heat and it goes back down. I taking it in for a flush in the AM. It has about 108k on it.

1)   Things that can affect motor temp: low coolant (or improper mix), low oil (engine and/or differential/transmission) blocked radiator(s) (water/transmission/etc.) Water pump failing. Fan(s) failing/slipping. And ambient air temp. I'm thinking 108k is too long between flush and refill maintenance - should be done at least every other year. Also the proper ratio of water to antifreeze/coolant must be used as water alone is not as effective. Besides, the antifreeze/coolant contains stuff to lubricate the water pump - use the kind recommended by the car's maker.

.bh. - zepper0

2)   on the cheap side could be a thermostat worst case head gasket could be bad. - bartman

3)   replace the thermostat - jr

4)   and don't forget the thermostat ! - Delmer S

5)   I'd not rush to change or flush the coolant system I'd first check the quality and mixture , plus the coolant level buy yourself a anti-freeze tester from walmart etc try testing the coolant when the engine is cool.Once you know the level mixture and quality of the coolant is okay I'd see when you have the thermostat hose squeezed after the engine is cold started if pressure builds up but to me it sounds like the thermostat is working or is sticking or the coolant quality or level or mixture is wrong.

Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way don't mix the coolant with just water use distilled water and don't mix it more then 50/50 or for more then about -40C.If you do change the coolant be sure you change the thermostat too. - helpful bob


Question 5
which one is better: mozila or geogle chrome?...  

1)   I love Firefox and I think it is the best possible web browser. BUT I noticed that when I was at school and they would completely block the internet Google Chrome would get passed that block. That was pretty cool. - alextheawsome

2)   I just ditched Firefox due to it crashing on a regular basis (something it had never done before) and downloaded chrome, which has been working very well. Whether my situation was isolated or not, my choice is GC. - Richard C

3)   mozilla. I use safari now but i've had every kind of internet you can think of. My favorites are like this, safari, mozilla, google chrome, internet explorer - lilbigd2010

4)   Mozilla - Rebecca


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