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Thermostat location on 3.5 v6 concorde?

Question 1
Thermostat location on 3.5 v6 concorde?...  

1)   upper heater hose at the intake manifold - jjvikings08

2)   Follow the upper radiator hose from the radiator to the intake manifold. The thermostat housing will be held in place by 2 bolts. After removing it, you will come to the thermostat. - badbill1941

3)   Follow the top rad hose it will bring you to the thermostat housing, I recommend that you disconnect that hose but drain some coolant out of the rad first off.Once you remove the thermostat be sure that you put a clean rag where the thermostat was to avoid and dirt etc getting in there.Then clean the area well both sides of the thermostat housing should be smooth/clean and quite dry before you remove the cloth and install the new thermostat.

I suggest that you use gasket maker instead of the thermostat gasket bec it will seal the whole thing well and prevent or stop any possible minor leaks, just don't over tighter the two housing bolts and clean them too before reusing them.Just be sure to use the right factory recommended thermostat and if you want the most heat possible for the winter then use a winter thermostat whenever possible or increase the mixture to 60% anti-freeze and 40% distilled water.

Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way this is a good time to change the coolant if you know it's in need of it or at least test the quality and mixture of the coolant with a anti-freeze tester it should be mixed 50/50 or for a good -40c, plus you might want to bleed the coolant system after you change the thermostat etc. - helpful bob

4)   Kindof hard to get at, it fits into engine block straight below alternator. - done wrenching

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Question 2
Where to find volare parts?...  My boyfriend has a 1976 plymouth volare that he is restoring..we were wondering if anyone knew where we can find parts? Any info would be greatly appreciated!!!

1)   an auto junk yard - Nitram

2)   Try parts train. - Kevin_57

3)   it depends on the type of parts you are looking for

Mechanical parts should be pretty easy - they share a lot of parts with other models

Body part and trim parts are the most problematic - not much is sold in the restoration market for these - you might try desert valley auto parts in phoenix as a start - roadrunner426440

4)   that's Valley Vintage Auto Parts. or
Not sure where you are at but Volare parts can usually be found at the Mopar Nationals in Columbus Oh,in Aug of this year. there is also a big swap meet in Carlise PA in June.
Another good source is to buy a copy of Mopar Collectors Guide. Lot's of good vendors to be found there. - seymore d

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Question 3
should i buy a 1999 chrysler 300m for 2,000?...  

1)   to me its not worth it. Unless the Engine, and the transmission has been changed. - Ching Chung

2)   It depends? Have to driven it? Does it strart drive and shift ok? Any unusual noises? Do the power locks and windows work? If yes, then buy it. - C-Tech

3)   Yes. - Stephen Returns

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Question 4
My Moon Roof is Broken! Please Help!?...  I just bought my 1998 Chrysler Sebring. the moon roof had a small issue in which the seals were swelled up and it wouldn't close with out a little pressure from the top. any way i came out side this morning and it was in its place correctly so I tried to open and close it, it open and closed but it still was sticking out slightly. So I did what any man would do when they don't know what they are doing, i forced it in. now it wont open at all. i believe it is miss aligned...any help please!

1)   don't force it. Get a bigger hammer. - yourinnervoice

2)   it could be hitting somthing - Jeremy

3)   i would suggest lubing it up a bit, it could be stuck - Austin Bouchard

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Question 5
should i buy a 2000 chrysler 300m with 141,000 miles for 2 thousand?...  

1)   Go with your gut instinct. Don't rush into anything. :)
Also 141k seems like a lot of miles for a car that is only 10 years old. - Jesseka Michelle

2)   It's a good price. Be ready to put some money into repairs. - badbill1941

3)   That's a good price.. but.. That's also quite a bit of miles. Keep searching before you make any rash decisions. - Derek R

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