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How many people does a Chrysler Town and Country fit?

Question 1
How many people does a Chrysler Town and Country fit?...  
Legally though, how many seats are actually there?

1)   between 6-8 prople depending on the peeps sizes - LindaK

2)   I own a 2001, and it will seat 7 people. Two in front (2 seats), 2 midship (one shorter seat), and 3 in the back seat (one full width seat). Very comfortably, I might add. - GTCturboII

3)   it seats 7 people. - C-Tech

4)   7 - chytownermike

5)   Depending on the year, approximately 7 persons - Frank F

6)   Legally It will hold 7 People but if you have stow and go who knows how many people you can fit in there ;) - Hazel Dunkel

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Question 2
Can i safely use tire size 225 45R17 to replace my factory tires are size 215 60R17 on my 07 Sebring touring?...  I live in Ohio and the new tires will be uses in the winter for lots of driving in the snow. Thanks

1)   Should work okay but new tires are taller and narrower.Will change speedometer and odometer reading.New tires will give you a smaller footprint on pavement with possible less stopping power on dry or wet pavement. - Gaijin

2)   I don't see any reason that you can't go up 1 tire size. - badbill1941

3)   Yes, the tire will fit. - C-Tech

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Question 3
Is it bad to slow down using Autostick like you would a manual?...  I have a 2000 Chrysler 300M, and it comes equipped with a feature called Autostick. This lets you treat your car like a manual by choosing which gear to drive in. But I noticed that when I downshifted I started slowing down with the engine. So I found this cool and started doing it to save my brakes. But what I need to know is whether or not this is going to be bad for my car.

1)   on most automatics it would not be the best but an autostick is designed for just that purpose so you should be fine - HHMM

2)   Opinions vary but with the price of gas increasing you're using a bit more gas by using engine braking rather than using the brakes to slow.

The engine brake effect with an automatic is quite a bit less with the transmission fluid coupling rather than a "solid mechanical coupling" (clutch, flywheel, steel gears in transmission) driveline.

My opinion, use engine braking on long downhill grades by locking out overdrive to prevent possible brake overheating, disc brakes are not prone to overheating but they will. The cost to replace pads and/or rotors is small in comparison to the increasing cost of gas. - Don't know everything !

3)   Unless you're going down steep grades or long downhill grades, you don't really need to worry about "saving" your brakes.

Modern brake pads should last a very long time under normal driving. My last car had over 120,000 miles before I ever replaced the front pads, and it still had those replacement pads on it (with lots of pad material left) when I sold it with almost 190,000 miles. My current car has over 50,000 miles with the original pads, which have a lot of pad material left on them.

As for whether it will hurt or not, it probably won't hurt it, but if it does, the brakes would be much cheaper to fix than the transmission. - Mark B

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Question 4
Can I put 235/70r15 tires on my 06 Town & Country?...  The stock tires are 215/70r15, I realize these are taller, but there looks to be a little room and it's the only snow tire, my local shop has on short notice for a trip. Is an extra odd inch to much?
I'm looking for practical experience, the tires on my jeep are larger than what the specs say will fit, but the guy at the tire store knew and they work. Current, tire guy said probably not.

1)   Call a tire store and ask them. - badbill1941

2)   Read your owners manual or look on the drivers door it will have a sticker stating what tire sizes are safe or recommended for that vehicle or call up the dealership.

Hope that helps and best of luck. - helpful bob

3)   I think you will find interference with the suspension components if you go up two sizes. We have 215's on our '99 Grand Caravan and I was shocked at the lack of space between the strut spring and the inside of the tire.

Visit and fill in the blanks on the homepage, you will be prompted for further info on the model of your van.

I went through the process and it appears the largest you can go is a 215/65-16. - Don't know everything !

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Question 5
I own a 1979 Chrysler Town & Country Le Baron, and there is a control I don't know?...  On the blinker stick I know there is cruise control. But on the very end you can push it in. I was wondering what this button does?

1)   It has been a long time since I had a Le Baron, but I think that button turns off the Overdrive on the transmission (useful when going up hills or driving in mountains). There should be a light on the dash that goes on when you push the button. - Michael R

2)   It might be for windshield washers. - badbill1941

3)   The button sets the cruise control speed.

If I remember correctly there is a slide switch on top of the signal stalk marked "OFF-ON-RESUME" and the set button is in the end of the stalk. Move the slide control to "ON" turns the cruise control on, once you reach the speed at which you want to cruise, press the button on the end of the stalk and the vehicle will maintain that speed, if you apply the brakes the cruise will be interrupted but will retain the speed setting, slide the switch to RESUME and the cruise will return the car to the set speed.

The system operates on engine vacuum and uses a vacuum controlled servo to operate the throttle linkage on the carburetor. - Don't know everything !

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