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how much would it cost to replace a transmission on a pt cruiser?

Question 1
how much would it cost to replace a transmission on a pt cruiser?...  

1)   try this site (i've used it): http://topbiz2.notlong.com/7AAb2WC - Lavada Meyerman

2)   if you remove and install the tranny your self you just pay for the rebuild which could run up to 1000 - drgcrtel

3)   Probably $800 to$1,000. - badbill1941

4)   A good shop or a Transmission place will put you in a rebuilt one for around $1,200 - $1,500 dollars. or a shop might find you a good used on. and work out a deal with you. call some local wrecking yards in your area. and see what the have and how much their asking for it. Good luck - Jimmy lee B.

5)   If you get the transmission at Napa and then take you P T Cruiser to get it fix it would cost you a lot less
to get it fix about $700 to $1000 Dollars - Truck Stop

6)   you're closer to 17-2100 dollars with a trans shop rebuilding it with a warranty of 12/12 and the updates a good shop will do - bo

7)   You seriously considering doing that? It's a PT Cruiser. If so, figure a thousand or two. - jldude

8)   Just something to think about but what exactly is wrong or happening with your transmission or what is occurring bec there are many misdiagnoses especially dealing with electronic/gear controlled chrysler/dodge products.Also be careful bec prices for the part/labour will tend to vary and sometimes factory upgraded replacement bands/gear/ parts are required to be installed in order to fully correct the problem.

I'd try to find a friend etc to help you and maybe pull a good low mileage transmission out of a vehicle like yours at a U pull auto wreckers bec I've seen transmissions that were rebuilt that didn't last for too long and sometimes you can get a good use one for 150-300 bucks then either install it yourself or just buy a shop to install it for you.I've seen transmission shops and mechanics do that job for 250-300 bucks but that's considered a really good deal and on average most want a good 450-600 and even 800 bucks just in the labour fees alone.

Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way there are some shops that will rebuilt it for you for as little as 800-1000 but again most charge a good 1200-2000 bucks.I'am curious what is happening exactly with your vehicle bec there are a lot of transmission control circuit problems that are mostly wiring or ground related issues and they can be the reason that even after transmissions are rebuilt etc and seem to drive or work okay for awhile but act up again.

Happy Holidays to one and all. - helpful bob

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Question 2
Is it safe to buy a new Chrysler?...  Is the company now safe from going out of business? This is a big purchase, I wouldn't want to end up with a car that could never be repaired or something like that...

1)   by law most companies are required to make parts for 10 years after the last model year

either way Chrysler is junk - nick

2)   Even if they did go out of business, Chrysler dealerships aren't the only place to get a Chrysler vehicle repaired. Plus dealerships are more expensive than most garages if you didn't know that lol - ᵀᴴᴱ ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ

3)   I have a '92 Chrysler Lebaron, and it's a safe durable little car that Has lasted a long time.
I recommended the brand. - Sarah

4)   Ya I think they're pretty "safe", still wouldn't buy a land yacht like that tho...there's way better choices, even domestics. - jldude

5)   To answer the question, Yes, Chrysler is just fine. They won't be going out of business anytime soon.
Chrysler's are great cars, you'll be very happy with it.

To the guy who says they have to make parts for 10 years, show me the law and I'll eat your hat.
There is no such law. When the part is gone, it's gone.
I'd be more worried about GM shutting down before Chrysler. - seymore d

6)   I don't think you have to worry about Chrysler going under. Both Governments will not allow this to happen. Too many people would be out of work. Too many people are paying income tax to the Governments. - Donny

7)   you will definitely be fine.other places would still be able to service your car, and anyway the government has proven that they won't let chrysler go out of business - D@ B!gg BosS

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Question 3
how many spark plugs does my chrysler 300 2008 touring need? and what are the bestest kind?...  

1)   have somebody that knows whay they're doing work on it - ?

2)   Bestest? Should be a spark plug for each cylinder...V6=6, V8=8, etc...bestest kind are whatever Mopar recommends... - jldude

3)   If its an RT then it takes 16 plugs and factory plug was a champion copper that they want changed every 30K. They dont work well with fancier plugs because some of them fire 'backwards' and the smaller center electrode is a difficult target for them to hit. - doornobk

4)   If it is a six cyl it will take 6 plugs. The bestest plugs to use are Bosch (I didn't use spell check either) - Donny

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Question 4
How fix LHS heater that is blowing cold?...  I have a 94 chysler lhs with a 3.5l that heater blows cold. Antifreeze if full and I replaced the thermostat and gasket. What else can I do to fix heater to make it blow warm?

1)   plugged heater core have it cleaned and flushed. - Scott W

2)   Usually it is a problem with the blend air door operations, first you would need to plug into your OBD II out let and get the body fault codes then go from there
Good luck - rick b

3)   You need to get your heater core flow checked. If the flow is very slow the little rad is plugged with lime. If the flow is OK then you need to look for a head gasket leak. - Donny

4)   It's vital that the anti-freeze is mixed properly and of the proper type and quality , it should be tested with a anti-freeze tester the mixture should be 50/50 or for a good -40c.Next you want to bleed the air out of the coolant system via the bleeder valve located on the thermostat housing or by starting up the engine cold and them removing the over flow cap , stand back, keep an eye on the temperature gauge and wait for the coolant to over flow, that should get the air out.Then shut it off , let the engine cool down a bit, top up the coolant and then start it up again , warm it up and try the heat again and later check the coolant level once again.

There are vent doors that work via cables/vac systems and one could be stuck or jammed , a hose could be loose or leaking etc.

The heater-core located close to the windshield under the hood has two hoses going to it and with the engine fully warmed up with the heat on these two hoses should be getting hot.Sometimes the heater-core has a air clog or clog inside of it and flushing the coolant system/heater-core can help.One way is with the engine cold switch the two hoses around and then start it up, allow time to warm up , put heat on full, switch the key off , wait a bit and switch the hoses back around.

Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way if the wrong thermostat is installed that could cause that problem too, plus if you see any gunk on the inner side of the windshield or smell an odd smell with the heat on that means change the heater-core.If you want to learn about how the vac and vents/heat/ac assembly comes apart or is set up or you need parts I suggest a U pull auto wreckers.

Happy Holidays. - helpful bob

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Question 5
2002 PT Cruiser. To replace timing chain, what should I expect in after market parts?...  and non dealer mechanic?

1)   I found $300. it has a belt and if it breaks at hiway speed, the engine could be damaged. the belt should be replaced at 100k and it is not a job for a novice - Mike V

2)   It's a belt, not a chain. You should also get a tensioner also.
The whole kit from Mopar only runs $229
It's cheaper and a better kit than aftermarket.
As for labor, your looking at about 8 hrs. at what ever their hourly rate is. - seymore d

3)   I would say the after market parts will do the job but the warranty might be less on the after market parts. - Donny

4)   I retired from Chrysler about 5 years ago after working for them 23 years. I have found that a lot of aftermarket parts are just as good as factory. However, after saying that, I have also had to replace some aftermarket on cars and trucks that didn't work like intended! As far as the timing belt goes, Why would you want to risk a possible break down and engine damage to save a few bucks on a timing belt. All auto makers use high quality replacement parts for their vehicles.....Period. You can't find better replacement parts in aftermarket! If the repairs are of high priority, Always use original equipment parts from the dealer. Otherwise, it don't matter as much. - Jackolantern

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