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how much would it cost to replace a transmission on a pt cruiser?

Question 1
how much would it cost to replace a transmission on a pt cruiser?...  

1)   try this site (i've used it): - Lavada Meyerman

2)   if you remove and install the tranny your self you just pay for the rebuild which could run up to 1000 - drgcrtel

3)   Probably $800 to$1,000. - badbill1941

4)   A good shop or a Transmission place will put you in a rebuilt one for around $1,200 - $1,500 dollars. or a shop might find you a good used on. and work out a deal with you. call some local wrecking yards in your area. and see what the have and how much their asking for it. Good luck - Jimmy lee B.

5)   If you get the transmission at Napa and then take you P T Cruiser to get it fix it would cost you a lot less
to get it fix about $700 to $1000 Dollars - Truck Stop

6)   you're closer to 17-2100 dollars with a trans shop rebuilding it with a warranty of 12/12 and the updates a good shop will do - bo

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Question 2
Need picture of a 1968 or 1969 plymouth belvedere?...  im looking for some pictures of a 1968 or 1969 plymouth belvedere
Oh by the way don't be a smart ass.

1)   Try the internet - Dan R


3)   if i was smart id tell you to yahoo search 1968 plymoth belveder picture.. - pedro7of9

4),r:16,s:0&biw=1680&bih=859 - J

5)   Try for info on the Belvedere. They've redone the site and it's not as easy to navigate as it was but there are photos of the Belvedere. - Don't know everything !

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Question 3
. (98*98*98 – 73*73*73)/( 98*98*98 – 73*73*73)=?...  

1)   0.1
the numbers cancel to .1/1 - Lexa

2)   1. - Mukesch Kaley

3)   Do your own homework! - C-Tech

4)   98*98*98-73*73*73 will give 1 number (x).
(x)/(x)=1 because a number divided by itself gives 1 and since there is a point in the beginning the answer is 0.1 - Srinivas S

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Question 4
97 Chrysler Concorde code 12 and 43. Idles rough and gets horrible gas mileage.?...  Have a 97 concorde. throws engine code 12 and 43. it idles rough and from 40 to 50 mph it feels like its gonna die. i am also getting really bad gas mileage. any help please?

1)   go to a auto zone they can tell you - the truth

2)   Get ready to buy some new plugs. The NGK's seem to do real good in the late model chryslers - Mike Loch

3)   What engine is in that vehicle and what's the mileage, how do the gauges act and tend to read on the average? Example do the speed gauge or rpm gauge tend to be reading too high or are they flecuating.Maybe you've noticed real high rpms when the vehicle is shifting from 0-15 mph the rpms go over 3,000 and the car tends to stutter or jerk or hestitate , plus it will do this constantly as you reach hwy speeds, once at speeds of 60 mph the rpms go well 2,500 and seem to be 2,500 or more when going 65-70mph.Another thing is the temperature gauge where does it sit when cold started, when idling and warmed up and after driving it for 2-4 hrs?

I really recommend that you follow the spark-plug wires to the ignition module/coil pack and one by one remove them clean the surface with a wire brush and do this to every connector.The code 43 could mean that this coil pack is no good but try cleaning those connections first , if you need the coil I'd go to a U pll auto wreckers bec those are quite cheap to buy used and the wreckers should have many vehicles like yours with that same coil just pull one by removing the wires , unplugging the connector and it has a couple of screws either 10-11 mm that need to be removed.

Next pull the plugs one by one and if you've not replaced them lately replace them with the proper factory recommended champion plugs bec that is the best plug for those engines.I've personally tried a whole variety of plugs in those vehicles and none of the upgraded supposely better plugs made any difference in the mileage in fact I found sometimes you loose mileage lol.In my opinion there is one thing that Dodge did that really stands out and that is on the 3.5, especially the 3.3 engines they really have installed on the assembly line the best plugs for the engine.

Code 12 doesn't mean really anything it just means that the battery was disconnected within the last 50-100 starts, plus if you got code 12 and 43 you should of gotten a code 55 meaning no more stored codes exist or end of cycle.

Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way when going to the wrecking yard there are a few extra parts you should pick up , on the fuel rail there is a fuel pressure valve held onwith either a 7-8 mm screw and I recommend getting a few of them or at least two.The fuel regulator valve can cause poor gas mileage and I bet yours is probably no good, plus this part can add another 65 miles per tank.Here's a simple test fill up the tank till it's over full where the fuel is right up to the top then try starting the vehicle and if it runs rough wants to die out but then you restart it and it drives more noremal the fuel pressure valve is no good.Note you're not really suppose to over fill those tanks but this is a sure way to know if that part is functioning fairly well.Another way is when you remove the old one does gas seem to gush out bec if the gas doesn't gush out much that is another way to suspect that fuel pressure valve is faulty.

I know a lot about those vehicles in fact I've worked on those head to toe and have totally over hauled them and I can tell you there is several common faults with those vehicles that ppl tend to end up misdiagnosing or spending needless money on.So if you want my best advice pick up any fuses, relays, bulbs, belts,spark-plug wires,BCM,TCM,PCM, clusters, multi-function switches that you can find.What I'd do if wanting to fix that vehicle yourself , to save cash and especially to have a piece of mind and spare parts either buy a parts car from a tow yard or inbound lot or wreckers or privately or look for all you can carry U pull auto wrecking yards that off a flat low rate for anything you want for your car.If you can have a spare wiring harness that runs across the front end of that vehicle to inside the car handy bec those harness's really have several different wiring issues and on many of those vehicles that age they either need to be rebuilt/fixed or fully replaced.

I truly do love those vehicles in many ways and find them great cruising vehicles that can be fairly reasonable on gas mileage if their properly kept up and over hauled but deep down I'am still a Gm Man.Believe it or not but I've personally driven and seen those 3.3 engines giving over 28 mpg hwy and even with a combo of city/hwy driving included I've seen them give almost close to the same mileage or a good 18-22 mpg city and 28 mpg hwy.Again it's really all in how you drive those vehicles and how well you keep them up bec even a good full set of brakes on those vehicles can last 2-3 yrs or more if the driver uses them right.The key with that vehicle is managing the repairs yourself and using used good parts whenever brand new parts aren't 100% required.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you, your family/friends and to all. - helpful bob

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Question 5
What could be the brake light problem on Chrysler 2001 Sebring Convertible?...  Have a 01 chrysler sebring convertible.
brake lights won't come on.
its not the bulbs (they have been changed and are brand new)
Could it be a fuse problem?

Brake lights won't come on at all, however all other car lights functioning correctly.

Thank you 67bronco. I do not know what that is or where it is located. It is something easy to fix myself or do I need to take it into a shop?

1)   You could have a bad brake light switch. Its located on the brake pedal arm under the dash it can be hard to replace depending on the car I would take it to the shop it could also be an electrical problem and those are hard to diagnose sometimes. Good Luck - 67Bronco

2)   It's either the fuse or the brake light sending switch. Sometimes the sending switch will get dirty and not allow it to work. First check the fuse though. - Frankie

3)   It is most likely a fuse or the brake light switch. If you follow your brake pedal arm up under the dash you will find the brake pedal switch. The fuse you want to check is #5, a 10amp red fuse, in the fusebox inside the car. You can probably fix this yourself. Good luck. - C-Tech

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