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2005 chrysler sebring cooling system issue?

Question 1
2005 chrysler sebring cooling system issue?...  My friends car does not warm up in the morning until she drives it, what im saying is that it wont put out hot air from the heater till you drive it even if it has been idling in the driveway for 10 minutes, she drives it less than a block and the heater works.People she works with are telling me to replace the thermostat, its quite difficult to do this, and I honestly dont think its that, because it works fine when you drive it and the thermostat really has little to do with the heater because the engine/heater cooling circuit is on one side of the thermostat. any ideas? other than this the car runs great, everything seems fine.

1)   Sorry i wish i could answer that but honestly i have no clue. i don't think it's much of an issue, why don't you try taking it to a near garage just to check it up

pls answer my Question (its about cars too):
http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20101206082308AAQubvo - Lulu

2)   replace the thermostat CAUSE ITS CHEEP. then the water pump cause its weak. - wild child

3)   the oblivious question is got enough coolant in it - pedro7of9

4)   I had the same issue with my 2001 sebring, it could idle for 30 minutes and still no heat but once i got going, it was good. I replaced the thermostat saturday and when i started my car this morning(about 15 degrees outside) i come out 5 minutes later and was toasty. The thermostat isnt expensive, around $25 to $30 however if your friend cant put it on themself then they are looking at a fairly expensive bill for the labor alone. Its not too bad though. - corey goddard

5)   Hay E-man how are you? today's thermostat's are known as "fail safe units" , If they quite working they will stick open instead of close so that you won't over heat . Replace it with a 195* and you will be in great shape - Robert LaFrieda 442

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Question 2
Pt cruiser chirping noise?...  Just started a few days ago. Once its cold outside and i start the car it makes a continuous chirping noise. as i drive away it continues with speed. As you speed up the noise speeds up. Once you get to a steady cruise speed say 40mph the noise disappears. The second you get back on the gas pedal to accelerate the noise continues. 2002 pt cruiser automatic 120k. Im really good mechanically but im stumped by this. Ive heard people say transmission bearings etc. But im not sure. It sounds like it comes more from the passenger side.
Def not a squeal. 100% about that. Chirping noise like as if a little birdy chirping.
Thats what ive done. Half say there transmissions went out a week later the others dont know what it could be. Ive checked the pt cruiser forums also. still nothing

1)   could it be the drive belts making the noise? more like a squeal?

Just google (Pt cruiser chirping noise) or click below

whole bunch of forums pops up.. see if they are the same as you got - Kraka

2)   Can you isolate a belt tensioner pulley?
Another thing to think about (I hope not though) is if your AC compressor is on it's way out. Is the DEF or AC on (AC compressor activated)? Our T&C van chirped until the compressor crapped out (made much louder noises and AC didn't work) - GTCturboII

3)   the cruiser are famous for bad water pumps - EDWARD J B

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Question 3
car chrysler neon 1997 2.0 lire 16v?...  the oil light on my car came on and stayed on, we checked the oil water and thats fine my hubby not sure if its the oil switch oil filter or worse!
can anyone give us some advise pleaseeeee

many thanks chris

1)   Best thing is to change the switch and see what happens. Then try oil and filter. If no better then get garage to check oil pressure. - focus

2)   The light means one of two things -
1. The oil pressure is too low to run the engine safely - maybe due to low oil level or a bad oil pump.
2. The oil pressure sender somewhere in the engine block is faulty.

One will wreck the engine and the other is an easy fix on most cars. - Timbo is here

3)   change oil oil filter and switch and it will be fine (5w/50)this is a common fault on these-on mine it was so regular i disconnected the switch! - olliewobbles

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Question 4
Where is transmission fluid added in a 2001 pt cruiser?...  

1)   there should be a red dipstick... - Mr. Dent

2)   Look at the engine, there should be one that says trans. - Tyler

3)   through the dipstick tube......

**btw make sure u change the fluid and filter every 45k so the trans doesn't go out....chrystler's are notorious for this....especially the PT cruisers... - Karle

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Question 5
2001 chrysler sebring overheating.?...  it overheated on me and was steaming friday, got it back home same day, put a new thermostat in and all was fine until today. As i was getting off the interstate the temp gauge went up to about 3/4 hot but as soon as i stopped and let off the gas at the end of the exit it almost instantly went down below halfway where it normally stays, the fans are kicking off and on when they are supposed to, im not losing any water at all, its fine if its idle and i drove it around for 20 minutes or so not going over 40mph and it never even got above halfway, i thought it might be the water pump but if its not working it shouldnt matter if im idle or going 70mph. Id be very thankful for any help or insight.

1)   There is a god chance that the cooling system had an air pocket in it. As the water circulated, it pushed the air instead of water through the block causing a momentary overheating condition. If you check the water level and it is low, just top it off with more coolant. Start it up and let it idle for 15-20 minutes and make sure it does not overheat again. Good luck. - C-Tech

2)   make sure your fan relay is working - EDWARD J B

3)   Buy a anti-freeze tester from walmart or a parts store and with the engine cold test the level, quality of the coolant it should be mixed 50/50 or for a good -40c, also don't just add water use distilled water, plus be sure to follow the instructions when using the tester.

Another thing you should do is either remove the rad or over container cap when the engines cold , start up the engine stand back keep an eye on the temperature gage and watch for the coolant to over flow it should over flow forcing any any air bubbles or air locks out of the system once the engine sits running awhile, also be sure that the correct factory recommended is used and that you clean up the split anti-freeze.

Hope that helps and best of luck.BY the way just bec it doesn't over heat at low speeds or while idling doesn't mean that the water pump isn't faulty bec the fins or blades could be damaged on the pump and once you drive at the higher speeds or at hwy speeds the pump can't do it's job.Note if you do change the pump be sure that you flush the coolant system bec metal particles could be inside the system etc. - helpful bob

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