Tuesday, November 3, 2009

When will Chrysler finally just die off?

Question 1
When will Chrysler finally just die off?...  They don't even have anything planned for the future, no future models that catch anyones eyes

1)   Soon I hope. I'll never own another one of their cars again. It was crap glad I got rid of it. - Mrs Tipsy

2)   lol....

Chrysler has more than just one brand of cars.

Chrysler — Passenger cars and crossovers
Dodge — Passenger cars, minivans, crossovers, and trucks
Jeep — SUVs and crossovers
Global Electric Motorcars (GEMCAR) — Battery electric low-speed vehicles

They are doing much more than you think. - steve

3)   They'll just keep going and going my friend - Pfft

4)   They can't die off, they are an American icon. They are working working working in the back room on new eye catching ideas and future models that will knock your socks off... you just wait.

They will keep going going going like the Energizer bunny. - Gorkbark Porkduke Gefunken Fubar

5)   They will die when the government stops pumping our tax dollars into their pockets. - jeal

6)   Chrysler just sucks, their quality is just crap and all their cars are boxy.

They're doing worse than GM, at least GM is shaping up, Chrysler's concepts look like the same cars they're still producing. They're not going to last long.

Hopefully they can just die off and smaller firms rise up to take their place and learn from these American automakers' mistakes (except Ford, they're doing alright) - Rich

7)   Chrysler and GM executives have yet to rape the taxpayer for at least one more bailout before exiting the automotive business and living like Royalty somewhere in the South Seas ........... on OUR billions !!

Remember ......... you heard it HERE first !! Little HUSSEIN obama will get ONE MORE BAILOUT for his buddies at GM ... Chrysler ... and his his executive cohorts at the UAW ...........

This will complete THE obama/pelosi agenda of flushing America down the TOILET !! - Hector

8)   Interesting, I was thinking the same about GM as well.

I will admit I have owned more GM products over the years and I will NEVER buy a Chrysler product agian. I spent more money on repairs to my Wrangler in it's first year, than the 10 years I have owned my Ranger. - What you lookin at?

9)   You really have no clue what's going on. You haven't heard about the new Ram truck with the full coil suspension, or the 390 hp Hemi engine with cylinder deactivation? I'm sure you haven't heard about their new Phoenix v6 engine. They also have a hybrid powertrain set up for full size trucks that was co-developed with GM, Mercedes, and BMW. Maybe people would buy that if fuel was more expensive. There's a new 300 coming, and a 200C, which will have turbo'd 4 cylinder engines. - Ryan M


Question 2
How should superman kick a boy?...  
forget about the title, accidently copy and pasted from another website. my mom says i have to cut my hair every month, and i find this ridiculous. if you guys could please tell me how long it is before you cut your hair that would be great. thanks

1)   Hello,

I currently have two boys(15 and 16). I take them to the barber on a two to three month cycles (One has shorter hair and one has longer hair) . Over the winter, I let them wear their hair out as long as it doesn't look too barbaric. - Lauria

2)   Funny, I come across this question, because I just took my sons to get a hair cut today. It has been three months since their last haircut, although wife disagrees and says two months, I gave them a bit of leway. They seem to have no problem with this sequence. - Diana

3)   yo, my momma cuts my hair about 4 times a year when i was in junior high, now she cuts it about 6 times a year in high shool. i have some what long hair 2. - Bobby Johson

4)   Answer my question please!

Ok well i'm a girl in high school so i can'tt really answer you question. but most of my guy friend cut every 2 monthss. my exboyfriend cut his hair every month, and my current boyfriend cuts his hair every 2 months.

~~~hope i helped~~~~ - Jamie

5)   i live in san fran, get a buzzcut every 2 months, if i'm feeling lazyzz, 3 monthss,. - Harry

6)   every month and a half, ig i got no time. prob 2 month dawg. - Jerry

7)   Like the other parents here who have answers, I require my 2 sons and only daughter to get a haircut every 6-8 weeks. One of my sons agrees with my philosophy while my other son does not. My daugher however doesn't seem to mind at all, as long as I pay for her. =]. Both of sons (twins) are juniors and my daugher is a senior. - Jessica


Question 3
I hate how Chrysler has ripped off the Bentley look even the Logo is Similar anyone agree?...  

1)   Not really. - done wrenching

2)   If you squint your eyes enough and look at an out of focus pic anything will look alike. - emiller1998

3)   UUHHH,no not really.... - Johnny Rotten

4)   Not for one second
do you think that GMC ripped off the 1 ton ford design
do you think that dodge challenger ripped off the camaro or the other way around
or did chrysler rip off MBZ to get the commander oh what MBZ did give that idea to chrysler
Most cars and trucks do look kind of alike because of market demand, but to go out and directly rip someone off, no - rick b

5)   Try looking at the classic Chrysler 300's from the 50 and 60's and THEN look at a new 300. See if your opinion changes. - C-Tech

6)   Wait a few more years and all cars will look a like. Why do you think Chrysler came out with the PT Cruiser? To sell to people who want a car that looks different from the mainstream. - Jackolantern


Question 4
what is the difference between 2001 chrysler sebring lx and lxi?...  I have read several websites that list all lx's and lxi's as just lxi's. Is there a difference? I was thinking of buying what the dealer has listed as an lx but all i can find everywhere else is lxi's. I really just want to know what the difference is between the two.

1)   an "i" - Austen's negative networth

2)   The letter difference is 'i' ,otherwise it depends on your site. - Jhon

3)   There's quite a bit different. Take a look at these two spec lists to compare them.


http://www.automotive.com/2001/101/chrysler/sebring/lx-sedan/1073/specifications/index.html - John C

4)   I have a cirrus lxi and the biggest difference is the standard V-6, a four is not an option on an lxi. I believe the lxi is the overall upgrade in standard trim such as leather, disc changer and other "silly" creature comforts. - Michael


Question 5
Did Chrysler Grand Voyager have a recall on serpentine belts slipping off?...  

1)   www.recalls.com - Chrys

2)   not as i am aware of but the belt tens. is spring loaded and when this part is worn out it will cause the belt to slip off on the 3.3 and the 3.8 it is the same part number should cost around 45.00 and 30 labor. - tomblindewey

3)   no recall but you have a bad belt tensioner. - Leonard A

4)   yup sure did in 1983 for snow building up on the front motor mount and then the build up droping on to the belt causing the belt to come off. Now unless you got a 83 2.2L 2.5L then it dosent cover your van. Just quit driving through deep puddles that would come up to the crank pully or make sure you splash cover is in place
Correction the 3.0L - rick b


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