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Bought a 02 sebring about 2 1/2 months ago now needs a new engine what action can i take against the dealer?

Question 1
Bought a 02 sebring about 2 1/2 months ago now needs a new engine what action can i take against the dealer?...  I bought the car cash as is no warranties but it hasn't even been 90 days yet

1)   Not much you can do unless you can prove the engine was bad when you bought it - Dave87gn

2)   The dealer is not responsible for anything and there is nothing you can make them do. You bought the car "as-is." If the car did not come with a written warranty of any kind, your current issue is not the dealer's problem. That is the risk you take in buying a used car.

My only advice to you is to go to www.car-part.com to see if there is a used motor in your area. Check to see if any of them offer a warranty on the motor as a lot of salvage yards will. - Kenny

3)   file a claim before the 90 days are up just in case there is a possibility of action. - JimT

4)   Any reasonable person would naturally expect that an engine will last more than 90 days. Unfortunately, I can only assume that this engine didn't have any symptoms or other indication of the impending failure during this time......so I must ask.....how could the dealer have known that it would fail 3 months down the road? - LeAnne

5)   You bought the car as is. That means that you have to pay for any and all repairs, and the dealer will not.

Even if the car had a warranty, it would have most likely have been for 30 days or 1000 miles, so you would not be covered after 2 1/2 months.

Sorry - fire4511

6)   Only the first 30 days,sorry but nothing you can do. - Carman Nguyen

7)   Sorry Miesha. I know it sucks but it happens. And most dealers are'nt out to screw you, they probably had no idea either.
Best of luck! - Dave

8)   what kind of warranty did you get how long was it for ,most used car dealers only offer 6o day warranties you there may not be much you can do . - Delmer S


Question 2
there were 3 people in a race to the store one got there first how?...  they where all in the same type on car and going the sames speed at 70 mph.

1)   Well, the obvious answer is that the one who lived closest got there first, but I suspect there are more factors to this question that you didn't include. - David

2)   He was closer than the other two - wiseornotyoudecide

3)   all 3 are in the same car - Arturo

4)   One of them had to travel a shorter distance. - Kenny

5)   Two got lost. - Howard L


Question 3
how could i increse hp on my chrysler 300 touring its a V-6 3.5?...  

1)   rear spoiler and racing stripes. - accident prone

2)   Skip the trendy cold air kit. They are eye candy only. Just a way to sell you a fancy air cleaner that you don't really need. No noticeable improvements. If anything just add a K&N air filter element only.

Nitrous Oxide.

Only if the engine and drive train are in good condition. With any power adder you are asking for trouble if the engine and drive train aren't up to the task. Just don't go too crazy with it.

I wouldn't go more than a 75 HP shot maximum. However a 75 HP would still give a very noticeable improvement.

You could add a wet kit for as little as $385. Someone with moderate mechanical skills could install one in an afternoon. - Mad Jack

3)   swap the 3.5L out for a 6.1L (SRT-8) - Big Stew 87 Cutlass LT1

4)   really increase with a turbo or super charger(expensive)mass air flow sensor and k&n cold air intake. - ramcharger

5)   lambo doors and big rims - tacomacalistud


Question 4
Is the Chrysler PT Cruiser a reliable car?...  Hi. I'm looking to buy my first car and I found several 2006-2008 PT Cruisers for very good prices. Is the 2006-2008 Chrysler PT Cruiser a reliable car?

1)   You have to make sure that the timing belt has been changed ... if not it is a costly fix if it breaks do to not changing it a the manufacturer suggested mileage interval - Thomas

2)   I have a 2006 Touring Edition love the car, but hate the gas millage (19mpg) and horsepower. - lowlowlow

3)   How would it be?

Definition of reliable:

1 : suitable or fit to be relied on : dependable
2 : giving the same result on successive trials

A machine can't be dependable, because it doesn't operate on it's own. It requires you to maintain it, service it, etc. It needs YOU to be reliable, not the other way around.

As far as same result on successive trials...again, depends on how YOU maintain it. If you don't give a car an oil change, it will progressively perform worse and worse. That doesn't mean it's reliable or not. It means the owner has failed it.

So "reliable" is a term that basically has no meaning when it comes to a machine. - Vipassana

4)   both ford and gm have higher all around ratings than chrysler but as far as the transmissions there are only problems with the automatic transmissions the manual transmissions are fine which is much better anyway - Dangle

5)   Yes and no. Ive heard many complaints of PT Cruisers burning oil and returning very poor fuel economy. Nothing by Chrysler except the Ram trucks are reliable. Your best bet is to stay awake from PT Cruisers because of the very very poor gas mileage (expect 18-20mpg, thats worse than a V6 engine in bigger cars) plus the quality on the Cruisers arent high so i would say that it would give you problems in the future. - 1997FordProbeGT


Question 5
1993 New Yorker, locking hubcaps?...  Okay so my car has these lock thing on the hubcaps so they can't be stolen and I don't have a key for it---I inherted the car from my Granny when she passed away, well i blew a tire and my Dad had to pry of the cap with screwdriver so I put on the spare, when i bought a new tire the guy at the tire store said they don't make them anymore....does anyone know where i could find one?

1)   Try a junkyard. You may have to go in and pull one off yourself. - thebrock1584

2)   Salvage yard is probably your best option.They most probably run into that more than you think. - XTL Bowflex

3)   Good question, the local Chrysler dealer only my be able to hook you up or you can try e-bay, And some of the older mechanics at a Dodge or Chrysler dealer may have a few lying around in their tool boxes, but dont expect them to loan it to you, first bring in the lock nut your dad pryed off to see if they got the right one and then you will need to bring in the whole car, There are about 10 or 12 different keys
And last but not least try you snap-on or matco dealer they may still carry them - rick b

4)   Your best bet is remove all the locking nuts and install standard hex nuts. The locks were an anti-theft device which probably worked but wire wheel covers were not stolen that often and I think locknut use was eliminated.

I had a set on a Dynasty parts car that gave them to a friend of mine for his Dynasty and I used a punch and hammer tor remove all four nuts. They did look good on his car. - Don't know everything !


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