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How should superman kick a boy?

Question 1
How should superman kick a boy?...  
forget about the title, accidently copy and pasted from another website. my mom says i have to cut my hair every month, and i find this ridiculous. if you guys could please tell me how long it is before you cut your hair that would be great. thanks

1)   Hello,

I currently have two boys(15 and 16). I take them to the barber on a two to three month cycles (One has shorter hair and one has longer hair) . Over the winter, I let them wear their hair out as long as it doesn't look too barbaric. - Lauria

2)   Funny, I come across this question, because I just took my sons to get a hair cut today. It has been three months since their last haircut, although wife disagrees and says two months, I gave them a bit of leway. They seem to have no problem with this sequence. - Diana

3)   yo, my momma cuts my hair about 4 times a year when i was in junior high, now she cuts it about 6 times a year in high shool. i have some what long hair 2. - Bobby Johson

4)   Answer my question please!

Ok well i'm a girl in high school so i can'tt really answer you question. but most of my guy friend cut every 2 monthss. my exboyfriend cut his hair every month, and my current boyfriend cuts his hair every 2 months.

~~~hope i helped~~~~ - Jamie

5)   i live in san fran, get a buzzcut every 2 months, if i'm feeling lazyzz, 3 monthss,. - Harry

6)   every month and a half, ig i got no time. prob 2 month dawg. - Jerry

7)   Like the other parents here who have answers, I require my 2 sons and only daughter to get a haircut every 6-8 weeks. One of my sons agrees with my philosophy while my other son does not. My daugher however doesn't seem to mind at all, as long as I pay for her. =]. Both of sons (twins) are juniors and my daugher is a senior. - Jessica


Question 2
I hate how Chrysler has ripped off the Bentley look even the Logo is Similar anyone agree?...  

1)   Not really. - done wrenching

2)   If you squint your eyes enough and look at an out of focus pic anything will look alike. - emiller1998

3)   UUHHH,no not really.... - Johnny Rotten

4)   Not for one second
do you think that GMC ripped off the 1 ton ford design
do you think that dodge challenger ripped off the camaro or the other way around
or did chrysler rip off MBZ to get the commander oh what MBZ did give that idea to chrysler
Most cars and trucks do look kind of alike because of market demand, but to go out and directly rip someone off, no - rick b

5)   Try looking at the classic Chrysler 300's from the 50 and 60's and THEN look at a new 300. See if your opinion changes. - C-Tech

6)   Wait a few more years and all cars will look a like. Why do you think Chrysler came out with the PT Cruiser? To sell to people who want a car that looks different from the mainstream. - Jackolantern


Question 3
does the chrsyler Pt cursier hold 4 pints or 5 pints of oil?...  how much oil does a Pt Cursier hold?

1)   6L? - Mitch L

2)   Lets try 5 quarts -

3)   if its 2.4 engine try 5 quarts to fill it,good luck. - dodge man

4)   gee don't read the owners manual it might give you false information - mork

5)   5 quarts (10 pints) including the filter change. - Edwin A


Question 4
I have a 2008 chrysler 300 with a rattle in the front drivers side wheel well.?...  Seems to be on and off and increases when I hit the brakes and while turning right anyone have any ideas?

1)   Wheelbearing. - JR

2)   Probably your outer tie rod. I have seen many, many very loose/worn outer tie rods. Wheel bearing, rarely. You have a 2008, so if you have less than 36,000 miles, it's warrantied. No matter what, get it inspected by someone knowledgeable . - anon9

3)   All of these are possible but I think based on the year of your 300, you probably have a loose underbody panel. I'd have it checked out soon. - C-Tech

4)   common problem. if it's a flap sound, then loose underbody shield (plastic). most likely the outer tie rod. 2nd most likely is what they call the lateral link. possible bearing. - mr huh


Question 5
on a '98 concorde, the stereo has no sound...?...  I replaced the stereo and still no sound. Did chysler use a separate amp in this model? if so, where would it be located?

1)   I highly doubt that here's any preamp system unless it was pre custom ordered from the factory that way.Maybe you've a main ground not connected up or some how the system is cross wired etc.

One test you can do if no ohm's meter is apply a 9 volt battery to the individual speakers and if you hear it make noise then the speaker is okay or at least has a closed circuit.

If you're replacing the stereo system with a another system with the same plug in connectors and no having to to rewire the new system to the old wiring directly you could have a problem with the switchable 12 volt fused feed from the ignition to the stereo unit.So if its after market stereo unit you're installing double check the stereo fuse in the vehicle and the stereos in-line fuse.Check the wiring required for the new system and compare it to the old wiring.Most systems use such colours like say a light green that goes with a darker green or a green striped wire etc that would be say the left front speaker's positive and negative wires.

Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way the one way you can tell for sure if that vehicle's stereo system had a original factory preamp to to give the dealership the vehicles VIN numbers off the dash or ownership. - helpful bob

2)   Depends on what model of sound system was originaly in the car - rick b

3)   If there is an amp, it is either under the passenger seat, kick panel, or mounted in the the trunk behind the carpeting on the sides. - C-Tech

4)   If your Concorde has an Infinity sound system, you have to power up the system before you have any sound, had the same trouble with my wife's '97 Dakota and used the following site with success. - Don't know everything !


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