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If you have a PT Cruiser (or know anything about them)?

Question 1
If you have a PT Cruiser (or know anything about them)?...  My mom wants to get one, but she's worried it won't be safe or good on gas. Any information you have helps! Personal experience is great! So, if you have one, why'd you get it?

1)   we rented one - which is what I would suggest you do

I found it nice sized - but a bit underpowered, esp in the hills of northern arizona

good on gas, back seat fine for adults for short trips - roadrunner426440

2)   My best friend owns a PT Cruiser, which I have driven

This is basically Chrysler's more modern form of a K-Car

The 2.4L engine's power is reasonable for a car of this size, though the fuel economy for a small car is disappointing (I believe it tops out at 25 mpg hwy? My Nissan Altima 2.5 S is a bigger car with a more pwerful engine and does better on gas) The acceleration of this car is pretty average, though it suffers on the highway

From what I understand the reliability is very good. Most of the well known problems in PT Cruisers are relatively minor and those are on very early models (2001, 2002)

As far as crash test ratings I'm not so sure. But I can tell you mechinally wise Pt Crusiers are excellent forms of tranportations that are very reliable. (My friend's 2007 PT has 60k now and running amazingly)

Good luck in finding a good car - David A

3)   i have a 2003 pt cruiser and its a great car great handling about 20- 21 miles per gallon city 30- 32 mpg on higway if u dont drive like a mad man/ woman it very safe to drive also pretty peppy car for a 2.4 liter 4 cylynder hope this helps and god bless - kingtiger_6

4)   I have a 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible 2.4L Turbo. It is a nice little car but the gas mileage is not good for a car of its size. My unscientific gas mileage checks have mine only getting 21mpg in city/highway driving mix. It is a really quick car with the Turbo. I have to compare my gas mileage to sports cars rather than compact cars. For how quick the car is 21mpg is not too bad. I really didn't want the car to start with because I am a truck guy. My wife overruled me on that and I had to get a car.
I bought mine because it had very low miles and was in showroom condition at a low price. I love the car with the top down but with the top up it is very claustrophobic. Overall they are good cars that are very affordable. The interesting styling is not for everyone however. - MAV22


Question 2
I have a 1994 Chrysler LHS... And it's not starting... The battery works fine...?...  When I turn the key all the lights and electric stuff turns on... But nuthing... It don't start...

1)   You may have a bad starter or possibly a loose battery cable. - C-Tech

2)   Possibly a bad starter-although a battery can be weak enough not to start a car but still have enough juice to power the radio and lights. First thing to do is check your battery cables, where they attach to the battery. Are they tight? Are they corroded, with a white powdery covering on them? If they are corroded and dirty clean them off. Dirty battery cables can cause a car to not start. - Starship Pain

3)   Does the engine crank when you try to start it, just click, or nothing at all?

If it cranks but won't start, then it could be a fuel pump, an ASD relay, clogged fuel filter, bad crank or cam sensor, broken timing belt (if it's a 3.5 liter engine), or something else.

If it just clicks, then it could be a weak battery that still has enough power to turn the lights and everything else on, but not enough to turn the starter, corroded battery terminals (including a rusty ground connection), a loose battery cable connection, a bad starter, a locked engine, or some other weird problem.

If nothing at all, first thing to do is to either go to the dealer, or call them with your VIN and see if there's an open recall on your vehicle. There was recall for a transmission wiring rub that would cause a short in the safety start switch. That could make it think the car is in a gear and won't let it start, so no clicking or cranking. (There's also a recall for fuel rails leaking, so it'd be a good idea to have them check for recalls anyway)

Could also be the ignition switch, a weak battery, a loose cable to the starter or a blown fuse or some other problem.

A weak battery should cause all the lights to dim a lot when you try to start the car.

Battery cable can be visually inspected and cleaned, if there's any corrosion on the cables, clean them off, you can buy some special cleaning spray, or you can mix a little bit of baking soda in water and just pour it over the connections (A can of regular Coke will also clean them, but that's a waste of a good can of Coke).

The ASD can be diagnosed by switching it with another relay (the A/C clutch relay is the same). The relay is in the fuse/relay block under the hood and the cover should have a chart indicating what the location of each one is.

Most of the other problems will require proper diagnosis, and it will pay to have someone properly diagnose it for you. - Mark B


Question 3
reasonable price for a 2002 pt cruiser?...  I'm looking at buying a 2002 pt cruise and don't know what a reasonable price is it has 72,292km , acouple of scratches but nothin big, and picture of an eagle on the hood. If anyone could tell me a reason price i would appreciate it.

1) should answer your question. - shrtnjcy

2)   $6,090 used according to Kelly Blue Book. - Kykle86

3)   For a start it depends on what country your in, you don't state that. I'm in Australia the Redbook price is >>* Private Price Guide $12,300 - $14,400

* Trade In Price Guide $9,100 - $11,200

* Average Km 110,000 - 180,000

Price Guide $43,800* Price Guide - yahwhooon


Question 4
I have a 2004 pt cruiser, sometimes the cruise control won't work, when that happens, the car loses power?...  

1)   Cruise control is vacuum controlled. I suspect that you have a vacuum line that leaks, has fallen off, etc. Check for worn areas, burns, cuts, or nipples where a vac line should be, or is on the verge of falling off. A vacuum leak can be ANYWHERE under the hood, not necessarily in the line going to the cruise unit. Actually, the leak COULD be under the dash, too, but that is unlikely.
Your car will run poorly with a vacuum leak. The fact that seems to be intermittent tells me that a fitting is cracked or a vac hose has a cut that sometimes is closed (if the line is bent just so).
A good check would be to bend/fondle the vac hoses while the car is running, listening for changes in idle speed. When you hear a change, that line is probably the culprit. Of course, be careful for moving parts, etc. Start your search at the throttle body or intake manifold and follow all lines (hoses). - GTCturboII

2)   I'd be sure to check all the vac lines , vac hose , vac junctions for any possible cracks , or looseness or crimped hoses.Also I'd be curious to try another relay in the cruise control system and I believe t's in the fuse box under the hood on that vehicle.Note that some of the relays will have the exact same part number and you could try switch the cruise control relay with a non vital system relay.

Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way that cruise control servo you see under the hood that has 2 metal lines running off it to the throttle body that at times can have a bad ground wire and it should be the black wire that you see that is in the harness that plugs into the servo unit. Also on those you want to check the wiring going to the relay it too could have a ground and that ground could be faulty or bad.If you trace these ground wires they should lead to the chassis or firewall etc and probably rust and corrosion is built so you'll need to disconnect them one by one and clean the surfaces , also the o-ring wire connectors with a file , sandpaper and a wire brush.Other wise you can run a new wire and connect them to the chassis or the negative battery terminal and be sure to use automotive wire with the proper wire connectors and the same thickness or gage of wire. - helpful bob

3)   the best way to check this, is hook up a scan tool, then the servo, speed sensor, can be tested, and energized, also you can road test with the scan tool hooked up and visibly see whats going on, as for vac-cum leaks look and listen, see if the engine runs smooth, the check engine light may be on as well, sounds like you have a drivability issue and you notice it more with the cruise on, have the engine scanned - columbusmopar


Question 5
i need help with trouble codes for a 2004 crysler crossfire?...  I have a 2004 crysler crossfire that has a mercedes benz engine, its a 3.2 liter.

the trouble code i got was P0410
does anybody know what this problem is and maby how to fix it?

1)   possible (air ) fault air injection, numourous of cauld be,s - shaywillfixit.

2)   Code P0410 is for the Secondary Air Injection System, which is part of the emissions control.

Check any hoses and wires going to the air pump for damage. - Ryan

3)   Hello. Usually the code p0410 is caused by the relay for the secondary air induction system failing. I suggest checking the wiring to the relay module, and if the wiring is ok, replacing the ecm relay module. - C-Tech


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