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I have a older car 1997 chrysler lhs, I notice there is a recall for this model ..will they honor this?

Question 1
I have a older car 1997 chrysler lhs, I notice there is a recall for this model ..will they honor this?...  

1)   They should, but you never know with this economy. - jason

2)   If you bought the car used, no. - Ironball

3)   Yes, as long as it's still an open recall on your vehicle. Recalls are valid for the life of the vehicle, so it will be covered (unless the vehicle has been reported as a total loss, salvage, flood, or otherwise supposed to have been removed from the highways).

Open recall means that it's still a valid recall that has not yet been performed on your vehicle.

Doesn't matter if you're the first owner, or the thousandth owner, recall will apply to the vehicle no matter how many have owned the car. - Mark B

4)   Yes, the recall will be honored. Just call your local dealer, give them the VIN of your car (17 digit vehicle i.d. number) and the number of the recall (it should be on the notice) and they can order the recall part if it is not in stock. Good luck. While you are there, they can check for other open recalls. - C-Tech

5)   Yes as long as its not a "timed recall" - rick b

6)   They have to if it is a safety recall! - Jackolantern

7)   Do not, however, confuse a recall, which the manufacturer pays for, with a Technical Service Bulletin. If you're out of warranty, any TSB work will cost you the regular rates. - Windowphobe

8)   All you have to do is give a chrysler dealership your vin number and they can run it and tell you if you really do have an open recall. IF you do then the recall will be honored - papabear


Question 2
Should I get a transmission fluid change or flush on my 2006 Chrysler van with 36,000 mi?...  

1)   you should never get a tran fluid change... - Ara

2)   You should check the color of the fluid. Book says you shoudl replace auto xmision fluid ever 30k miles but I usually go 40-50. If the fluid is dirty, change it. If not, you can probably get another 10k miles before it really becomes an issue. - Greg

3)   yes you should year two years or you don't have to but, that's why so many cars have trans problems its called preventative maintenance so that your car will run a lot longer. chrysler has never been known for there transmissions - Rob

4)   I don't recommend flushing the transmission but changing it even before the factory recommends it can't hurt just remember that once you change it the dealership should put the transmission into the learning mode that is very important.

Hope that helps and best of luck. - helpful bob

5)   Yes get it change, check if your fluid is red or black. Red is good, black is sludge, but in any case, after 36K miles, get it change. - Teri

6)   It could wait, but it couldn't hurt. Chrysler transmissions do need a bit more TLC. If you flush it or just change it (where a good portion of the old fluid stays), be SURE that the technician uses ATF+4 trans fluid. Many transmission places (even big name chains) insist on using Dexron, or their house brand with "additives". Steer clear of these. I had our '01 Town & Country's ATF flushed when it had 90K on it (bought it used). I had the Chrysler dealer do it, because I knew they would use the correct fluid. It cost more, but the piece of mind was worth it. Check your owners manual to be sure that ATF+4 is what Chrysler recommends now (I'm sure it is, but do your own due diligence!).

Some people think that a flush is too invasive because it changes all the fluid. I think that if your trans is healthy, it can't hurt. But flushes are quite a bit more expensive than "changes", where the old ATF stays in the torque converter and some stays in the trans, to get mixed in with the new over time.
When you do this, ask the technician to reteach the trans, or to flash update the trans computer. - GTCturboII


Question 3
Chrysler Intrepid - Engine light + transmission issues?...  I have a 2002 Chrysler Int. 3.5L engine. A couple weeks ago the check engine light came on. We did the usual, checked gas cap, changed the oil etc... the car was running well other than the light was on. My father in law has a code reader but of course couldnt' find it. Wednesday my husband hit a massive pot hole at a truck stop which took out a tire and sent the alignment out. We had that all fixed. This last saturday I was taking my son to hockey and the car started to make a sound kinda like an RC car noise. I pulled over while he went into the store and the car didnt' really want to go into reverse. I put it in Park and into reverse and it moved fine. Then we went onto hockey.. Drove home 1/2hr drive and had no problems. Yesterday the noise came back and the car wasen't shifting .. it would start and then loose life. My husband took the battery cable off... and on. Low and behold the car drove just fine all the way back to home. We decided to drive it up to the mechanics last night and the light came back on.... and then the car wouldn't shift or pick up speed once again. After an hr to get to a location 15min away he pulled over removed the cable again and back on and flew to the mechanics with out a problem.
So far there is no news from the mechanic. Other than "complete fail code" and they are still looking at it. etc. I obviously are not mechanically inclined.. but from what I have described would you guess this is a sensor/computer issue? I am under the assumption that if the transmission is euchred than it would not shift and loose speed at all times and not come back to life when the error is cleared on the battery.
Any ideas?

1)   sell it is a pain - Melissa Heiland and Kenneth

2)   These transmissions have a series of built in safety features. They are completely computer controlled and every now and then a sensor goes out, or senses a tranny problem and tries to keep the tranny from operating to prevent damage. The first thing you need to do is change your tranny fluid and filter, only using ATF+4 and a genuine Mopar filter. Then you need to go to a Chrysler dealership, not a regular mechanic or tranny shop, and have the ECU reset, and the PCM re-trained. Usually the check engine light trips and the tranny malfunctions because the fluid is too worn, but the ECU and PCM must be re-trained anytime a fault in the PCM is found and fixed. If you do have a tranny problem, the dealerships code-reader will find it and they can fix it from there, but the cheap code readers from Autozone cant do it. And only a Chrysler dealership can re-train the PCM is very important here. Start there, and if you do need more than a fluid fluch the dealership will find it guaranteed. - DodgeDude

3)   i have had 2 Chrysler's...and the trans was rebuilt on both of them. this is a recurring problem for chrysler. your transmission is going take it to a shop, before you break down in the middle of the me. - ayana862004

4)   Those cars had a lot of problems with the speed sensors on the transmissions. The code usually says something about problem with the shift or a ratio problem. If the mechanic did not see any codes like that then I guess it is something else. Autozone will check the codes for free. If the sensor is bad it will go into limp mode and the trans will not shift. - papabear

5)   Best bet is to take it to a local dealer and have them check it out to see what is wrong with it. They can go into the trans control module and check what is going on inside of it, most other shops don't have that capability.

Chrysler transmissions are very misunderstood things that many independent shops just cannot figure out. I've seen many get a replacement that very likely only needed a minor repair. Since the remenufactured transmissions come with new sensors and solenoid packs installed, the problem inadvertently gets fixed, but at a much higher cost than necessary. There are even some dishonest shops that will push the reman trans knowing it could be fixed for less.

From what you've described, my best guess is that it's not an internal issue and is either a solenoid or module problem.

With a Chrysler trans, if a shop tells you it needs to be replaced or rebuilt, get a second opinion unless they can show you the Clutch Volume Index (aka CVI) is too high (they should also be able to show you what the normal range is for the CVI). If they can't show you the CVI number, they either don't have the proper equipment to get codes from the trans control module, the trans module is bad, or the module was recently reset (such as if the battery was disconnected). The higher the CVI number, the more fluid it takes to apply the clutches to full engagement and the closer the clutches are to being worn out. - Mark B


Question 4
What was the Plymouth Superbird's main competition ?...  

1)   The Ford Torino Talladega. - LeAnne

2)   And same period Dodge Daytona of course.... - done wrenching

3)   LeAnne knows her cars. - Kenny

4)   And on the street and the show room it was the Chevy Camaro. Faster and cheaper and much more available. - Samboski

5)   They made less than 1500 torino talladega,s...Almost the same numbers as the superbird.Ford needed a car that was more aerodynamic for the super speedways...They used a torino hatchback as the base car...They pushed the front grill out and chopped up a rear bumper and welded it to the front to make the car more aerodynamic..Nascar would not let ford use their single over head cam 427 so they dropped in the Boss 429...These cars are real collocter cars today..They are just as rare as the superbirds due to the low production numbers...Nascar mandated that the car companys produce 1000 cars for them to be able to race that model for that season...What I find amusing is that Richard Petty drove a torino in 69 then a superbird in 70...Me I,d take the Bird!!!!! - Johnny Rotten


Question 5
1969 plymouth fury transmission problems?...  i have the 318 V8, the automatic transmission is going out. does anyone know where i can order one? also does anyone know the part number ( i dont have the car here with me)

1)   It is more than likely the 904 transmission, which is common for that engine. It is possible that it could be a 727. Getting it rebuilt is fairly cheap for these Transmissions - demonguy71

2)   Its either 904 or 727, you have to figure that out, and try TCI - rick b

3)   You can call a shop like AAMCO to get a price on a re-built, or have yours re-built. They are pretty easy to work on. - badbill1941

4)   The junk yard is full of Dodge vans which use the automatic transmission. Go out there and get one. - Samboski


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