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Help with the cd changer in my 2000 Chrysler LHS!!?

Question 1
Help with the cd changer in my 2000 Chrysler LHS!!?...  I accidentally left a light on, so my battery died. We jumped it, and everything was back to normal. Except for my cd changer. Before my battery died, it worked just fine. But now the 4 disc cd changer doesn't work. If you are not fimiliar with it, the system looks like this:
so the cd changer is a totally separate system than the radio and cassette tape. But now the 4 lights just flash and it won't let me play the cds I already had in there, and it wont let me eject them either. What could possibly be the problem? Also, if I just buy a new cd changer, the exact same as the old one, will it work? Please Help Me!!!

1)   ur link doesn't work.......but sounds like either the security locked it or it just need to b reset...

if it just need reset unplug the power to it wait a few minutes then plug it back up....if its the security then u need to follow the man directions and probably need a code to reset it......but since ur link doesn't work i can't help u with any info on this.....good luck - Karle

2)   I have an intrepid with same system, and it has never failed. BUT I would try disconnecting batt again for a bit. Maybe it will straighten itself out when you hook battery back up. - done wrenching

3)   Pop out the two fuses that deal with the stereo unit , remember one fuse is for the switchable ignition 12 volt feed the other for the constant ignition feed , the fuse you really only need to pull is the constant but I'd pull them both to be sure you got the right fuse.

Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way I'd not recommend disconnecting the battery bec that could mess p the whole comp system and cause other headaches etc. - helpful bob

4)   Karle is right your link dosent work and your cd is locked, took your time in replaceing the battery huh? Instead of wasting your money in getting a new one and its a factory one (cd player), take it to the dealer and have it unlocked or flashed updated, if its aftermarket and it was tapped into your factory system you probably fried the capasitor in the player and then yes you would have to replace it - rick b


Question 2
how should gear markings on a 318 v8 mopar be alligned for tdc?...  replaced timing chain on a 74 plymouth wants to start but wont put gear markings facing each other for tdc dont know if thats the problem

1)   If you have the dots pointing towards each other, then you can set distributor up to fire cyl #6. NOT cyl #1. - done wrenching

2)   to make done wrenchings answer a little more simple... if the timing marks were pointing toward each other the engine would be '180' Degrees out as it is refered to by mechanics. This means that when the engine is supposed to fire on number one it will actually be firing on number six (cylinders) and if you have that problem all you have to do is turn the engine to tdc, if the distributor is pointing to cylinder number one then all you have to do is remove it and turn it so that the rotor is now facing the number six cylinder, then reinstall it and the engine should run fine. - pajamahammer

3)   If you removed the distributor during the timing chain replacement (no idea why you would have) then the above answers may be correct. If you didn't remove the distributor then leave it alone, it's not the problem.
Sounds like you installed the chain correctly.
If the old chain actually broke while the engine was running it may have bent some valves.
Do a compression test to verify good compression on all cylinders then go from there.
best of Luck! - Dave

4)   You did right. Try loosening the distributor and turning it a little one way and if nothing happens, the other. - Jackolantern


Question 3
how much to replace water pump and timing belt on a PT Cruiser?...  Water is leaking from the front of my car, on the right where the radiator is located. only thing is that its not leaking a lot, just a little.... but people keep telling me that my timing belt is going to go out and that i will be stranded!. i will like to know the cost of both the water pump and timing belts for my 2001 PT Cruiser please.

1)   my guess is $700.00 installed,however i 'd call my chrysler dealer for sure. - ramcharger

2)   um ur timing belt isn't leaking its the water outlet pipe.......i just replaced it in my wife 02 about a month or 2 was 50 bucks with new gasket from dealer timing belt and water pump were about 100 total form parts store.......i went ahead and replaced them because ur supposed to every 90k miles...even tho they had nothing to do with the leak....its a crappy design the painted steel pipe rusts underneath the paint and collapses at the o-ring styled gasket causing it to leak.... - Karle

3)   A suggestion. If your car is around 70,000 to 100,000 miles then you should change the timing belt. If it breaks, it will leave you stranded, and cost you more because the engine may be damaged. (girlfriend ignored the warning and it cost her $1000 in engine parts - I was the free labor!) Because the timing belt runs the water pump, most mechanics recommend changing the water pump at the same time, the water pump does not cost that much more. Parts and labor for this cost about $700 to $1000, sometimes it costs a bit more because the idler pulley is worn and must be replaced also. As for your leak, it would be best to have the cooling system pressure tested to find the spot of the leak. If its sometime other than the water pump, you'll be glad you found it early. Good luck. - C-Tech

4)   If your timing belt is old and wearing out, it should be replaced. This is the BEST time to replace the water pump, since the belt has to come off to change the pump. You will be saving a bit of money in the time required to make the repairs.
While it is being done, have the mechanic check the bottom of the radiator. - DER ALTE FIRZ


Question 4
is a head gaskets for a Chrysler expensive?...  I am buying a 2001 Chrysler concord for 800 but it needs a head gaskets.

is that expensive to fix? do you think that car is worth buying?

1)   sounds like a good buy, if that's all it needs.
Figure $50-60 parts and $200-$350 labor. - ricardo9505

2)   head gaskets are expensive on any car if they need them - David A

3)   i think you should buy yourself a book called the Lemonade book its all about buying cars and an excellent buyers eye opener, this book comes out once a year and is well worth the time and efforts and cash.

Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way one way to find out more info is to call up the different parts suppliers and get part quotes , another is to call the dealership or look online find out about any possible factory recall or service bulletin issues and ask online , read bogs and go to the different sites that discuss Dodge vehicles and their issues etc. - helpful bob

4)   yes - mjmik1


Question 5
How to Be Sure I Need A New Fuel Pump 97 Chrysler Sebring?...  My vehicle has a new battery, and I am able to start it and drive it. However the vehicle will cut off in the middle of driving. I then have to turn it completely off and start it up again to continue. It does it all the time. It comes right back on, a mechanic told me that it was the fuel pump and it would be $400. How can I be sure?

1)   1. First check the fuel filter. You might be able to change it yourself. # 2 I don't like your
mechanic. If he didn't say anything about the fuel pump, find someone else. A small repair
shop is most often much cheaper. In any event, if it turns out to be the fuel pomp, get it
yourself from a parts store. 20% savings + or -
Hope that helps. - wayne g

2)   disconnect the fuel line from the fuel rail. U will probably need i quick disconnect tool that can be found at any parts store. Turn the key on and listen for the fuel pmp to build pressure. a weak fuel pump will pump very little gas an inoperable one will put no fuel out. U can always tell this way but it is also possible to test the pressure. Not sure how many psi its supposed to be but auto zone can give u this info. If money is tight i would go to a good junk yard and buy one alot cheaper. As far as that goes replacing fuel pumps suck. You will probably have to drop the gas tank but be careful when installing the new one. If you bend the float you will have inaccurate fuel gauge readings. hope i have been helpfull - Jonathan

3)   The way we checked fuel pumps where I worked at a Chrysler/Dodge dealership was to install a pressure gage in the fuel line and route it to where you can see it through the windshield and drive the car until it acts up again. The gage will show you what the pressure is and whether it drops at that time. This is the proper way to check the pump. You need someone who knows how to do this to install the gage. You should be running around 30 lbs. If it drops to less than this when it acts up, then replace the pump. Replace the filter before the test to make sure it isn't the problem. - Jackolantern

4)   How many miles are on it and when was the last time you had the fuel filter changed - also while fueling - never put fuel in you vehicle while the station is having their tanks filled because if any sludge is in the bottom of their tank it is stirred up and will go into your tank thus clogging your fuel filter. - HoocH


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