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Should I buy a PT Cruiser please help?

Question 1
Should I buy a PT Cruiser please help?...  I wanna buy a pt cruiser and I just went to a dealer and they have this 2006 pt cruiser with 106000 miles and they are asking $6,000 for it. I need ur help are the pt cruisers good cars? Is it worth it to buy it for $6,000. Please although I like the way those cars look I don't wanna buy it if it will give me problems. So far two ppl told me not to buy. Please help thanks.

1)   Well, Chrysler quality has come a long way, but I would avoid a Chrysler with 106k miles on it. If it was well taken care of it might last a good bit longer...but if it was not taken care of properly you are probably walking into a ton of repair work in the near future. That actually goes for any car with over 100k on it, but especially Chrysler cars. - Jordan C

2)   Did you say 106,000 miles? As in over 100,000? On a 3 year old car? YIKES!!

That's like 35,000 miles per year. No way I'd buy that car unless it was almost free.

You can buy 2008-2009 PT Cruisers for under $10,000 with reasonable miles. The cars still have a factory warranty and are basically like new. No sense in buying this car with all those miles for that price.

2008 PT with 31,000 miles, $8300: http://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/ctd/1452833351.html

Check your local Craigslist and newspapers for screamin deals on PT's. They are everywhere for low prices. $6000 for that car is no deal for you. I know you can find a better car. - Uncle Bo

3)   yes they are really good cars my parents have one and never had any problems with it mechanically but there was some other things. one was the key, Chrysler cars all seem to have the same problem which is when you put the key in the ignition it will start but then when you go to take it out it wont come out. I had to get a locksmith to come and fix it. it came to about $200 but no problems since then. The locksmith is the one that told me of the ignition problems with chrysler cars. the second thing was the fog lights were not going off and the only way to keep them off was to keep the left blinker on but i researched and found out that you just have to pull a fuse and it worked, im not sure since its a different year if they fixed that but its something to take notice to. Those are the only problems My parents ever had with it tho, But it gets good gas mileage, its roomy, and you can carry alot in it. Hope this helps you. - ?

4)   not for $6000. More like $4000.

http://www.kbb.com/KBB/UsedCars/PricingReport.aspx?YearId=2006&Mileage=106000&VehicleClass=UsedCar&ManufacturerId=10&ModelId=71&PriceType=Trade-In&VehicleId=355&SelectionHistory=355|31750|90012|0|0|13242|true&Condition=Good&QuizConditions=#survey - ahpolkguy

5)   Along with all the other good advise here, do not touch this car unless the seller has documented proof the timing belt has been changed, as it should have been, at around 100,000 miles - cat

6)   You should also consider that such a car may be expensive to insure. Check your insurance rates before buying one, for example here - carinsurance.yoll.net - William

7)   No, buy a 2006 3.5 300 limited or touring - Calvin

8)   A PT Cruiser is a good used car, HOWEVER this one seems to have very high mileage. I might continue to look for another PT with less mileage. - C-Tech


Question 2
my horn stopped working. Is it a fuse? i have a Plymouth Breeze 2000. What's the general cost of fuses for?...  horns/ thanks.

1)   fuses are very cheap.. - NightSoloist

2)   there may b as specific fuse for the horn and it's about 10 cents... but since there are no service stations anymore, you will have to buy a set of fuses for about $1.45 - ez80227

3)   Go to any parts store and have them check your fuses for you. Not uncommon for the horn itself to fail. - speednutt

4)   In answering your question, What's the general cost of fuses for?
This would be for the company who sold you the fuse to make a profit. Capitalism, economics, whatever you want to call it.

As for the problem with your horn yes it could be a fuse but before you purchase one check for B+ voltage at the horn it self, If there is power ther then your fuse is ok. At that point the horn itself may have gone bad. On many horns there is a tuning screw which you may turn to adjust the horn's pitch. Turn it a quarter left and try the horn. If it still doesnt work turn it 50% right and depress your horn switch again. If everthing checks out fine at the horn itself then you would want to check the horn switch. This is usally located on the steering wheel itself, Once again check your B+ voltage. You will have to noit have depress the the switch at the horn. At the switch itself B+ would measure across the contacts themselfs.

Hope this helps and happy motoring! - danny

5)   Fuses are very cheap. You need to look in your fuse box and it should be marked on the fuse box lid which fuse is for the horn. Look to see if it is blown by the melted wire showing. If the fuse wire isn't blown, then you need to look elsewhere for the problem.
This could be:
The connector to the horn has come loose.
The horn circuit contact pin in the steering wheel has worn down too far and no longer making contact..
The horn is faulty and needs to be replaced. - Gil

6)   Horn loss is usually a bad connection, either in the steering wheel ring or 1 wire to the horn or the ground..
Fuses seldom burn out unless there is a bigger problem. - Dan W

7)   Connect a wire securely to the horn electrical connection then touch the wire to the positive post of the battery, if the horn blows you have a good horn and the possiblility of a bad horn relay. As far as I know you will find the relays including the horn relay on a panel similar in appearance and near the fuse panel, if not near the fuse panel check under hood. I've never known a Mopar to have a horn fuse, but I don't know everything.

There is also the possibility of the "clockspring" under the airbag/horn pad being bad. This is not a repair for a beginner, all sorts of problems can be created if you are not knowledgeable about late model vehicle steering wheel removal. - Don't know everything !

8)   You need to find your horn or horns (HIgh/low) get a test light and have some one push the horn button and see if there is power at the horn connection. If not then locate the PDC (power distribution center) look on the locator chart under the lid and pull the fuse to see if its blown, with the fuse out do the same thing, take a test light, have some one push the horn button and see if power is there, if there is then get a new fuse with the right amp rating (no more than a buck 75). If no power take it to the dealer or a really good qualified mechanic, you may have a problem with your clock spring or BCM ( body control module) - rick b


Question 3
I have a older car 1997 chrysler lhs, I notice there is a recall for this model ..will they honor this?...  

1)   They should, but you never know with this economy. - jason

2)   If you bought the car used, no. - Ironball

3)   Yes, as long as it's still an open recall on your vehicle. Recalls are valid for the life of the vehicle, so it will be covered (unless the vehicle has been reported as a total loss, salvage, flood, or otherwise supposed to have been removed from the highways).

Open recall means that it's still a valid recall that has not yet been performed on your vehicle.

Doesn't matter if you're the first owner, or the thousandth owner, recall will apply to the vehicle no matter how many have owned the car. - Mark B

4)   Yes, the recall will be honored. Just call your local dealer, give them the VIN of your car (17 digit vehicle i.d. number) and the number of the recall (it should be on the notice) and they can order the recall part if it is not in stock. Good luck. While you are there, they can check for other open recalls. - C-Tech

5)   Yes as long as its not a "timed recall" - rick b

6)   They have to if it is a safety recall! - Jackolantern

7)   Do not, however, confuse a recall, which the manufacturer pays for, with a Technical Service Bulletin. If you're out of warranty, any TSB work will cost you the regular rates. - Windowphobe


Question 4
Any 1 having engine issues or oil consumption with Chrysler 300 3.5 engine?...  I have a 2005 Chrysler 300 3.5 engine that is about to go dead. I have complain to the dealer and they really treat me like crap and ignore the issue or make excuses. Any one else having these issues I want to for a class action suit. This car has a defect It uses oil so much its sad and I maintenance my car regularly as well. This company ned to take responsibility
And yes I have a warranty
Well all u techs can go to hell cuz my car is driving an acting in a dangerous way. Y dnt you ride your danm kids in my car and nearly get killed. I have been nice so crew off. I dnt need answers from the company you are all cover ups anyway.

1)   kinda weird, the 3.5 are a newer motor and have for the most part held up pretty well, is there any visible leaking? if not than take it to a shop and they will tell you if its goin internally, if it is i sure hope you have a warranty. - Travis

2)   First off the dealer should have done a oil consumption test and given you the bulletin from the factory engineers that explain how this is done, but simply put if your car eats 1 quart of oil every 750 miles it is normal, now yes I know this sucks but it is what it is. If it is eating oil quicker than this and you can prove it then you do have a issue, so if you do call chrysler customer service and ask to set up a appointment with the factory rep assigned in your area and speak to him or her about your problem, MAKE SURE you have accurate facts, if you just say "this car is a piece of crap" you will get blown off again. And remember, just cause you don't like it but the car is with in the guide lines of consumption, get over it - rick b

3)   Ric B. is right. Cool off and talk CALMLY with a factory rep. - area District Manager. The 3.5 have been around for a long time, so you won't get far with a class action suit. - C-Tech

4)   I have to for a few months now and no help either. I agree these techs are crazy as hell. my car cut off on my while driving. I was very nice as well and nice has not got jack to do with getting your car up and running safe. I would be intrested CC - Kara

5)   See what you can do under the lemon law. - Michael

6)   All dealers have a Regional Representative that if you request to see him/her, the dealer is obligated to make you an appointment the next time he/her is to visit your dealership. This is company rule. Make an appointment at the dealership for this person to address your concerns and tell the representative your problem. If the/she finds you have a legitimate problem that need to be fixed, he/she will demand that the dealership address the problems. - Jackolantern


Question 5
Does disconnecting the bcm and reconnecting it improve gas mileage?...  A mechanic told me if I disconnected the bcm on my 03 Town and Country for 15-30 minutes and reconnected it, my gas mileage should improve.
Would that cause any problems with any systems?
OK, DUH, I think I misunderstood. He said disconnecting the BATTERY for a time would cause control modules to re-set. PCM, ECM?
I just bought the car used.
Jackolantern: Does that mean then that I WOULD benefit from disconnecting the battery and having the PCM reset.

Thanks a LOT

1)   Won't change a thing. - badbill1941

2)   The bcm has nothing to do with how the engine runs. False. - C-Tech

3)   Disconnecting the BCM (Body Control Module) will not do anything at all as far as driving the car goes. The BCM controls body related items such as power windows, interior lights, wipers, etc.

Even if you disconnected the PCM (Power-train Control Module) and reconnected it, it would not improve your fuel mileage. Actually, it would probably decrease the fuel mileage for a few hundred miles since it would then have to relearn all the sensors, controls, and driving habits.

If this is the mechanic who works on your vehicles, I might suggest finding a new place to take your vehicles. - Mark B

4)   i don't know who is your mechanic is but for the next time find somebody better its absolute B.S it might only turn off your check engine light and reset your time . so NO it won't improve cars MPG - HD

5)   No. The only module that re-sets itself is the PCM (Power Controller Module). And that is because it has memory and uses input from sensors to control fuel pulse and timing according to driver input and other factors such as O2 voltage. When you disconnect the battery, the PCM goes back to a predetermined value but updates itself for maximum performance and fuel economy, if all sensors are working properly, while you drive. All other modules are just output according to input. - Jackolantern

6)   the PCM cant be re-set by unplugging the battery, it needs to be done using a computer by the dealership. - DodgeDude


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