Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Is a white chrysler sebring convertible a girls car?

Question 1
Is a white chrysler sebring convertible a girls car?...  

1)   yes - Dave87gn

2)   That's affirmative.. - Mustang_Fan

3)   The pink panties on it didn't tip you off? - Woooohoooo

4)   With you sitting in it? YES!!!!! - clncarplz

5)   If a girl owns it. - C-Tech

6)   hmmm i don't really think so. I know a few guys who drive sebring convertibles (I have an 08 sedan) and i Only know one girl who has one. I think white could be driven by a guy just never a red one. i say go for it - D@ B!gg BosS

7)   sexist question... - JP07

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Question 2
I bought a used 2007 PT cruser yesterday. When I left the delear last night I find the cruse control is not?...  working. The dealership told me today that they won't pay for any repair. There is not any legal time for me to return the car? I paid cash

1)   Get legal help - skyler l

2)   Thats what you get for buying a PT CRUISER....ewww

The people who make that car don't drive it. - matt unitus

3)   you are screwed. sorry to say that - xpuser1995

4)   Did you buy the car "as is" if so you probably don't have any recourse, but it won't hurt to call the Better Business Bureau about this. Just be glad its only the cruise control which you can easily live without. - Roger

5)   There's not much you can do. you bought it used. and more then likely "AS IS. all you can do is call the Better Business Bureau or go online that' - Tony

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Question 3
who is the owner of this van 886 ILC?...  

1)   probably no one. - D@ B!gg BosS

2)   My neighbor. - doane_nut

3)   That's mine, I'm doane's neighbor. What's the problem! - Two Lane. 455 Rocket.

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Question 4
Where is my non working horn located on my 2001 300m?...  I think I may have accidently burned my horn out on my 300m but cant seem to see it anywhere under the hood. I put a steering wheel club on the steering wheel and it had fallen onto the wheel blaring the horn for over 3 hours. After I finally removed the club and tried the horn, it was very weak sounding and then it died completely. any ideas? THERE ARE NO FUSE OR RELAYS BURNED OUT.......! IM HOPING ITS THE HORN NOT THE SWITCH IN THE STEERING WHEEL THAT WOULD HAVE TO BE REMOVED TO GET TO IT.

1)   ask your dealer,s service dept.
. - badbill1941

2)   You can probably spot them under car on drivers side straight under headlights, but accessed from underneath. - done wrenching

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Question 5
White chrysler sebring convertible...girls car?...  

1)   Nothing else. - yahoo

2)   Cars don't have sex (except as performed by teens in the back seat). Any car can be driven by either a male or a female. There are a few idiotic males, however, most of who are unsure of their sexual bent, who label certain cars as "Male or Female". - mustanger

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