Friday, October 29, 2010

I bought a used 2007 PT cruser yesterday. When I left the delear last night I find the cruse control is not?

Question 1
I bought a used 2007 PT cruser yesterday. When I left the delear last night I find the cruse control is not?...  working. The dealership told me today that they won't pay for any repair. There is not any legal time for me to return the car? I paid cash

1)   Get legal help - skyler l

2)   Thats what you get for buying a PT CRUISER....ewww

The people who make that car don't drive it. - matt unitus

3)   you are screwed. sorry to say that - xpuser1995

4)   Did you buy the car "as is" if so you probably don't have any recourse, but it won't hurt to call the Better Business Bureau about this. Just be glad its only the cruise control which you can easily live without. - Roger

5)   There's not much you can do. you bought it used. and more then likely "AS IS. all you can do is call the Better Business Bureau or go online that' - Tony

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Question 2
Does anyone know the transmission warranty on the 2008 Chrysler 300 LX V-6 2.7 engine?...  I heard there is a 83 yr. Warranty on this vehicle transmission. That's wright 83 yrs. The Internet does not give me serial numbers, or whom to contact being its an earlier model. One warranty says just 300 with no model name.

1)   nope. your owners manual will tell you you either have a 3/36 or a 5/100 there's no way chrysler would basically sell a car and give you or anyone else a free transmission or engine for that long they would of been out of business long ago - bo

2)   To be sure, contact your local dealer and give them your vehicle I.D. number they can look up your warranty information (if any) in minutes. - C-Tech

unlimited miles/years, which is a good thing since Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge products go through Transmissions fast and often. Just yesterday Chrysler had the honor of finishing dead last in Consumer Reports reliability survey, they just barely beat our the crappy German trio of Mercedes/Audi/BMW. - aj20031018

4)   Didn't Chrysler have that lifetime powertrain warranty around that time? If they did the warranty lasts as long as the car does. - The Great Brandini

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Question 3
What is the name of this belt on my Chrysler 300m ...pix?...  I'm trying to find out the name of this belt.
Here is the picture it is the(inner) belt on the right diagram. The belt circling the 1's on the left of the diagram.

1)   cant see any picture but the only belt there is is the serpentine belt - pedro7of9

2)   1.timing b elt 2.serpentine belt - PEDGE

3)   There are 2 serpentine type drive belts, the narrow one is for power steering and alternator. the wider belt is for a/c compressor, and that one is on passenger side of engine. - done wrenching

4)   After looking at some pics of the 3.5 engine on "" I'm going to guess and this is a guess using the pictures as reference, the belt drives the AC compressor. The "center" pulley appears to be the crankshaft pulley the smaller one to the left appears to be the idler, perhaps a tension idler, and the upper left would be the AC compressor. The photos I looked at on "" were not clear but I could see the alternator was located on the left side of the engine, the right side as we look at the picture.

Using this info, I would call it the "air conditioner compressor drive belt". If there are hoses leading from this component to the firewall that would make it even more likely to be the AC compressor. - Don't know everything !

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Question 4
Known problems with Chrysler Cordobas?...  I'm looking into buying a 1977 chrysler cordoba with 118 000 km's on it.. are there any known problems I should be aware of about this particular car?

1)   It's an old American car. Like any other, it leaks oil, sucks gas, paint fades, drives like a boat, stops like a drunken bull.

Comfortable Corinthian leather tho. - Kenny

2)   It's getting old. Do not pay alot for it. - done wrenching

3)   Problem of tampered speedo. - Minister_of_Truth_mt

4)   The biggest problem I remember was with the "lock up" torque converter (shifting into lock mode was very harsh).

Beyond that pretty typical for late 70's US cars - roadrunner426440

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Question 5
I have a 2003 pt ccruiser. My dealer tells me I have to replace the radiator because it is leaking at the top.?...  no leaks on my driveway, no change in temp gauge. do i need to replace?

1)   get a second opinion. - Hoppelemine

2)   Have him pressure test it, and show you. - badbill1941

3)   It could very well be leaking. That, and most all radiators today, are aluminum with composite tanks on each end with silicon seals between the tanks and main aluminum parts. What I would suggest is get a bottle of Bars Leak and add to the coolant. This stuff is great at stopping leaks and has an additive to keep down rust. It is recommended for cooling systems that don't even have leaks! - Jackolantern

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