Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Is a white chrysler sebring convertible a girls car?

Question 1
Is a white chrysler sebring convertible a girls car?...  

1)   yes - Dave87gn

2)   That's affirmative.. - Mustang_Fan

3)   The pink panties on it didn't tip you off? - Woooohoooo

4)   With you sitting in it? YES!!!!! - clncarplz

5)   If a girl owns it. - C-Tech

6)   hmmm i don't really think so. I know a few guys who drive sebring convertibles (I have an 08 sedan) and i Only know one girl who has one. I think white could be driven by a guy just never a red one. i say go for it - D@ B!gg BosS

7)   sexist question... - JP07

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Question 2
where can i get a cheap used chrysler 300?...  Ok so i turn 18 in 2 months and my grandma is going to get me one for my birthday december 26 (yes the day after christmas) but she said she will only pay up to 8000$ dos anyone know the best sites to get ok (no dents/scrachs) condition used cars at the cheapest ive found is 10,999$ help appreciated.

1)   idk - Baby

2)   The problem with a used car is no warrantee and you buy the person's mechanic problems (why they could be selling the car). I strongly recommend you contact CarMax - banananose_89117

3)   Seeing as how the Chrysler 300 has been "Consumers Reports" worst car pick for several years now they should all be cheap. - Old Man Dirt

4)   Ebay and Carmax are good. Also check the websites of car dealers in your state. As long as there is also one of those dealers nearby, they will deliver the car to their dealer near you. - D@ B!gg BosS

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Question 3
2002 Chrysler Town and Country Airbag light comes on and off and is progressively getting worse?...  It seems when I was behind a vehicle throwing salt at me it went off more often. Or would stay lit.

1)   You had better get it looked at now, sounds like a bad wire to your airbag sensor. It will eventually either go off on you driving down the road, causing you to wreck and hurt yourself or kill yourself and someone else, or it will just not work at all when you do need it. either way, it needs to get looked at A.S.A.P. - jeff rager

2)   It sounds like one or both of the front impact sensors are faulty. Yes theoretically your air bag could discharge while driving down the road, or not when you are in a collision. Either way you need to get it to a dealership soon. How much is your life worth??? - Brad and Debb

3)   I wouldn't fool around with an airbag system. It is best to get it to a dealer and let them put the code tester on it. It could be a clock spring or a short in the wiring. The salt might have been a co incidents. These air bags have a charge in them so be very careful. (A charge as powerful as a shotgun) - Donny

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Question 4
If I bought a 2000 chrysler lhs with 145k miles on it, how long do you think the engine and tranny would last?...  I'm in the process of buying another car. I found a white 99 chrysler lhs with 130k miles for 2895. I also found a maroon 2000 lhs for 1850 with 145k miles on it. I'm just wondering if this particular make and model has any problems with the engine or tranny where it didnt last very long once it hit 125k.

1)   It all depends on how it was cared for...some cars can go 300k on one engine and tranny, some need a rebuild at 50k...so investigate the driving and maintenance habits of the seller

btw chryslers are bad cars, and those mentioned are all over priced - Dave87gn

2)   you may be taking a chance on either one. They both have high mileage. - badbill1941

3)   Hi Kelsey, If you could get some history on this car from the present owner. Ask for receipts of service done on this car. The oil service should have been done every 5000k. Transmission service should have been done at least once in the life of the car. If no receipts are produced , walk away. Remember, Buyer Beware. - Donny

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Question 5
why does the perfom service message appear on my 2005 chrysler pacifica?...  

1)   Look in your owner's manual. - Ted

2)   It is a reminder to get the oil changed. Comes on at the interval you set. Read your manual to set and clear it. - doane_nut

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