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replaced distributor TWICE & still not starting?

Question 1
replaced distributor TWICE & still not starting?...  So one day my car just wouldn't start. It will turn over but it wont catch. So my uncle (who is a mechanic) brought over the scanner computer thingy to check the codes and the only code coming up is for the AC the cam and crank is good but he said for some reason the distributor is not getting enough spark to get the car running. Hes VERY upset he said this is the first car he cant figure out! && its frustrating for me because I have a 7week old and I have drs appts to get him to and whatnot! ANY ideas would be GREATLY appreciated!!
Oh and its a 1995 Chrysler Cirrus LX
The Beast...did you not see that my uncle IS a REAL mechanic? He tried all that stuff too. Thanks though.
AGAIN my uncle IS a 'real' mechanic he works for Hyundai/Chrysler/Dodge!!

1)   well if the car starts its not your starter.

so next check your battery, then check your spark plugs, then check your alternator.

if all that checks out time to check the fuel system.

if all else fails take it to a real mechanic. - The Beast

2)   The distributor doesn't "get" spark, it distributes spark. Hence the name. If everything is working and you just don't have enough spark, the coil and/or ignition module are at fault. Very common on Chrysler products for the ignition module to fail. You might want to get it towed to a garage and let a real mechanic fix it. - Samboski

3)   get it towed into a dealership. they will get it started for you. - badbill1941

4)   No disrespect to your uncle, but I suggest you to show it to an authorized dealer. No problem occur over night.
For my sack add 10 liters of fuel and try.
If it does or not work please mail me. I feel challenged with the problem. - A U M

5)   coil could not be creating enough juice - chris!

6)   Tell uncle to use a Mopar crank sensor. Sometimes the less expensive Autozone or Napa's do not work correct. - C-Tech


Question 2
Does a Chrysler PT Cruiser have an air bag?...  The hub of that steering wheel is too small to fit an airbag inside it

1)   yeah i know what you mean but im pretty sure there is an airbag in the steering wheel as well one around the glovebox and aslo side airbags above the doors - Clay Dough

2)   Yes it has two per federal law. - Ironball

3)   I'm fairly certain everything made after 1992 has to have one. - J

4)   There is an airbag in that hub. - C-Tech

5)   yes one on steering wheel glovebox and probably above the seats where the seatbelt is - Matthew


Question 3
Chrysler Engine running rough after rebuild; what could be the problem?...  I just completed the rebuilld of a Chrysler 2.7L engine in a 2001 Concorde. Upon startup the engine ran rough and I received error codes indicating bad coils (the Error codes were P00351, P00352, and P00356. I have done the following:
- traced out all wiring and vacuum lines and all are connected correctly;
- replaced spark plugs and coils;
- switch out the ignition capacitors with another car to verify they were not causing the problem;
- switch the ASD relay with another relay; this had no effect so I switched the relays back;
After doing all this the engine was running more smoothly and is completely smooth by 1000 rpm. However, the engine still idles rough and will jump between 600 and 800 rpm when idling. Note that I even though it is idling rough I am free of error codes from the car's computer.
I am open to suggestions as to what the problem may be and any good input would be appreciated.
Very unlikely it is improper head torque. When I tore the engine down and inspected it I discovered it had a marginal crankshaft when it came to tolerances. I decided to go back together with the marginal crankshaft and the car could not hold oil pressure. So I had to pull the engine a second time and replace the crankshaft. When I pulled the engine the second time I did not remove the cylinder heads and the first time I assembled it the car ran smooth. So it is very unlikely that it is improper torque on the cylinder heads since it ran smooth on the first assembly rebuild.

1)   improper head torque? - chris!

2)   Check for an intake leak. - C-Tech

3)   Sounds like a timing issue. Most likely a crank reluctor but could be a camshaft out of phase. - Samboski

4)   Cant tell you for sure but I did have one that the crank and cam sensors were out of sync, start the car and disconnect the cam sensor and see if smooths out, if it does it could be a cam or crank sensor but more than anything its one tooth of on timing. - john


Question 4

1)   Start your car, put foot on brake, Put left hand on steering wheel, try to pull out of park as you turn steering wheel side to side and behold, it will come out of park. - LT

2)   Your shifter is broken. The release spring has broken away from its mount. You'll need to remove the chrome trim ring from around the bezel with a small flat screwdriver, then press on the pink plastic release lever (look to the left side of the shifter) while pressing the brake. You should be able to move the shifter to neutral then start the car. This repair will be covered under the 3/36 warranty if it still applies . Good luck. - C-Tech

3)   C-tech is correct. I have seen this several times. We have both posted on it several times - Mike J


Question 5
what kind of ac refrigerant is the right one for my 2004 chrysler pacifica?...  

1)   R134a - God LV

2)   r134a - chris!

3)   R-134A. Do not use or allow anyone to put anything else into your Pacifica. - C-Tech


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