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do o6 or 07 chrysler 300 last and r they good reliable first cars?

Question 1
do o6 or 07 chrysler 300 last and r they good reliable first cars?...  im looking for a first car is an o6 or 07 chrysler 300 last and r they good reliable first cars

1)   Most any current car can go 300,000 miles with routine factory recommended care. - rick29148

2)   No they're not...they're chrysler.

If you want to find "good and reliable cars" go to a busy intersection and look at the old cars crossing...whatever's there is a good and reliable car. - Theneelster

3)   Yes. it is a good reliable first car, in general. Whatever car you look at, test drive it, look for previous body damage, get a carfax report, and if possible the maintenance history. - C-Tech

4)   So far, they're good. I'd get the 3.5 or 5.7. - done wrenching

5)   You should also consider that such a car may be expensive to insure. Check your insurance rates before buying one, for example here - - Phil


Question 2
what is the structure of a pt cruiser chrysler 2003?...  I want to know what the structure of a pt cruiser chrysler 2003 is? does it have a chassis?

1)   It is a uni-body with front and rear sub-frames. - Old Man Dirt

2)   It's a Neon platform underneath, so a unibody with a separate front & rear sub-frame. - rick29148

3)   It is a unibody car. - C-Tech


Question 3
I have a 71 duster and would like to change it from a 3 speed to an automatic. About how much would that cost?...  I have a 71 duster and its a 3 speed on the column. Im learning it, but I dont want to drive a stick. So, I want to switch it out because I love the car itself, and I dont want to sell it. If I got a Hurst Pro-Matic Ratchet Shifter (Automatic Gear Shift Lever Kit) (Lever And Bracket Kit) (Console) for $225, how much including this would the change be?

1);_ylt=AqWPS8TsntOGdFtaHLyVej8wxgt.;_ylv=3?qid=20100728105234AAdxdlI - Bob Bob

2)   Pretty easy swap, you can trade the pedal assembly to the single pedal, and possibly make money on that. (People always looking for stick shift pedal assems.). You'll have to run auto trans cooler lines to a your radiator or separate cooler. You may have to get a different length driveshaft too. I can't recall, but the trans crossmember may have to be changed too. - done wrenching

3)   It,s an easy swap...You,ll have to get a short shaft 727 or 904 transmission...Then you,ll also have to have your current driveline changed also...You can get a rebuilt tranny for 850 to 1200 bucks...You can do the swap for under 1500 if your smart... - Johnny Rotten


Question 4
Is atf -4 trans fluid for all chrysler trans going back to the 727?...  

1)   back during the 727s they usually take dextron transmission fluid. - bandit_60

2)   check with your dealer or a reputable parts store to make sure, - badbill1941


Question 5
Why my 96 chrysler LHS car drops gear while driving?...  

1)   We need a bit more information to help you. Does it slip? Not move? Harsh shifts, shudder, grind or other? these things will help us help you. - Mike J

2)   Check the fluid level in the trans. Is there a check engine light on? have it scanned for codes. - C-Tech


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