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What is a 1973 Chrysler Newport worth?

Question 1
What is a 1973 Chrysler Newport worth?...  I'm looking to sell my grandpa's 73 Chrysler Newport. It has a 400 cubic inch 2-barrel V-8 engine. It only has 16,800 miles on it. It hasn't run since it was parked in the garage 15 years ago, but at that time it was running fine. I don't want to bother fixing it up to start again myself, just looking to sell it as-is. The body is rusted through in a couple of spots. Does anyone have an idea of what it's worth or where I can find out? Thanks!
The milage is correct - I know it's hard to believe, but my grandpa was the sole owner and he didn't drive it much at all.

1)   not much. the mileage may say 16,800, but the odometer probably rolled over at least once already. just because it ran when it was parked doesn't mean it'll run now, especially after 15 years. whoever buys it will probably have to replace the entire fuel system and possibly rebuild the engine, in addition to replacing almost everything else mechanical on the entire car and doing the bodywork.

my estimate? $500. - Skag Baron™

2)   Unfortunately, you didn't say what type of Newport. 2 door, 4 door, A/C, etc. However, It will probably be worth from $2000 to $2600 depending upon type and options.

Try looking it up on "".

Good luck! - Jim

3)   Well maybe about 2000.00...The engine is worth something...The 400 ci motor is the one racers like to bore and stroke for their drag cars...I,ll buy the motor!!! - Johnny Rotten

4)   They like those as demo derby cars too. - done wrenching

5)   I can't remember if the Newport was a hardtop body (pillar less) or if it was just the Newport Custom.
Chryslers of this vintage are tough to sell - they require a very specific kind of a buyer. And as you can see, there are vultures out there that want to desecrate your grandfather's pride and joy and turn it into a demolition or donor car.

The price of such a car with low miles is a tough call with absolutely no pictures to see. Make sure you have all of the records your grandfather has on the car to back up the low mileage claim, or it will fall on deaf ears. Even with the low miles, if the interior and exterior are rough, you will not be able to get more than 2K for it as it has been stated before. - Delamothe


Question 2
i hit a curb in my 2007 pt cruiser it dent underneath the door is this fixable?...  

1)   yeah tell your parents and raise the money - blaise

2)   Of coures it is ,take it to a repitable body shop they would love to hekp you out. - Donny

3)   um mm yea it is bepends on how bad it is.. - brian v

4)   Yes as long as it hassnt gotten into the reiforcement part of your body structure, easy way to find out is go to any bodyshop that offers free estimates and have them look at it, let them tell you, and you ask a lot of questions, just dont commit to the first cheap bid. And make sure the shop is gold I-car certified - rick b


Question 3
will the molding fit for a 2door plymouth fury 3 coupe 1968?...  i have a Plymouth fury 3 1968 coupe with the original aluminum moldings. i found a molding set online for a 4 door Plymouth fury. same exact car just the differences are the 2 dr and 4 dr. Will the molding fit on a 2dr if its sold as a 4dr set? (the only piece i need is the front passenger side molding.

1)   You could ask the seller to measure the length of the piece you need and tell them why you need the measurement.

You could try to locate a "Hollanders" interchange manual and see if two and four door fenders will interchange, if they will interchange more than likely the molding will interchange as well.

A lot of two door/four door front metal would interchange during that time frame, more than likely the parts will interchange but do some research before you buy. - Don't know everything !

2)   i don't think 2 and 4 door mldgs. are the same length. - badbill1941

3)   Nope ,they are different!!! - Johnny Rotten

4)   no - Kat N


Question 4
PT cruiser over heating?...  2001 126000 miles.idles fine drive for 20 miles starts to boilsover

1)   if you dont see any fluids leaking from your car it is your thermostat. very cheap part, like 5$. if you have a friend with mechanical experience ask them to do it. or find a cheap garage to do it. not a hard job if you know what your doing - Parker

2)   Check to see if your radiator fan turns on. - C-Tech

3)   Well , first you need to get the cooling system pressure tested and look for leaks . I would bet the rad is plugged with lime. You could have it boiled out and de-limed best get a new one nothing works like new parts. You might want to use air pressure to blow the bugs off the rad first. - Donny


Question 5
Diagnostic code chart for a 1996 Chrysler?...  Does anyone know where i could find a diagnostic code chart for a 1996 Chrysler town and country?

1)   have you yahoo'd it plus haynes manual you can find at any auto parts store and and library will have it - bo

2)   Hey Babe,
have a look at,( or ( )
love ya - Donny

3)   Ok so Donny sounds like a creep perv. But he is right. Most OBD1 codes are different from car manufacture. But ODB2 is almost all the same at least as far as the code is and what its general function is - rick b


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