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will the molding fit for a 2door plymouth fury 3 coupe 1968?

Question 1
will the molding fit for a 2door plymouth fury 3 coupe 1968?...  i have a Plymouth fury 3 1968 coupe with the original aluminum moldings. i found a molding set online for a 4 door Plymouth fury. same exact car just the differences are the 2 dr and 4 dr. Will the molding fit on a 2dr if its sold as a 4dr set? (the only piece i need is the front passenger side molding.

1)   You could ask the seller to measure the length of the piece you need and tell them why you need the measurement.

You could try to locate a "Hollanders" interchange manual and see if two and four door fenders will interchange, if they will interchange more than likely the molding will interchange as well.

A lot of two door/four door front metal would interchange during that time frame, more than likely the parts will interchange but do some research before you buy. - Don't know everything !

2)   i don't think 2 and 4 door mldgs. are the same length. - badbill1941

3)   Nope ,they are different!!! - Johnny Rotten

4)   no - Kat N


Question 2
i hit a curb in my 2007 pt cruiser it dent underneath the door is this fixable?...  

1)   yeah tell your parents and raise the money - blaise

2)   Of coures it is ,take it to a repitable body shop they would love to hekp you out. - Donny

3)   um mm yea it is bepends on how bad it is.. - brian v

4)   Yes as long as it hassnt gotten into the reiforcement part of your body structure, easy way to find out is go to any bodyshop that offers free estimates and have them look at it, let them tell you, and you ask a lot of questions, just dont commit to the first cheap bid. And make sure the shop is gold I-car certified - rick b


Question 3
Chrysler 300 or Crossfire?...  Which one do u think is better?? I like the crossfire but it only seats 2! Its a toss up tho! a 300 looks nice with rims!

1)   I have a 300 and its great. I know you like the crossfire butt what about when you want to go out with friends or a trip. I love my 300 - kdbg69

2)   Your comparing apples to meatloaf. It all depends on what you want, if you don't ever need to haul anything or seat more than 2 people then get the crossfire. If you need to seat 5 then the sedan. I don't think anyone would disagree the crossfire looks cooler but if it doesn't fit you needs its not worth it. - Landon

3)   Take the 300. Is their anything we need to decide for you? - C-Tech

4)   Choose the 300, My dad owned one for 4 years and it was amazing, No problems what so ever plus its a real eye catcher, Its great when want to park next to the BMW and Lexus crowd and not look like everybody else - Maximilian King


Question 4
What is the blue book value for a 99 Plymouth Breeze 140.5K miles?...  I can't find the value given that mileage, don't tell me what you think, but what you know b/c I couldn't find the website that lets me put in the miles.

1)   Why are you wasting our time asking a question like this when you could just go to KBB or Kelly Blue Book and find the answer. It even asks you questions about the options which you have not supplied us with. - thebax2006

2)   $800 in fair condition at 140,500 miles. - Jackolantern


You can enter the mileage, vehicle options and vehicle condition at this site and choose from trade in value, private seller value or retail value.
It's the same company that dealers use to price cars.

Best of Luck! - Fukkin Suspended


Question 5
Will 22's fit on a 1976 Chrysler New Yorker?...  I have a 76 New Yorker and I want to put 22's on it. Will they fit without any modifications?
UPDATE: What modifications need to be done to fit?

1)   they'll fit, but you might need to cut out part of the wheel well. whatever the case, you're going to need to upgrade your brakes. the stock ones definitely won't be able to handle the excess wheel weight, and you'll burn them up the first time you drive it. - Skag Baron™

2)   no. you will need modifications. check with a body shop that does that type of work. - badbill1941

3)   I doubt it, the New Yorker came from the factory with 15 inch wheels and you want to go seven inches greater in diameter. And the New Yorker had one of the softest suspensions in the Chrysler products lineup which could very well cause contact with the upper portion of the wheel well. And the turning radius wasn't the greatest either with the 15 inch wheels and 22's would probably rub during hard turns

If you install an "air ride suspension" you could probably get away with 22's. - Don't know everything !


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