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Question 1
OIL LEAK DILEMMA.......?...  I've recently discovered an oil leak, which resulted to me having VERY LOW olil. 6 days ago, before I knew I had a leak, my car stopped at a red light... BUT i was able to start it right back up. This happened 6 days ago, and i drove to the beach and back, and far out to far places and my car hasn't shut off again. My question is, could my car shut off because of low oil? When it shut off, I was unaware of it.. the engine shut off but my radio was working and my engine light DID NOT come on tho. I checked my car now and its REALLLY LOW ON OIL.. so i didnt drive it today. ANY IDEAS?

1)   everyone is spilling oil now, it seems to be the trend - mimi

2)   Well, there's plenty of oil in the gulf that you can replace it with. - Kelsey J

3)   Get the leak fixed and put more oil in it. - Zach L

4)   Get the leak fixed before you wreck your engine. - pbleek

5)   A serious problem. A bad leak can come from the small oil switch that is sometimes wired to not allow engine operation when below a certain pressure.
It depends on the car but that switch and an oil filter leak are the most problem areas of a leak so bad. The switch and filter are usually near each other. It may be a cheap fix. And easy for a tech. to locate and repair. - Joseph

6)   Have you van checked for the oil leak. It could be as simple as a bad gasket seal or oil pressure sending unit. Check the oil and put enough in to get to the shop. Don't let this ruin your 4th of July. - C-Tech


Question 2
How reliable is a 2006 PT Cruiser Touring Edition?...  I am looking to buy a 2006 PT Cruiser Touring Edition with only 34,868 miles on it. Sounds like a great deal for the money but I would like some insight into how reliable they are and if there are any quirks that I should be aware of before buying one. I love them and have always wanted on so..hopefully there is not too much that is a downside to purchasing one.

1)   Used cars are only as good as the maintenance and treatment they have received from the previous owner(s). That's why it's always a good idea to have any car you are seriously thinking about buying inspected by a mechanic that you trust. I always ask the mechanic if he would buy this car for his wife/girlfriend to drive. If he says "yes" then it's probably OK for you to buy. - JetDoc

2)   the pt cruiser is not a reliable car it does not have one of chryslers reliable engines in it - jaymax173

3)   Consumer Reports rates this car as below average in reliability so have it checked out by a mechanic before you buy - pickmefirstplz

4)   JUNK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Run away screaming from any PT Cruiser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I'm a huge Chrysler fan and an employee at a Chrysler Dealership.

But the PT was just an awfull car. - Nunya

5)   the 06 PT cruiser will be reliable for you provided the previous owner took care of it. Chrysler made a number of changes to the PT Cruiser in 2005. The items to look out for are: timing belt - should be changed at 70-80,000 miles, front ball joints and control arm bushings - check for wear, and brakes. Good luck and enjoy. - C-Tech


Question 3
PT cruiser transmission?...  I'm looking at buying a PT Cruiser and I've heard that the transmission on a cruiser doesn't last long. Is that true??? How long do these cars usually last?? Mileage?? are they a throw away car? Thanks!

1)   some of the ones we've worked on have had numerous problems, especially for their age and mileage. A big factor is how well you take care of it. If you keep up with maintenance and don't drive it hard, it will probably last you a good while. Chrysler seems to have been building better transmissions for their cars/minivans for the past few years than they did in the 90's and early 2000s, so just be easy on it and have all the recommended maintenance done. - Stangman

2)   Please, reconsider... PT Cruisers are so so ugly, and they are made by Chrysler... so you know they are crap (you even said it yourself). I wouldn't even test drive one.

If you've absolutely got to have a "unique" looking car, consider the HHR by Chevy.

I think the PT and HHR are both ugly though I'd trust a Chevy over Chrysler. - Randall

3)   many of the transmission problems people experience have to do with low and leaking fluid. Check the trans and lines for leaking and for a low fluid level. If that ok, you probably won't have trans problems. Change the fluid and filter every 60-70,000 miles. If taken care of you can exceed 200,000 miles in a PT. Good luck. - C-Tech

4)   The PT Cruisers are great vehicles that will hold up well and usually give very few problems. Of course, how they're treated and maintained has a large deal to do with how long they'll last (as with any car).

Most Chrysler transmission problems are simple, relatively inexpensive repairs, if taken to someone who knows how to properly diagnose and repair them. The dealership repair shop is the best place to take a Chrysler transmission problem.

Of course, they can and do have problems that require replacement or rebuilding (re-manufactured is always the better choice over a rebuild), every manufacturer will have some that go bad. But in my experience, they're pretty well built units as long as they're not abused. - Mark B

5)   it's simple, just don't get a PT Cruiser, I have had mine for 5 years and have had to spend over 5k in repairs. From busted engine mounts to replacing the spark plugs every 30k miles. The design on a pt cruiser is nice but they built it very poorly w/ low grade parts. - Sean L


Question 4
Why does my car begin to squeak when i turn it on?...  i have a 2002 Chrysler Sebring Lxi.its has 38,000 miles on ( got it from an elderly couple). Well when i turn my vehicle on it begins to sound like its squeaking. Could that be a timing belt or what does it sound like? Should i get a diagnostic done?

1)   I it's just the oil/diesel/petrol heating up :) - David Alexander

2)   check you Serpentine belt. Also take it to auto store have them do a diagnostic check if that's not it. - mommyofone

3)   Timing belt would be my guess. Those will either get loose or start to shred. It will sound like a squealing and at first it comes and goes, but gets worse if you let it go long enough. You can look at the timing belt yourself, (youtube can show you, i'm sure) or get someone who knows cars to take a quick look before you pay for a diagnostic. Good luck! - kantokahsdid

4)   Your fan belt or one of your other belts might be dry and squealing. You might need new belts, but you could simply try to go to the autoparts store and get a can of spray "belt dressing" and spray some on the belt. That usually helps the squealing belts. - chico280


Question 5
How can I disable the immobiliser on my Chrysler Neon.?...  my my kid spoilt water over it and now it`s not working anymore, i can open de door with my key but i can`t start the engine.
i try`d the fuse box but there is no fuse for it , acsept for the doors there is a fuse for but das not dissable the ingine immobiliser.

can sombudy help please
the maual says nothing about this problem and can`t find how i can disable it on the internet
Airport Chrysler tech 10+ years

can i removed it from my car then ?

1)   look in your manual their mite be a emergency key code then find instructions on internet for how to use this code got same problem with my rover at the moment - Joe

2)   have you tried dynamite? - KHCloud

3)   You cannot. You will need to replace it. - C-Tech

4)   KHCloud what a why cant you help someone or keep out of it t....r. - liverpool 1


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