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which should i buy a 1996 chrysler lhs with moonroof 150,xxx miles or a 1999 monte carlo with 140,xxx miles?

Question 1
which should i buy a 1996 chrysler lhs with moonroof 150,xxx miles or a 1999 monte carlo with 140,xxx miles?...  

1)   Chrysler worse...both bad - pedro7of9

2)   I would buy the monte carlo and a large bottle of Tylenol. Both are scrap iron but the chrysler is toxic scrap iron. - Yamamoto

3)   get the monte carlo. it,s a better car. - bandit_60

4)   When they got that many miles on them......
It depends on which one is in better condition AND which one you like better. - Alfonzo

5)   dodge
chrysler kind of like the gun that gets stuck on shoe a pain is just a little better than a yugo car

every one knows ford is best chevy next then dodge last
fords last longer
chevy faster
dodge well ive never have a good one yet in 40 yrs i have one now park at house transmission out yahoo just ran a story on worse cars and dodge chrysler was last on list and they been last on list 40 years make like one good car out or 1000 dont see many old dodge anything a round do you? why because now they drink cans - kelly_f_1999

6)   With cars of this age and mileage, its all about condition. Nothing else matters. Buy the one in the best condition and don't worry about the rest of the stuff. - Uncle Bo

7)   I my self would go with the monte carlo. I have owned a 95 monte for the past 8 years. I bought it with 128k miles when i was 16. I still have it to this day. I blew the transmission up at 190k but once I bought a new one I started to drive it like an adult and not the dumb kid I was at 20 years old. Lol live and learn. I also did a altinator at about 170k, a water punp at about 205k and a starter at 218k. Now it has 224k and it still runs like a champ. But i do go threw about a quart of oil a month for the last 24k or so. I put this car threw hell and it still survives the midwest extreme winters and summers. Good luck. - Hawk147

8)   I had owned a 99 Monte Carlo, RUN, run for dear life and do not mess with it or you'll be spending more money on rent a cars and service shops. - lkl

9)   Buy the one in better shape and has maintence records if possible. Test drive before you buy. - C-Tech


Question 2
Need to know more about 2008 Chrysler Sebring LX FWD Sedan?...  I need to purchase a used car & have to stay within my budget. I don't know too much about these cars. Please give me some feedback on this particular model or any suggestions. Thanks!!
Please give me some recommendations on other car models please. Thanks!!

1)   they are junk...voted in top 10 worst every year,,,bad resals value..bad for workman ship bad for plastic inside,,,you can look it up. - pedro7of9

2)   This information isn't too difficult to find if you bother to look.

See the link below. It has 66 consumer reviews of this car

The second link is the websites editor's review.

This took me all of about 1 minute to find.

In contrast to what the other people said that answered this question, many the people that actually own this car seem to like it.

The others answering this question must own rice burners. Rice burner owners love to bash domestic cars. - Mad Jack

3)   All I can tell you is do not buy!!!! Chryslers are crap! I used to get them as rental cars while on business. Even the new ones cause problems for me. If I were you and you needed a car that is reliable, get a used honda civic or accord. In these hard times, you would want to look at the mpg and insurance. My girl friend has a civic that has 220000 miles on it. I would say that it has about 3 more years on it. Good luck hunting! - Allamer23

4)   In my opinion, it's piece of garbage. Do your one research on it, test drive it and compare it to all other sedans. It's currently one of poorest rated sedans in it's category. Anybody that has any knowledge of the car industry will tell you to look for something different. - chris2EM

5)   Chrysler autos are notoriously expensive to keep. This car has more break-downs than a psychiatric hospital. The sebring was chosen as the probable worst car to buy. Internet news today. - DER ALTE FIRZ

6)   Here my opinion based on having a girlfriend with a 2007 Camry and working on them. 1.) Before buying any used car check the history. I wouldn't buy a used rental car UNLESS it was from Hertz, Avis, Enterprise, Budget, National, or Thrifty/Dollar. These are the only rental car companies (in my opinion) that take care of their cars before they are sold. The rest of these crappy rental car companies don't take care of their cars and then sell them to the public. 2.) The Sebring is reliable, but not as well detailed as the Camry. The 4 cyl engine in the Camry is smoother and quieter. The radio has volume that automatically increases slightly with speed. The interior fit and finish is better. 3.) What is a plus about the Sebring is the longer warranty coverage, and the lower price (the difference in price between the 2 cars similarly equipped can be as much as $4,000) My girlfriend paid more for her car and still had to have the brakes done and buy tires. She loves her Camry, but honesty, if you are budget minded, the Sebring may be the steal. Always test drive before buying. Good luck! - C-Tech



Question 3
8qt=_pt i need to answer?...  

1)   8 Qt equalts 16 pints

Its just double. - cmsjuts

2)   16? no 46. . . . its 16 definetly - Capernaper

3)   2 pt per 1 qt = 16 pt - Brad

4)   8 pints per gallon, therfore 1 qt (quater) = 2 pints.
so 4 qt's = 1 gallon
simples.... - ivor g

5)   Amazed to see the above answer got thumbs down for common sense!! (And he's correct.) - Titus A. Duxbum

6)   There are two pints to a quart, thus, 8 quarts= 16 pints. - badbill1941


Question 4
left headlight sometime working only if i punch light,99" plymouth breeze 4 cyl?...  

1)   Check the plug that into that headlight bulb to see if it's either loose or the plug connectors are rusty or corroded and check the wiring , especially the ground.I've even seen bulbs that will act up bec there is a problem internally in the bulb itself , just don't change one bulb alone if you decide to change it change both sides.

Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way check the wiring harness fully especially where it bends or where it's tight and if the vehicle was ever hit etc on that side be sure to check the tightest parts of the harness for bad connections or look for a crimps in the harness etc.If it's an older vehicle the headlight bulb socket might need changing or a the ground wire needs replacing or where it connects to requires cleaning. - helpful bob

2)   Yes, they are on separate fuses. You obviously have a connection problem, if you have access to a test light, do this.turn lights on and when there not working undo socket from lens with bulb still attached. If by wiggling the the light came on then most likely in that area. now if the bulb isn't on take out of socket and check for power, if your test light lights up you have a ground problem which shouldn't be too difficult to find, put bulb back in and wiggle the wires down the loom and if they come on while doing that you have a broken wire, make sure lights are off if repairing yourself or a shop will be able to and shouldn,t cost that much. - Chris

3)   It sounds like you have a bad filament in the bulb itself. - badbill1941

4)   Headlights aren't on fuses, they use a circuit breaker that will come back on after it cools down, usually just one breaker. This is done for safety, so if there's a short, they will go out, but come back on shortly after, with a fuse, they would never come back on. One that has a dead short will go out and come on continuously, an intermittent short will do it once in a while, whenever the wire shorts out.

If you've changed the bulb and socket with known good replacements, then you have another wiring issue.

Also, be careful punching the headlight, they'ree expensive to replace and I've seen people break them hitting them to get the lights on.

Do both high and low beams quit working? If so, it's most likely either the breaker tripping, or a ground problem. - Mark B


Question 5
What year dart has parts that will fit a 74 Duster?...  hi i have a 74 duster and i am wondering if any parts from a 73 dart sport will fit the duster

1)   Many parts from a dart sport are same as duster with the exception of tail panel and taillights, front fenders, grille hood, etc. The entire front end can be made to fit easily, but is different. Suspesion, steering, drivetrain, interior, glass etc, the same though. - done wrenching

2)   A lot - rick b

3)   A lot of body parts, and most mechanical parts are . Check with a wrecking yard for what you are thinking of using. They have interchange info. - badbill1941

4)   Wow, I loved the Duster! Brings back a smile for me! - lkl


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