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My 2002 pt cruiser shakes when u hit highway speeds of about 60-65+?

Question 1
My 2002 pt cruiser shakes when u hit highway speeds of about 60-65+?...  OK, so my 2002 pt cruiser shakes when u hit highway speeds of about 60-65+. It was purchased from some old man that had it garaged and serviced on time. So, it's in perfect condition and the engine runs well. The tires are decent, and when i drive around town, the steering doesn't shake as long as i drive under 60, but when u start to accelerate up in those speeds, it shakes, and u can feel it through out the whole car, the steering, and even the gas pedal. I have not gotten the tires rotated and balanced, but the car is aligned and there's air in the tires also.

1)   Wheel balancing.
If you feel it in the steering it's the front most likely, but I would get it done by a shop. - Sunny

2)   inspect the tires to make sure one does not have a "bubble" on it. check the front struts one may be bad and is allowing the tire to bounce. - Randy F

3)   The most likely cause of your problem is a bent or unbalanced rim. A flat-spotted tire can also cause this issue. - Kenny

4)   it is possible you have a bad set of tires they can look just fine and still be bad. I had a van do that one time and when i put new tires on it smoothed righr out. You might try moving the back tires to the front and see what happens. - kenny

5)   Wal-Mart charges, like, $20 to have them balance all four tires. - ahanix1989

6)   make sure no tires have any air bubbles. IF its perfectly aligned then there should be know reason for that. But also check your ball joints cause chrysler tend to need new all joints after a few. - Corey


Question 2
Does anyone know anything about Lee Iacocca?...  what car was he the father of?

1)   Google him..... - marycontrary9

2)   The Mustang when he was with Ford in the 60's

He then saved chrysler from going under in the 80's. - BalloonRich

3)   Should have been President after Ronald Reagan but he refused to run. Too bad. - Dave

4)   Well origanlly the Mustang but with Chrysler the Mini Van - CURT W

5)   Iacocca was involved with the design of several successful Ford automobiles, most notably the Ford Mustang. Also, he was responsible for the Lincoln Continental Mark III, the Ford Fiesta and the revival of the Mercury brand in the late 1960s, including the introduction of the Mercury Cougar and Mercury Marquis. He was also the "moving force," as one court put it, behind the notorious Ford Pinto. Iacocca brought to Chrysler the "Mini-Max" project, which, in 1983, bore fruit in the wildly successful Dodge Caravan and Plymouth Voyager. - Mark B

6)   Ford Mustang, Chrysler K Cars, Dodge Grand Caravan, Jeep grand Cherokee - Mr. Snow


Question 3
Chrysler recall postcard in the mail- just a ploy to get people into the shop?...  I received in the mail a postcard about my car having a product recall and the name of a local Chrysler shop to get the item replaced free of charge. Is this some ploy to get people into the garage so they can find other "problems" with the car or is this legit?
Hmm, true but the last thing people want to hear is a bunch of other problems with the car and it seems every time there's a list of issues.

1)   And how would that ploy work?

They can't force you to do anything with your car.

So it's not like they're getting money out of you.

And if they find things, and you decide to ignore it, and it causes problems later....then they can just say "told you so..."

Edit: That's funny, because when I take my cars in for repairs, I don't get a list of issues. Because I take care of my car, and make sure there's nothing that it could need.

What you can always do is take the car to a second mechanic, and if they give you the same list of things.....they're not trying to get money out of you, they're trying to get you to maintain your vehicle better. - Vipassana

2)   It's possible..... Does it actually say a manufacturers recall ?? Does it mention your car correctly ?? If you're leary, go in and ask, don't sign anything, and get a written estimate on the work. Get an estimate even if they say it's free... That way they can't change their minds later. Now, I will also say that I've not heard of a scam like that, but, why take a chance ?? - rick29148

3)   We got one too, for the wiper blade engine on our dodge ram pick up. It's legit, and good customer service. If you don't get it fixed, you might be sorry, and they won't go around checking anything else unless you pay them to. Even if they did you would have to agree to them servicing anything else. - Baby Kingston Born Aug 31st!!

4)   I am sure this is legit, but I have to ask a question, if you have other problems with your car wouldn't you want to have them fixed, most shops tell you whats wrong because that's there job, you are the type of person that if you came into my shop today for an oil change and I noticed your tie rods loose and I didn't tell you because well you dont want to hear and you left and the tie rod end broke and you lost your steering you would sue me and ask why I didn't tell you. I have a piece of advise, dont go to a repair shop drive that car till it falls apart int he middle of the street and then trade it in and buy a new one. - CURT W

5)   call ur chrysler dealer closest and schedule an appointment for the car. Even if its little its a good idea to have it done. - Corey


Question 4
about interior lights of car Plymouth Sundance 1992?...  i am using plymouth sundance 1992. Actually there was a short in my car.which happens to me to blows my fuse of interior lights of car. so after fuse blows i changed the fuse from 4A to 15A the lights starts working for a while and then again stops working.i checked the fuse.fuse was ok. so can anybody help me that where can be the fault . .Now i already fixed the short. i also checked the bulbs of interior lights are working where is the fault in my car. .and how can i troubleshoot it?

1)   There is still a hot wire grounded somewhere in lighting system. Either pinched, or a panel mounting screw went thru it. - badbill1941

2)   badbill if there is a hot wire grounded he would be blowing fuse he said he is not. read please before you answer. or if you truly believe your answer then stop answering cause your wrong.

This is a tough one but all you can do is start checking wires for an open, you need and ohm meter. - CURT W

3)   When a fuse is set at a certain amperage rating, it is set there to prevent damage to the wiring circuits it's protecting. When a hot wire gets shorted, it will blow the fuse instead of melting wires or the accessories it's protecting. The amperage rating is set to a point that if it goes over a certain amperage, the fuse blows to protect the circuit instead of letting it get too hot and melting down.

By increasing the size of the fuse from 4 amps to 15 amps rather than fix the problem, you allowed the lights to stay on longer than they should have when the short occurred. The problem was still there, but it kept getting hotter and hotter when the wire (or whatever the short was) shorted out again. This heat almost certainly caused something to melt down, whether it's a wire, a switch, a module, maybe even the fuse block itself or whatever. Plus, this could have easily created more than one short. - Mark B

4)   You will need a wiring diagram and just trace the wire to the fuse to see where the problem is and if you keep running a 15 amp fuse on a 4 amp circuit, that circuit will get hot and just may if not will cause a fire, now as far as you burning leason learned, anyone else in the car gets hurt from you hair brain fuse swap out, will sue the cra-- out of you and you are toast, so fix the car and switch the fuses back. - rick b


Question 5
Why dose this happen to my Chrysler town and Country?...  When i turn on the heater the air condition compressor runs. no cold air comes out of the vents. a/c light is also off. The van is a 2003 town and country limited with the 3.8 engine.

1)   This is normal, and does two things. 1) Running the compressor for short durations keeps the parts lubricated so they don't seize up over Winter, and 2) The AC system dries out the air, preventing condensation on the inside of the vehicle. - Ryan M

2)   Chances are when you say your turning on the heater, your turning on the defroster, the ac compressor will run when the controls are set in the defroster mode. This allows the ac system to remove humidity and defrost the windows. - CURT W

3)   Curt W is right. Turn it off defrost and the compressor will not run. - dm62006

4)   I am amazed. All three of these people are correct. The ac will come on in defrost. Good job guys. - papabear


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