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chrysler sebring car on very low milege and age are relatively ceap why?

Question 1
chrysler sebring car on very low milege and age are relatively ceap why?...  chrysler sebring 2008 reg. 20000miles on the clock is about 8000 pounds.BMW with same size of engine and on same age and miles costs around 18000 pounds?!IS CHRYSLER THAT BAD?

1)   CHRYSLER THAT BAD - kelly_f_1999

2)   Because your "Chrysler" is in fact a bit of Japanese crap. IE: Mitsubishi Colt ! - Trucky

3)   American junk that's why! Even the 300c is a recycled Mercedes. I had alook at one about 6 weeks ago, plenty of car for the money, but did a bit of research - ten foot pole was mentioned! Went instead for a Diesel Mazda 6 for same money & WELL pleased - george d

4)   Having had pretty darn good luck with Chrysler products for the last 50 years, I would say go with the Sebring. - badbill1941

5)   The BMW is considered a luxury car so you will pay more for it than a Chrysler. - C-Tech

6)   No Chrysler is not that bad just a lot more of them out there especially in the US and since your are talking about money in pounds my guess you are some where in GB and since the sebring is imported to Britian by way of US the import taxes are huge, that is why it is more expensive there, other way around here in the US. when buying new, BUT sinced it is a used car the value isnt that great since the parts to maintain it and repair are a lot more expensive and getting into a shop where there would be a qualified mechanic to work on it and have all the computer stuff to take care of any softwear updates and downloads if a computer had to be replaced - rick b

7)   The Sebring is a car laden with many, many problems. Also, if you have the 2.7L V6, then you have a defective engine.

Go to and you will find statements such as the following:

"Since 2001, the most commonly reported problem has been engine failure or timing chain problems with Chrysler's 2.7l engine, all caused by oil sludge. The oil sludge is produced by an apparent design defect with the 2.7-liter engine."

"The Chrysler Sebring has the most problems by a long shot, with well over three times more complaints than any other Chrysler model. The most defect-prone years are from the early 2000s." - Joe


Question 2
Can I sue Chrysler for this? Air bag did not deploy!?...  My mom was in a accidnt with a teenager that was under the influence of marijuiana. My mom was driving my 2006 Chrysler 300 touring. She hitted him due to the kid failure to stop on red light. She t bone him at 42mph but lucky no one was hurt. Both cars are total, my car front was flat where the engine showed. Frames are all bent on the front. My question why did the air bag not deploy. If she didn't have her seat belt, she or an passenger could had fly out of the window.
You guys have to understand this is about something that could have saved people's life. Just say that one out of 3 didn't have his/her seat beat. That would have been life threatening. What has went wrong I don't know, the policemen also said why would the air bag not deploy.

1)   thats why they still tell you that even if you have airbags to wear seatbelts also...there is no guarantee anything works. - LedZep

2)   An airbag will not stop someone from flying out the window. No you can't sue. And you just said no one was hurt so what are you going to sue for.. what could have happened? PLEASE. your just a gold digger, we all pay higher premiums because of jerks that think they should sue everyone for every little thing. If you want to be rich, go make it. - G6er

3)   The true answer to your question is YES you can sue Chrysler. Now that being said there is certain criteria the air bag sensors have to see in order to deploy. The description you give would say the air bags should have deployed. Anytime there is a lawsuit in this manner there are ways of checking to see why the airbag didn't deploy. So answering your question yes you can sue Chrysler and I would advise it, if there is any fault that is not due to your neglect and the car is truly at fault you have a no lose situation.

But the question I have is did anyone in your car get injured that may not have been injured if the air bag would have deployed. If not then your lawsuit would simply be for personal gain and well that's what wrong with today judicial system as it is. We are always looking to sue someone to make a buck. Now if anyone was hurt and possibly wouldn't have been if the air bags worked, then go for it.

Then offer Chrysler the opputunity to look at your car and see if they can get to the root of the problem, but sueing them is just self gratifaction. - CURT W

4)   As Curt said yes you can sue, hell I can sue Curt for givng out legal advise if he is not a lawyer, dosent mean I am going to win or you for that matter. An air bag is a supplemental restraint system not a primary system, that is what seat belts are for. And you stated that your mom was with or was under the influence of weed ( your grammer on this whole thing is kind of out of place), that said if she was high then she is at fault, just like driving drunk. And every auto manufacture is very explicit about this that a air bag will not restrain you in the car if deployed and you dont have your seat belts on, in fact if you sit to close to the airbag without a seat belt the energy from you still moving forward and the airbag deploying can kill you, or at least small children, I have seen it break a womans nose (she didnt have her belt on)
As to why the bags didnt deploy I would need to see pics of the impact and both cars, in some cases it wont deploy based on where and how the final impact occured. How do I know this? went to Chrysler training on airbags at the Ontario, Ca trainging center, when Chrysler first released its air bags to the market - rick b

5)   Not any more since they are in bankruptcy and any lawsuit filed against these cheaters of our tax dollars would be useless as they cannot be held liable for it anymore. They can also include any settlement in the bankruptcy as well which means you are screwed either way. NEVER BUY CHRYSLER or JEEP. They have defrauded Americans out of 4.7 billion tax dollars and have no intention of paying it back. - nwohioguy

6)   People have sued Chrysler for airbags deploying in low speed collisions, or in which a child was injured from the force of the airbag which was designed to stop an adult. Since then, the automotive industry has developed smart airbags, which deploy based on the impact and the weight on the seat: these are sophisticated systems, and you shouldn't succeed in suing Chrysler, but there have been cases in which car makers have met every federal safety requirement, and have had a jury find them liable for injuries regardless, so who knows. If your mom T-boned another car, then it wasn't a head-on collision. Airbags are only designed to deploy under head-on collisions. If the Chrysler received an impact across the front bumper, then the force would have spun the car, and not created an impact strong enough to deploy the airbags. Be thankful your mom is alive and don't try to blame the carmaker for the actions of other idiot drivers. If you want a safer car, look at a Mercedes-Benz S-class, and see how much more that kind of safety is going to cost. Yes, safety- because the S-class is made with a great deal of high-strength steel. Are you or your mom willing to pay for that kind of peace-of-mind when no car maker on earth can guarantee a favorable outcome? - Ryan M

7)   Yes you can. But because your mom wasn't injured in the accident, (thank goodness) you wouldn't get much of a reward. But Chrysler probably would like to know why the SRS didn't deploy. Go to your local Chrysler dealer and ask to set up a meeting with their local Chrysler rep. when he/she makes their rounds. The dealer has to honor the request. - Jackolantern


Question 3
my oil light comes on/2000 chrysler concorde?...  I have just noticed that my oil light comes on when i slow down to stop and when i stop. I can park it and rev the engine and it goes off. Ive checked the oil and it wasnt low. what the heck could be causing this?

1)   It is probably the oil sending-unit (oil pump) you need to have it checked asap or you could seize your engine. It could possibly be the sensor, but it sounds more like the pump. - mama_sayed

2)   Could be worn oil pump or worn main rod berrings. - Sarah E

3)   It's either a bad oil sender switch, or eng has worn internal parts, big dollar labor parts. - done wrenching

4)   Unscrew the sending unit, and screw in an oil pressure Gage. If the pressure is up to snuff, hopefully it is just the sending unit. Otherwise, it sounds like you may have some lower end engine problems - badbill1941

5)   The oil pressure sending unit is bad or needs to be modified. There is a Chrysler technical service bulletin related to this. It should cost less than $100 to replace or repair. Good luck. - C-Tech


Question 4
I have a 1986 chrysler 5th ave. v8. The tranny doesn't want to shift into 2 gear until it is warmed up. Help?...  

1)   replace fluid? truth is dodge always had bad transmissions but most likey dirty oil and filter

a transmission shop or a ny shop can replace fluids easy might help - kelly_f_1999

2)   The fluid level may be low. When it warms up the fluid expands and its ok. I suggest checking the fluid level and if low, add fluid and check for a leak. If fluid level is ok, then the filter may be clogging up. Change the filter and fluid. Good luck. - C-Tech

3)   An '86 5th Ave?!??! Geez that's pretty cool. You Win! - Yamamoto

4)   Sounds like a dirty trans filter. Try changing it, and putting in new fluid. - badbill1941

5)   Change the oil and flush the converter and cooling lines, if that dosent work remove the trans pan, if more than half a tablespoon of material in it time to rebuild, and also drop the vavle body and check the vavles and springs for binding and or wear. Also make sure the valve body isnt warped - rick b


Question 5
where do you buy a chrysler crossfire I checked Chrysler websites not there I'm going insane?...  

1)   Chrysler dealerships? If they aren't manufacturing it anymore they'll find one for you on one of their used lots. Trust me, if you go into a dealership saying you're ready to buy a car, they WILL find one for you. - starstrukk

2)   Chrysler stopped making them in 08. Gm is stopping making chryslers this year. you will have to find a used one. try - Justin

3)   Discontinued. Buy a saturn sky redline or solstice gxp better in every aspect. - Theneelster

4)   The Crossfire was discontinued in 2008. You can find a good used one if you check ebay and other sites like autotrader or Carmax. Good luck. - C-Tech

5)   i'm a chrysler tech i'd most definitely buy something else. - Steve


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