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What is the top speed of a Chrysler 5th avenue?? The speedometer goes to 85 but i think it can do more. Help!?

Question 1
What is the top speed of a Chrysler 5th avenue?? The speedometer goes to 85 but i think it can do more. Help!?...  I'm really curious to this fact. I got the car for a great deal. Everything is stock, one previous owner and i'm curious to the potential of this boat
another quick bit my main issue with just testing it out is i dont want to blow the heads off it lol

1)   Know somebody with a gps? Most of the new ones display mph. If I had to guess I’d say 110. - jason

2)   theres only one way to find out, man,

im not saying you should speed, or break the law

but if it were me, id give that b!tch what for, and see for myself ;) - Chris

3)   It has the potential of over 100 mph, but I wouldn't do it. Illegal, and unsafe. - badbill1941

4)   The computer has a ignition shut down programmed around 105mph. At that speed the computer will shut down the fuel and the ignition. All computer controlled vehicles have this programmed into the Prom. Hope this helps. Christopher - Christopher


Question 2
How much is universal joints for a 98 chrysler town and country LXi van?...  


That's where I go to get ball park figures on car parts. - Leo W

2)   Rock auto's the best.,carcode,1314373,parttype,2288 - jason

3)   That mini van dosent have u-joints. But it does have CV joints, but (again ) it is cheaper to get a complete rebuilt CV axle, A-1 Cardones run you about 160.00 each, and you can find cheaper ones at most mom and pop repair shops, that get their parts of other tnan commercial suppliers - rick b


Question 3
Chrysler 300: can it be beefed up?...  Wife really likes the 300. Looks like a cool sedan. What can I do to sup up the engine? Are there compatible exhaust systems?

1)   So get the SRT8.

425hp, 420ft/lbs of torque.

More than plenty.

And it beats wasting your money on craptastic things like aftermarket exhaust. - Vipassana

2)   If you are talking about the newer body style 300/charger. The SRT-8 or Hemi version will have aftermarket supports like headers, exhaust and even Vortec Pro-Charger (super charger).

If you are getting it as a daily driver for ur wife, i stronger advise you against it.
I work at a Dodge/Jeep/Chrysler dealership as a mechanic, the suspension is a gurantee failure every 40K miles on Tie rod ends and strut arms.
Other than that, it is just really un reliable. You'll regret it when the time comes on repair and maintainence. They just break... - steak5959

3)   Well if you want to pay out the nose for a srt like the other guys say for more HP go ahead, and don't forget insurance.
But if the budget cant handle the over priced big boy toy, and mama wants to drive the kiddies around, then get the 6 or 8 without the srt, go with a cold air intake, Performance cat back, and a programmer, and BAM better then what you got for less and your insurance and car payments wont force a foreclosure on your house, and still look and sound cool with some ummffff - rick b


Question 4
98 chrysler concorde oil pan?...  changing oil pan all bolts are out but the pan wont come out because its between the flywheel and the frame any help is useful thanks>

1)   It's probably stuck. Just try to EASILY pry it out, but don't damage it. - mister

2)   The sway bar mounts might have to be loosened to slide bar back a little if that is what's in the way. - done wrenching

3)   There is a structural collar that bolts to the oil pan and the trans that needs to be removed. 4 bolts. Check to see if you've overlooked it. Also if it's the 3.2L engine you'll have to remove the engine oil cooler lines and disconnect the trans cooler lines and move them aside. Other than that it should come straight down.
I suspect you've overlooked the structural collar as there are 2 more oil pan bolts hiding behind it.

Best of Luck! - Dave


Question 5
I have a misfire on cylinder 4 of my 1998 plymouth breeze.?...  I changed the spark plugs and spark plug wire yet the CHECK ENGINE light is still on. What can I do to fix this and how much damage can a misfiring cylinder do to my car?

1)   the answer is simple, get a better car faggot. 1981-1987 buick regal - Mike

2)   not alot of damage but hey its not running right cost you money
and hey its a plymouth which is lower than a dodge and they not any good either but a shop woul dbe a good place to have it looked at - kelly_f_1999

3)   The ignition coil mounted on the valve cover is a very common failure on that car and it seems like it's almost always cyl #4 that goes.It could also be a failed injector. You can wash down the cylinder wall with fuel and do serious engine damage if you don't get it fixed.
See if you can get it to a parts store and have the codes read. You'll probably either find a coil circuit code or an injector circuit code which will narrow it down for you.

Best of Luck! - Dave


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