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What the best tire brand recommended for my Chrysler?

Question 1
What the best tire brand recommended for my Chrysler?...  Greetings Everyone;

I have Chrysler Concorde 2002 2.7 eng ... I just bought it used with good condition and need to change its tires , i'm confused between GoodYear and Michelin , what the best u recommend me guys ?

Also do anyone knows what was the factory tires brand ?

my tire size is ( 225/16 R60 98H )

The most important thing to me is to be soo soft tires , which means make no noise and feel soft when drive on that metal balls on the road for night flashs and sure to be good at the handling


1)   I have driven Goodyear tires for years, and always had good luck with them. I bought a Dodge mini van in 97 and put 100K miles on it. It came with Michelin r235/65-16 tires on it. I liked them a lot, and when I did have to replace them, after 65K miles, I bought the same things again. They rode nice, and the tread wear was great, considering that front wheel drive car and vans can be hard on tires. Price wise both are comparable. I would buy the Michelins though, if I had to choose. - michael k

2)   I believe the factory tires were were Goodyear tires (the mid-level invictus?). The better and tires are the Goodyear Assurance. They cost a bit more but will give the smooth ride you want and last 40-50,000 miles. The best, in my opinion, for this car are the Michelins, but expect to pay top dollar. - C-Tech

3)   I recently put the spare on the ground so I only had to buy 3 new tires on my intrepid. It's eagle ga, and are okay but a little noisy. Change your eng oil too, you have to change the oil alot with a 2.7. - done wrenching

4)   Either! - Jackolantern

5)   The Goodyear Wranglers they put on the Jeeps are cheap pieces of crap. Michelins are over rated and over priced imho. I run Fuzion HRi on my Pontiac, nice tire at a good price. - doane_nut

6)   If you are looking for a softer tire, then you are probably looking for a michelin. Michelin tires are manufactured using a softer rubber than most, including goodyear. I'm not saying that goodyear tires are bad, but the michelins are usually better. they will handle a little better, and if you drive in snow or ice, they will have a better grip on ice since they are softer. - josh g

7)   Factory tires were Goodyear. The Imperial I drive now had Michelin replacements on it. After driving on them for 10 years, with a wonderfully quiet and smooth ride, I replaced them earlier this year with another set. I replaced them because of the age factor. - badbill1941


Question 2
Why are there so many Chrysler 300s on the road today?...  I see them everywhere, and I don't see what's so special about them.

1)   Um, the Hemi engines are one part, and the DUB edition is another. It's just a popular car, no specific reason. - DJ R

2)   They were all on sale for cheap a while ago. - jason

3)   It's a great car at good value. The hemi is fast and reliable. Your can customize to your taste, unlike many cars. - C-Tech

4)   People like the design and its cheaper, then most other like cars - rick b

5)   Some people like them, and Obama apparently is one of them. - done wrenching


Question 3
I have no heat in minivan.?...  I have a 2001 Town and Country. The fan runs but no heat comes out. Do I have a problem with my heater core, or is it something else?

1)   Sounds like it's your heater core. Before you go about replacing that, check the fuse for the heater core. You should be able to find a fuse box diagram either online or in a service manual. It could be faulty wiring too, but it's unlikely. Your service manual should contain instructions on how to test whether or not your heater core functions.

Check the fuse, if it isn't blown, just take it in. - Dr. Bobo

2)   Replace your thermostat - linden

3)   let engine run to normal operating temperature,touch heater hoses going thru firewall to see if hot,if so that rules out thermostat,there is no fuse for the heater core,check the floorboard for water leak if none ,core is ok,the bottom radiator hose has a spring inside,when cool enough squeeze with a rag in hand,if spongy feeling the spring has rusted and collapsed,forming a vacuum not allowing water to circulate,could cause heater core to burst,replace,refill radiator/reservoir with proper mix antifreeze/water - ramcharger

4)   I'm going to go in a different direction than everyone else here. I'd be looking at the blend door control this is a door that slides from one side to another, it controls how much air goes thru the heater core and how much is bypassed. if it is stuck or the control for it is broken you may not be getting air directed thru the heater core, thus no warm air enters the passenger compartment. You already stated the bowler runs, so ignore the Fuse suggestion. check you heater hoses to e sure they BOTH are getting warm, if they are... I'd be looking into the blend door for sure. - jnc623


Question 4
225 engine to 318 engine?...  I need to know if a 3 speed automatic transmission off of a 225 slant six will bolt up to a 318 engine the manuel said it would but im not sure. Im pretty sure that it will bolt up to a 318 but not a 340 or 360.

1)   It will not bolt up and that manual must have been written by a idiot. but any trans from a 318, 360 or 340 will interchange since they all have the same bolt pattern, the 225 does not - rick b

2)   Sorry pal, it's not going to work. Not to mention the linkage, and a different drive-shaft. - badbill1941

3)   Yes it will bolt up. And you're right. It won't bolt to a 340 or a 360. They're both balanced internally. As a 318 is balanced externally. Combining the opposing will result in a vibration, and cause damage to your transmission. - bigbaddwulff82

4)   NO BOLT UP. If you find a 904 trans from a small block, you can throw that in with the 318 and it will even match the driveshft lengthwise. as long as the 6 cylinder had a 904. - done wrenching


Question 5
What transmission do i have and will it work with a 318/340/360?...  I have a 1974 plymouth duster with a 225 slant six engine and a 3 speed automatic transmission that i think is a 727. Please correct me if im wrong about the transmission also i need to know if it will work with the new 318,340 or 360 im going to swap into it.

1)   Your slant 6 trans will not bolt to any of the mopar v-8's wrong bolt pattern, you can verify this at - rick b

2)   You have a 904, with a different bolt pattern than the 318, or 340. The 360 uses a 727. - badbill1941

3)   As said, a slant six trans wont bolt to a v-8, and is not a 727. - done wrenching


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