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Wal-mart broke my car. My RPM's are too high in my 2005 Seabring.?

Question 1
Wal-mart broke my car. My RPM's are too high in my 2005 Seabring.?...  I got an oil change at Wal-mart and when I got the car back, the RPM's started getting higher. I took very short drive to see if it would stop but the check engine light then came on. I took it back to Wal-Mart and they said take it to a mechanic because they won't fix it. I don't have money, shouldn't Wal-mart be taking care of this? I need advise. Thanks!
When I first got in the car and started it, I notice the RPMS were about 1,700. It idols high and picks up speed on the roadway. I went to check under the hood after a short drive and everything is very hot! I've had the worst week of my life. It just keeps getting worst for me... :(
Oh, and it is an auto-matic!!!

1)   i hope you're driving it in the right gear. check that and yes Wal-Mart should cover this. - kopetsa

2)   never take your car to a department store you idiot - TotalyF'

3)   Estimates are usually free. Go to a mechanic and get it looked at, get their opinion on whether an oil change at Walmart could have done the damage and what it would cost to fix.

I cannot believe something as simple as an oil change could be screwed up so badly that it would jack up your engine, even at Walmart. Get an estimate and find out what is going on before you jump to conclusions. - julieisbest

4)   Wal-mart will deny and deny they did anything wrong. You will have to take to a mechanic and they will have to prove that wal-mart is the one that did something, then you will have to take them to court. If it doesn't cost that much to fix small claims would do, they will send their top management to represent them. - Denise

5)   Your question doesn't make very much sense. Is the car a automatic or stick? If it is an automatic you must mean that the car shifts at higher RPMs. I would go to local auto parts store and have them read the code. I would then ask a dealer or service shop what would cause that code to come up. If the cause is in no way related to getting an oil change it is going to be hard to prove that Walmart did anything to your car. Good Luck - explude

6)   nothing related to oil change could cause this problem,take it to parts store let the run a diagnostic check for the problem follow their recommendations. - ramcharger

7)   I'm sorry for your troubles. Here is my suggestion. 1.) Take a look under the hood, they probably went to check your air filter and knocked a hose or connection to a sensor loose or off. When you (and maybe a friend, it helps to have another set of eyes looking for something out of place) find it, reconnect it and see if it changes how the engine runs. 2.) If everything is connected, take it to a shop, explain the situation. they might look at it for free or at a discounted rate. Talk to the store manager at Wal-mart. They probably will be more helpful to you. Good luck. - C-Tech


Question 2
Why would I buy a Chrysler?...  Only Chrysler owners:

Do you think that your CHrysler is mechanically a piece of crap? Have you had any major problems with it? Does it perform well?

My dad was a Chrysler mechanic for many years and he said that they are totally piles. On numerous occasions he said that new cars would come in with like 20 miles and have seized engines, but these particular ones could have been lemons. He said that some of the options that would come on new cars didn't work have the time and the quality of them (internally) was poor.

To all loyal chrysler owners: Why would I want to buy a new or slightly used Chrysler?

1)   i have a neon, its not bad..ur gunna hear different opinions from different pple..everyone has different tast. the best way to go would be reviews on the net..if u ask a chevy mechanic if chevs are junk there mostlikeley gunna say yes becasue of working on them for years - BILL

2)   I only buy used vehicles, and usually chrysler- dodge products. Just take good care of them. And they usually have 100k miles when I get them. I've had good luck with my mopars and my chevies. If you don't want a chrysler product, get something else. - done wrenching

3)   Every manufacturer has "lemons." I don't know about you, but I like to try and keep my fellow Americans employed. Plus, you are a taxpayer, right? Then you own a portion of Chrysler. Make your own decision. Good luck. - dale b

4)   My parents have owned many chrysler vehicles; 1991 dodge caravan lasted 10 years with 175k, 1997 dodge caravan lasted 5 years 125k, 2001 dodge caravan 5 years with 58k, and currently own a 2009 town and country. they have been there and they are very reliable. I personally bbought a 2003 dodge durango R/T with 78k and still runningstrong - Curse Stops in 09

5)   I've had mine since 92 and the trani is just going bad. It's an all around great brand, very trustworthy and gets great gas millage. - Benjamin

6)   Because they are good! - Mr. Snow


Question 3
What should the tyre pressure be for Chrysler Grand Voyager 2.5 Diesel (2002)?...  Please don't ask me to look in handbook as I don't have one or on the car door as it does not appear there either. Thanks

1)   look on the tire - Eric

2)   usually a normal normal/light duty car runs from 32-40 psi - Chris L

3)   Chrysler say 36psi all round for all models of the Voyager/Grand Voyager. It's nothing to do with any figure on the sidewall. - Bardic

4)   Do not inflate to the pressure on the tyres - common USA urban myth it seems - the pressure on the tyre is the maximum not the one that the tyre should be at for all cars. I wonder how many cars, particularly in the US are running around with very over inflated tyres.

Just to confirm it, and Bardic is nearly always correct, put your reg number in here and it will tell you. - Timbo is here

5)   You can re-calculate it with spreadsheet i made.
in this map always take the newest version and there is an Example-spreadsheet with 2 pictures of it.
You need some data from the car and tyres, but you mostly can search them on the car and tyre-side-wall . They are mentioned in the first apearing sheet when you open the spreadsheet.
In this spreadsheets I use the same formula as the European car- and Tire- manufactureres use for determinating advice pressures. - Jadatis


Question 4
do keyless remotes purchased on the internet really work?...  keyless remote for 2002 ford mustang

1)   NO, you have to program them to your car. - Customs572

2)   Yeah, if they're installed properly. - mcq316

3)   it will work, but you have to take it to a car dealership or store first to activate the chip to match up with your car. - soccerchick61192

4)   You have to have them programed for the car directly - Chem-Master


Question 5
Fuel Pump Replacement, is this the correct type for '97 Chrysler Sebring (convertible)?...  I need to get a fuel pump for my 1997 Chrysler Sebring JXi, convertible (4cyl). I need to know if the Fuel pump is the correct one and if it would work with the vehicle properly. Thanks (go to the website listed below)

1)   I do not think it would be wise to use this type of fuel pump on your vehicle. If you read the description it states that it is not for vehicles with fuel injection or throttle body injection. This pump will not supply enough pressure to keep your vehicle running. It may not even supply enough to start it.

Your pump is in the tank of the Sebring and is a very high pressure pump and needs to be replaced with the same thing. - deljack05

2)   Will it work...yes, but not without some modifications. That fuel pump was not made specifically for your car. It is a cheap, low quality universal fuel pump that can be used in any vehicle but it must be modified to do so. It may not even be powerful enough for your application. More importantly, I would not trust a $35 fuel pump.

Here is a link to NAPA's website where they offer the correct fuel pump for your vehicle. They are a lot more expensive, but they are the correct part for your vehicle. - Kenny

3)   No, its not for your car. Go to a auto parts store or the dealer and get a good quality pump. - C-Tech

4)   As the other answers indicate, avoid universal-style fuel pumps. You want a direct-replacement fuel pump built specifically for your car by a well-respected company. The link below will take you to a website that sells a high quality Walbro fuel pump specifically for your 1997 Chrysler Sebring 4 Cylinder 2.0L. This fuel pump comes with a 90 day / 4000 mile warranty. - Chris


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