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Where do I put hydraulic fluid for a 1997 Sebring Convertible?

Question 1
Where do I put hydraulic fluid for a 1997 Sebring Convertible?...  The top suddenly stopped working. We moved it manually and it worked a little so that we could close it. I hear the motor working when I push the button, so I hope it's just fluid.
Where is the reservoir for the hydraulic fluid located? Do I have to remove the back seat? What else could be causing the convertible top not to raise correctly? It will go down, but not up. I hear the top motor running when I push the lever that raises the top.

1)   its an electric motor - Dave87gn

2)   You are probably correct that your Fluid level is low. First, make sure the top is up and latched securely. Remove the seat cushion and seat back. Remove the reservoir plug and check the fluid level. If it is low you need to inspect the entire system for leaks.(it went SOMEwhere). Fill with Dextron2(or3) automatic transmission fluid to the BOTTOM of the fill hole, put the cap back, then lower and raise the top a few cycles to make sure all the air is bled from the system. If there are no other problems the top should work fine. Hope this helps a little. Good luck! - Mark a

3)   If the top stopped working and you can hear the motor run, then you have a leaking line or one or both power top cylinders are leaking. The motor is behind the back seat. You will need to remove the back seat cushions and both side panels for access to the power top components. It is easier to access everything with the top down. Good luck. - C-Tech


Question 2
Will a 1997 Chrysler Town & Country Engine fit a 1998 Chryler Grand Caravan?...  

1)   It's not fitting because the parts are changing. - Jhon

2)   As long as its the same engine it will drop right in - Gregory A

3)   Yes it will. But be sure it is the same cubic inch engine. For instance, if the engine you pull out is a 3.3, be sure you go back with a 3.3 because the 3.8 uses a different power control module. The engines will swap, but the PCM will not be compatible with the new one. The 3.0 will only swap with another 3.0 and the 4 cylinder or diesel with only swap with the same type engine being pulled out. - Jackolantern


Question 3
2007 Town & country Lx is it a good car?...  Local car dealer has one for $7995 with 100,000 miles on it. Offers 3 months power train warranty. Is this a good car to have. Does it run good, or does it need a lot of maintenance

1)   I see it as a old-timers car. Hopefully they thow in a free box of stogies. Had a Chrysler ... ONCE ... never again. - Client_u

2)   You also should compare car insurance quotes for cars before buying one, for example here - - Mick

3)   Check with the Red Book dealers price. If it is in excellent condition, then it may be worth a little more than dealer book price, but not much. I worked for Chrysler dealership for 23 years and have owned 3 minivans that served me way beyond expectations. I am driving a 2005 Town and Country that I love. Chrysler minivans are the flag ships of the company so they put all the best stuff into them. The 3.3/3.8 engines are far superior than most V6 out there including foreign makes. If the van is in good condition, 100,000 miles won't hurt it. But I would spend a little to have it checked over by an independent mechanic before I bought it. And be sure to get the power train warranty in writing with a break-down on exactly what is covered because Chrysler itself stops warranty at 100,000 miles. And no, they don't need much maintenance. - Jackolantern


Question 4
I need parts for my 1971 plymouth cuda.?...  Hello I have a 1971 plymouth cuda that i have completely redone.I have a few more parts i need to complete the car. I have not dropped the engine in it yet but its coming. Anyway if there is any websites or people you know i could contact to get parts it would be helpful.i need some interior and exterior parts.

1)   Mopar Nationals - Kirkersville, Ohio
Best place to find parts. If you can, I recommend you attend!!!
Don't worry about traveling, we always see people from Arizona, Utah and such. - Hey There.

2) has a menu of parts makers for everything,
Including who have State of the Art sound systems that look like '71. - Dan

3)   I suggest you buy a Mopar specific magazine such as Mopar Muscle or Mopar Action and check out the ads at the rear of the magazine.

There are plenty of ads for Mopar vendors for interior and exterior parts. or - Don't know everything !


Question 5
Is a 2003 PT Cruiser with 122k miles a good deal?...  The car is a at a used car dealership and their asking for $4955 and I'm a young lady that does not much about cars but knows I need a reliable car?

1)   thats ridiculously over priced - Dave87gn

2)   I have never been a big fan of the PT Cruiser. I have never owned one, but have rented them a few times. The ones I have driven seem to get rather poor fuel mileage. I was expecting to get better than 20 MPG from a car of that size.

The miles are a bit high for a 7-year old car, but Kelley Blue Book says the price is about average from a dealer. Before you make a serious offer on the car, ask if you can take it to your own mechanic to have it inspected. The question I always ask the mechanic is "Would you buy this car for your wife/gf to drive?" If he says 'yes', then it's probably a fair deal.

Good luck! - JetDoc

3)   hopefully you didn't buy the car yet if you did you will regret it am a automotive tech i own a pt (part time) cruiser the are terrible cars with alot of problems good luck. - Robert


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