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Jeep Rubicon or Chrysler 300?

Question 1
Jeep Rubicon or Chrysler 300?...  A lifted Jeep Rubicon with leather seats and the whole works goes for around $32,000. The Chrysler 300 goes for a lil more than that. I love both cars but don't know which one to lean towards getting. I live in the Jeep may be better due to the climate we have.

thoughts, opinions?
I was looking into the Jeep and i think you guys are right, the Jeep is a better choice. All around its a solid vehicle. And...Dave...they do come with Leather just need to get an islander, sahara, or a rubicon for that option.

Appreciate the help

1)   I would go with the Jeep. I'm a jeep person what can I say. You will get a lot more use in winter with the Jeep. Does it have a hard top? That would make a difference. You can take the top off in the summer months. A soft top can be rough in the cold sometime. Good Luck. - mikie

2)   Both could be great vehicles for the right person/application.

Both are completely opposite of each other in almost every way too.

You are probably going to have to get allot more specific with you driving needs and what you intend to do with it if you want any descent advise but i will tell you this. The wrangler is great off road but it svcks on snow or icy roads. Short wheel base and light weight make helpless on a slick road despite 4 wheel drive.

What I'd like to know is where you are finding Wranglers with leather seats? Sure didn't come from the factory with them!

Best of Luck! - Dave

3)   Jeep. I'm not a Jeep person per say, and I do like the Chrysler 300, it's a sharp car. But the Jeep is much more versatile. 4WD in the winter, fun in the summer. You can go wheeling with it. Go for the Jeep. Let us know what you choose! Good luck! - Erin

4)   Jeep definitely. - nate

5)   The 300 definitely, I'd lower it and get some wire wheels, that would be SWEET! - Sam

6)   Well if you're looking at those two cars I'm guessing that your budget has wiggle room for gas. I would take the Jeep personally. You won't find a vehicle that mixes luxury with performance capability better than Jeep does. And when the snow hits you'll be one of the few that doesn't have to worry about shoveling the driveway. My Jeep plowed through 3' snow drifts on several occasions. They're unstoppable. - mainman2004

7)   You are asking people to tell you if they love apples or oranges. There is no comparison between an off road vehicle and a luxury car. And to be quite honest, there is nothing more ridiculous than a leather interior in an off road vehicle. That just smells of poser around serious Jeep and off road folks. It's almost as ridiculous as the yuppie Harley rider I saw this morning with a cup holder in his motorcycle for his fancy Starbucks drink.
I digress - do a serious check list of pros and cons based on the activities that you like to do. Also, take the time to test drive both vehicles at length in traffic and on the highway.

I once owned a Jeep Sahara, and the only thing I hated about it was the noisy flappy roof when going down the road at 60 mph. On a 4 hour highway trip it will drive you bonkers unless the weather is good enough for top down driving. - Delamothe

8)   Both are terribly unreliable cars, they depreciate quickly, and are old designs.

Everything else on the market is better than those two vehicles in the price range.

I highly recommend not buying either one. - Mike


Question 2
do you know any straight guys (not married) who drive a PT Cruiser?...  just a little observation that some of my male gay friends drive them and I have seen straight women drive them......just not sure if any straight males buy this car. It's just a weird question I thought I'd throw out there at 2:46 in the morning :)

1)   Nope... - InfoMaster

2)   lmfao no actually - new ro

3)   I guess what you are trying to say is "PT Cruiser" is more of a woman's car than man, right? Most of the drivers i've seen driving it are females, but I have seen "older" males driving it in separate occasions. - nightroddude

4)   I know a guy who drives one and he's FABULOUS! - Mike

5)   Nope.

Definitely a chicks car. Or a feminine persons vehicle. - Dave

6)   i would never car is gay as fuck.... lol i have drove one though but never would i buy one... - Devin

7)   Well I'm a single straight guy with a 2001 PT, but I have a son with an ex-girlfriend and needed something with decent mileage that had room like an SUV and it was the cheapest option available to me. I guess your answer would be that straight guys do drive them but only under extenuating circumstances. - mainman2004


Question 3
I have a 1970 plymouth valiant, given the age what weight oil should I use?...  I've been using 10W 40, but have been told I might want to use something heavier. What do you think?
P.S. it has a few leaks and I was told the heavier oil would help until I get the gaskets fixed, but I didn't want to do anything that might be bad for the engine.

1)   10/30, 10/40 should be ok - turkus07

2)   try lat, pennzoil, bardahl, miniral oil like 20w50 for older cars.
good luck - sluisvander_carolus

3)   More important than its' age is how many miles is on the engine and what your oil pressure is now with the oil you are using. - Harry

4)   It'll still leak even when using the 20w50, but it might slow the leaks down a little bit. Just don't expect a lot.

Chances are, it won't hurt the engine unless you experience very cold weather this time of year, then there's a possibility it will.
If it was mine, and I wanted to use a thicker oil, I'd probably use 15w40 instead of 20w50. But in reality, I'd probably just live with the leaks until I got them fixed.

You can keep the oil off the ground by placing a large piece of cardboard on the floor where you park the car and let it leak on the cardboard (or other material that would keep it from getting on the floor, like old shirts, old worn-out blanket, etc). - Mark B

5)   There are also gasket treatments that lubricate and restore moister to old gaskets... some swell the gasket slightly, but if you're going to fix the issue in the near foreseeable future then you might try one of those treatments as a temporary (and I do stress temporary) fix. If a portion of the gasket happens to be blown out, even a very very small hole, then even the heavier weight oils will leak out once they heat up. Good luck. Gasket work is a little less than fun... - mainman2004

6)   10W-40 is fine. Heavier oil won't help the leaks. If you've got good oil pressure then you don't need heavier oil. More important to the life of the engine is changing it on a regular schedule. Every 3-5 thousand miles. Although if you've got a 1970 and it's still running good and has minimal leaks you probably already know this. - Rick


Question 4
can huffing air duster/free-on hurt you?...  i only did it for a couple months i would say probly less than 150 times

1)   stop doing it, it is really bad for u - Jim

2)   Yes it can hurt you dramatically (can not for sure) even if you know it or not - REED

3)   Yes, it kills brain cells every time you do it. (brain cells can not be created, they're gone forever)

One of my mom's friend's son died huffing free-on. - Josh

4)   Please don't ever do it again! It rarely causes much harm until it suddenly kills you - no fooling!

The basic problem is that the stuff is inert. It doesn't produce a high by normal chemical means but by displacing oxygen in the lungs, causing hypoxia. That means there is no way for your body to recover from an accidental overdose. You die within a couple of minutes, just as if you had drowned by being held under water. - Michael

5)   Don't do it bro its the dumbest thing ever ur better off smoking weed mann..... my girldfriend was driving and did it she passed out and i had to pull ebrake an steer from passenger side .....not only did i think she was dead but thought i was going to be cause of car accendient ....seriously if you wanna get high smoke weed its better... - Devin

6)   Huffing anything is a dumb idea... especially if it comes from a pressurized can. They don't pump vitamins and oxygen into those things. It's almost always a harmful gas or chemical. - mainman2004


Question 5
Are PT cruisers good vehicles?...  I am looking into a new car and one that I found is a 2001 pt cruiser with about 90,000 miles on it. I want to know how many miles these generally go with out major repairs. I have a 2000 chrysler 300m and it made it to almost 190,000 before the transmission went out. I just want to know if the pt cruisers last like that?

1)   all depends if the car was regularly maintained or not - pickmefirstplz

2)   The engine on early PT Cruisers had a problem with oil leaking from the head gaskets. It will be found on the back of the block, midway on the block. Oil is fed under pressure to the top-end and this is a common problem. - cargopilot

3)   how many miles one goes with how well one is maintain
never look at mileage you check shape
type into search box

how to check a used car
and with any model you can type
2001 pt cruiser problems

and bring up recalls and other problems
but its all about shape how wel its maintain not the mileage
and truth no dodge made car wil last a long time without a lot of care
it ford chevy dodge in that order and pretty much been that way since they started making them
last great dodge was pre world war you can look that up dodge was leader before world war 1 hasnt been great since - kelly_f_1999

4)   I answer this question at least once a week.;_ylt=AtvTq73WH5Ae1J.3ug2S_cHty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100222172523AATVXm7&show=7#profile-info-kubNlDpFaa - Dave

5)   Like the other answers say, it's all a matter of how it was maintained and how you will maintain it from now on. I bought a 2001 PT with a standard transmission that had 127,000 on it, but I do all my own work so the first thing I did was swap all the fluids (transmission, coolant, and mobile1 synthetic oil), swap the brakes for performance rotors and pads, add a cold air intake, clean the throttle body, and grease the two joints on the front axle. I haven't had any problems aside from what the dealer disclosed to me prior to buying the car which was just that the air conditioning had a leak. It's performed wonderfully in the snow and has enough room for me to get my son in and out with his diaper bag and stroller and all the other junk you have to tote around when you're a family man, so if you like the style and it runs well I'd say buy it and maintain it to the best of your ability. - mainman2004

6)   They're terribly unreliable. Don't even touch one. - Mike


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