Monday, March 15, 2010

is 93 chrysler lebaron convertible a good car?

Question 1
is 93 chrysler lebaron convertible a good car?...  my dad thinking about getting one for me is it any good?

1)   no - Scrambles

2)   They were popular convertible cars in the 90's. The better engines were the 3.0 V-6 and the base 4 cyl. The turbocharged engines cost more to maintain and many 2 or 3rd owners did not spend the money to maintain them. As ALL used cars, it mostly depends on how the last owner kept it up. Test drive it and see how the trans shifts, any unusual noises, does it pull to the left or right, and do the a/c and power items (windows, top, locks) works. If these things are fine, then it may be worth buying. They are fairly easy to work on and generally ok. - C-Tech

3)   NO, stay with 1996 or newer vehicle. You want/need OBDII for a young driver. The 93 Lebaron is just rife with difficulties and more time consuming involved diagnostics. There are some pretty expensive parts that routinely fail in these OBDI Chrysler/Plymouth/Dodge vehicles and you just don't need that.

Sci, 96 T&C, 95 (OBDII) and 98 Neons - sci

4)   Bear in mind, it's a car that is already 17 years old. Probably with high mileage. Get ready for some expenses. - badbill1941

5)   run away from this as fast as you can. Lebarons were not a good car even new. - ClarkL

6)   All I can say is " I love mine " !!
Granted any used car can
have inheritable problems.
If in doubt, take a trusted mechanic
to check out the problems and
perhaps do some trouble shooting.
This can help in price negotiations.
Mine was used and needed the
front oil seal replaced and will need
the top replaced eventually.
Bargain chips in my favor.
Best of all, mine was a one owner
before me. Turquoise/White top,
Great on gas, Drives like a dream. - iambettyboop

7)   You should also consider that such a car may be expensive to insure. Check your insurance rates before buying one, for example here - - Sam


Question 2
Can a Plymouth Prowler go over a speed bump?...  My dad is a car collector and he wants to now.

1)   Sure, just do as you would with any other car, go slow. - badbill1941

2)   No, it can't, sorry. It was a car that was not intended to be driven, only parked. - Mike

3)   of course.......and u can even go over it at 90 mph...but will only do that one time :XD - Karle

4)   It can, depending on the size of the speed bump. Go slow, ground clearance is about the same as a corvette. - C-Tech


Question 3
Is Chrysler going to go out of business anytime soon?...  Im looking to buy a 300c but I don't want to get it if they are going to be going out of business soon.

1)   the bird says nooooooo/they are trimmed and in good shape - ken k

2)   i hope so ! just like all the rest of the car factories they just make junk. - bandit_60

3)   I don't think so. They have re-grouped, and look pretty stable for some time to come. - badbill1941

4)   The jury is still out. They appear stable for now. It all depends how fast they get new models to market. Last month, 58% of their vehicles were sold to rental car companies. The public is not interested in their products.

The bigger reason to avoid a 300 is the horrible reliability history. Front end components, transmissions, electrical issues. The only good thing is the styling, which is getting old now anyway. - Mike


Question 4
06 Chrysler 300 speedometer fuse?...  Where is the fuse for the speedometer on a 06 Chrysler 300?
Yesterday my speedometer stopped working on the drive home. Before I take it to a shop I want to check to see if it may be fuse related. Can anyone tell me what the specific fuse is and in which of the 2 fuse boxes is it located?
Thanks in advance for any help !

1)   the fuse box is under the dash that has a crack in it which "opens" - lancer0927

2)   It won't be the fuse. On the totally remote chance it is, you need to figure out why it's popping fuses. - Mike

3)   There is no specific fuse for just the speedometer on your car. The instrument cluster get a signal from the pcm or abs module to display the speed. You may have an abs problem. - C-Tech

4)   lenny, there is no fuse for the speedometer by it's self. I would disconnect the battery and hook it back and see if it goes back to work. If it doesn't, than you probably have a speedometer problem. And it is not the speed sensor unless the check engine light is on and the car won't shift into 3rd. - Jackolantern


Question 5
What is the fuel economy rating of a Chrysler 440 V8?...  I'm interested in the 1966-'70 engines.
I've seen official ratings for the '78 440 V8 at 10 city 16 highway. I was wondering if there was a difference between the pre and post-smog engines.

1)   I just looked it up, and it's rated in 3 different ways.

1) 100 smiles per gallon

2) If you have to ask, you shouldn't get one

3) About 10 mpg city - Romantic rocker

2)   Had a 70 Chrysler wagon that got 8-10 mpg in town, and 12-15 mpg on the highway. If you're putting it into a lighter car, more mileage. - badbill1941

3)   The crude answer is, engines don't have fuel economy ratings, only the cars they are in do. But it's not an engine for fuel economy, so if you get above 10, you're doing well. Unless it was one of the gutless 200hp 440's. - Sean


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