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Do you think Chrysler Dodge and Jeep are going to survive? why or why not?

Question 1
Do you think Chrysler Dodge and Jeep are going to survive? why or why not?...  I sell cars for Chrysler and am feeling the recesion pretty good. I would like to know how the general public feel about Chrysler as a company. Please be honest

1)   Being honest, the only Chryslers i would by would be a dodge Viper, Charger or a Challenger. Otherwise, i don't like Chryslers that much. And there not going to make Vipers any more. So that makes it worse. I don't know if there going to survive or not, i would not be surprised if they did not. There being owned by Fiat. - Melvin

2)   I hope so I love chrysler cars & trucks if they don't make it then I will have to buy foreign because chevy and fords are peices of crap - twisted

3)   Unfortunately Dodge, Chrysler , Jeep don't offer cars that people want. The are really a piece of junk. The only place that Dodge has a market is with the elderly & lower income. The only big seller for them is their trucks, and I honestly don't know why that is either - Maggie

4)   They are a hurry up to the past company. They are either broke, bankrupt, and producing boring refrigerator-box designs (Dart, K-Car, etc) or busy spending too much money making too many models of Hot Wheels style cars (Challenger 1 and 2, Superbird, Charger 1 and 2, Viper, 300) that simply don't appeal to the masses.

Jeep is about the most solid of the divisions, an inheritance from AMC (as was most of the technology in Chrysler's highly successful lineup of the 1990s).

I would buy a Dodge Ram Cummins because I think the motor is better than the competition even though the truck is ugly. Other than that they are low-quality, failure-prone, highly-depreciating vehicles that get brought in with 'ooohhs' and 'aahhs' from the automotive press and within two or three years they are blowing blue and being driven by yokels. - calnickel

5)   Jake to be honest, you are a rookie, any good sales person could care less about the make of car they are saleing, IF you had taken any of Chrysler's sales training you would know this. People already dont like dealers because of the " Coked up, BSing, Pushy sales guy at John Q Publics dealership" You need to train and be a true honest sales person and know how to follow up, reference, and network with you customers to get them to give you the leads so you can sale cars.
if you are just sitting on your butt and waiting for customers, you will be in the 85% sales staff that get know where in this business of saling cars - rick b

6)   We love our durango.Exellent transportation. - ClarkL

7)   The major problems with Chrysler right now are: 1.) the mid-sized cars are below average in interiors and reliability compared to the competition, thus pulling down the overall perceived value. 2.) Chrysler has not come out with a new or redesigned car for 2009 or 2010. The competition has new designs and made improvements on what they have. If Chrysler can hold on until the new models come out later in 2010 and 2011 they should be competitive with the other manufacturers. Chrysler's best sellers are the Dodge truck line (terrific new trucks - if you can afford the gas), and Jeeps. - C-Tech


Question 2
do you know any straight guys (not married) who drive a PT Cruiser?...  just a little observation that some of my male gay friends drive them and I have seen straight women drive them......just not sure if any straight males buy this car. It's just a weird question I thought I'd throw out there at 2:46 in the morning :)

1)   Nope... - InfoMaster

2)   lmfao no actually - new ro

3)   I guess what you are trying to say is "PT Cruiser" is more of a woman's car than man, right? Most of the drivers i've seen driving it are females, but I have seen "older" males driving it in separate occasions. - nightroddude

4)   I know a guy who drives one and he's FABULOUS! - Mike

5)   Nope.

Definitely a chicks car. Or a feminine persons vehicle. - Dave

6)   i would never car is gay as fuck.... lol i have drove one though but never would i buy one... - Devin


Question 3
can huffing air duster/free-on hurt you?...  i only did it for a couple months i would say probly less than 150 times

1)   stop doing it, it is really bad for u - Jim

2)   Yes it can hurt you dramatically (can not for sure) even if you know it or not - REED

3)   Yes, it kills brain cells every time you do it. (brain cells can not be created, they're gone forever)

One of my mom's friend's son died huffing free-on. - Josh

4)   Please don't ever do it again! It rarely causes much harm until it suddenly kills you - no fooling!

The basic problem is that the stuff is inert. It doesn't produce a high by normal chemical means but by displacing oxygen in the lungs, causing hypoxia. That means there is no way for your body to recover from an accidental overdose. You die within a couple of minutes, just as if you had drowned by being held under water. - Michael

5)   Don't do it bro its the dumbest thing ever ur better off smoking weed mann..... my girldfriend was driving and did it she passed out and i had to pull ebrake an steer from passenger side .....not only did i think she was dead but thought i was going to be cause of car accendient ....seriously if you wanna get high smoke weed its better... - Devin


Question 4
Jeep Rubicon or Chrysler 300?...  A lifted Jeep Rubicon with leather seats and the whole works goes for around $32,000. The Chrysler 300 goes for a lil more than that. I love both cars but don't know which one to lean towards getting. I live in the Jeep may be better due to the climate we have.

thoughts, opinions?
I was looking into the Jeep and i think you guys are right, the Jeep is a better choice. All around its a solid vehicle. And...Dave...they do come with Leather just need to get an islander, sahara, or a rubicon for that option.

Appreciate the help

1)   I would go with the Jeep. I'm a jeep person what can I say. You will get a lot more use in winter with the Jeep. Does it have a hard top? That would make a difference. You can take the top off in the summer months. A soft top can be rough in the cold sometime. Good Luck. - mikie

2)   Both could be great vehicles for the right person/application.

Both are completely opposite of each other in almost every way too.

You are probably going to have to get allot more specific with you driving needs and what you intend to do with it if you want any descent advise but i will tell you this. The wrangler is great off road but it svcks on snow or icy roads. Short wheel base and light weight make helpless on a slick road despite 4 wheel drive.

What I'd like to know is where you are finding Wranglers with leather seats? Sure didn't come from the factory with them!

Best of Luck! - Dave

3)   Jeep. I'm not a Jeep person per say, and I do like the Chrysler 300, it's a sharp car. But the Jeep is much more versatile. 4WD in the winter, fun in the summer. You can go wheeling with it. Go for the Jeep. Let us know what you choose! Good luck! - Erin

4)   Jeep definitely. - nate

5)   The 300 definitely, I'd lower it and get some wire wheels, that would be SWEET! - Sam


Question 5
Are the Chrysler and Dodge Minivans really as poorly built as people say they are?...  I need a 2010, new, Mini van for work and travel. But every review I've read slams both Chrysler and Dodge as having incredibly poor plastic interiors, antiquated and under powered engines, anwar page body warpage to the point where the rear door don't close because the rear bumper plastic warps. stops short of calling the 2010 a disaster on wheels. True, or False? ....And what is the status of Chrysler today in terms of bankrupsy? Is buying anything Chrysler worth the risk?


They get poor mileage and are cheaply made, if you really need a van try the honda oddessy. It is a great car, lasts a long time (mine is 8 and is doing great), and gets good milage. The quality of honda is amazing, so you really should consider one - Charger

2)   Chrysler makes great mini van's They have out sold any mini van on the market even a Honda. BUT a Chrysler mini van is in the budget category ( except for the fully optioned grand caravan) so it gets beaten up a lot. As for the 2010 I have no idea, but a 08 or 09 would be a good choice too - rick b

3)   The main stream media tends to pile up criticism on the company that is down at the moment (look at Toyota). The 2010 minivans, Dodge Caravan or Chrysler Town and Country are probably the best built Chrysler products. Since the redesign in 2009, They took the best from the old van (very reliable 3.3 and 3.8 V6 engines) improved the transmission, and made the window regulators more reliable. The warranty claims are lower for those vans. The interiors are a matter of taste, take a look and see what you think. The fold away seats are great and it is more versatile than a SUV. The problems that I have seen with these vans are electronics overload with the dual dvd players are radios sometimes malfunctioning (occasionally due to owner damage when the kids stuff playthings into the wrong places) Chrysler is very good at minivans that's why they are the leader. The Honda Odyssey is very good as well, but the price is higher. Take a look at the VW Routan. Stay away from Kia. - C-Tech

4)   I'm going to not give an opinion, just give some information from Consumer Reports.

Chrysler has the lowest rated vehicles in every segment except the minivan and the Ram truck. Every vehicle in the lineup is rated "worse than average," or "much worse than average" in reliability.

The number of Chrysler / Dodge / Jeep vehicles that come into my shop confirms this assessment. - Mike


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